Acle and Browston Hall bowls reports

Acle IBC

At home to County Arts B the Men’s B Team were looking for a good win. Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Ken Copemam and Bimbo Meeks started with a 5 and another 5 on the 4th and by 5 ends were 15–1 up, another 5 on the 8th then dropped a 5 on the 11th and by 15 ends it was 34–9 another 5 on the 18th put them 39–11 up and finished 42–12.

Ian Wilson, Matthew Sparrow, Eric George, and Alan Rowsell were 15–1 up at 10 ends, 22–4 at 15 dropped a 5 on the 17th and only losing 4 ends won 27–10.

Maurice Shreeve, Gordon Osden, Graham Downing and Ivan Borrett scored a 4 on the 2nd end a 5 on the 3rd and by 5 ends were 11–3 up, 15–6 at 10, 22–7 at 15 and they only lost 8 ends to win 25–12. Dennis Edwards, Matty Carter, John Harris and Les Smith were 9–7 at 10 ends, 15–12 at 15 and went on to win 21–17. Result 115–51 and all 7 pts.

Away to table-toppers Bowling Club whose only defeat this season had been by the Men’s C Team. Any points here would be valuable. Alan Casburn, Ken Squire, Bill Downie and captain Pat Beales droped a 6 on the 1st end, but scored a 5 on the 7th and by 10 ends were 12–13, 17 each at 15 but playing well they went on to win 24–18. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Nigel Lambert and Mick Askham were 0–6 down at 5 ends, 5–8 at 10 then 13–8 at 15, scored a 5 on the 17th and won 23–12.

Ashley Smith’s rink were 11–14 at 10 ends, 14–20 at 15 but in a hard fought final end lost 18–24. Brian Grint’s rink dropped a 6 on the 2nd end and despite playing well were 3–26 at 10 ends their fortune didn’t change as they lost 9–35. Result 64–89 and 2–5 pts.

Playing top-of-the-table County Arts the Ladies A Team needed a win to keep in touch.

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Joy Pearson, Maureen Wright and Sue Batchelor went 10–0 up at 5 ends, 13–2 at 8 stuck on that number for 5 ends and were 13–10 with two ends to play, but super bowling by Sue saw them through to win 17–10. Debra Nicholson, Jenny Kirby and Geraldine Reeve were 6–1 up at 5 ends, 11–5 at 10 all three playing well finished 17–6 victors. Molly Auld, Amy Barker and Melanie Haylett were 2–6 down at 5 ends, 10–6 up at 10 and won comfortably 13–7. Barbara Meek’s block were 5–4 at 5 ends, 8–13 at 10 and lost 11–17. Result 58–40 and 7–1 pts.

Away to County Arts the Men’s A Team needed a win to keep on top of the league.

Mark Elliott, Wyn Willimott, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were slow starters and found themselves 3–14 down at 10 ends, but suddenly it all changed scoring a 5 on the 11th and a 7 on the 13th and by 15 ends it was 19–17, another 5 on the 18th was enough to win 27–25. John Colcombe, Daniel Noble, Simon Elliott and George Tubby scored a 5 on the 8th to be 9–6 up by 15 ends it was 18–11 and kept everything tight from here and won 21–15.

Ian Wones’ rink were 4–7 down at 10 ends and 6–15 with five ends to play came back but lost 13–18. Jamie Howlett’s rink found the rub of the green was not in their favour dropping a 6, two 5s and four 4s and lost 9–39. Result 70–97 and 2–5 pts.

Browston Hall Bowls

AT home against Shotford A the ladies B team had a close-fought match which they won by one shot on their final end of the game 49-48 and seven points.

Eileen Newberry, Joyce Harvey, and Jill Adams were the only block to win a shot on their final end 15-13.

Rosemarie Page, Sheila Stacey and Maureen Brown led from the start and although they dropped two fours won 16-12.

Chris Butt, Anne Ingham and Mary Clarke one shot up at halfway managed to keep ahead to win 10-8.

The Ladies A team also played at home against North Walsham A in another close match losing 50-53 and only two points.

Barbara Cheverton, Shirley Aldis and Diane Burwood kept their opponents down to scoring on only five ends out of the 15 played and won comfortably 19-7.

Angela Kher, June Petts and Pat Drinkall scored a triple on the seventh and eighth ends to put them 9-5 up and went on to win 13-9.