Acle bowlers fight to stay up

The only County League game for Acle IBC last weekend was the men's C team, at home to bottom-of- the league Great Yarmouth B, a game Acle needed to win well.

The only County League game for Acle IBC last weekend was the men's C team, at home to bottom-of- the league Great Yarmouth B, a game Acle needed to win well.

Result: 104-74 and all seven points. The battle to survive relegation continues and looks like going to the wire.

Ian Wilson, B J Willimott, Ray Smith and Mick Askham had to play against three Yarmouth players, which should be a big advantage, but the disruption this creates makes it difficult for everyone. However, a five on the first end, followed by an eight on the second set the scene and by 10 ends it was 26-9 and by 15 it was 31-12 and finished 35-24.

Keith Owen, Russell Thurtle, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith, a rink that has been in great form this season, found themselves 1-6 down after four ends, but a five on the ninth boosted morale, and by 14 ends they were 17-10 up. By 18 ends it had changed again, as they went 18-19 down. Ashley needed to kill off the game, which he did with two fours and a two to win 28-19.

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Roy Land, Cliff Horsfield, Malcolm Bird and John Godsafe were enjoying a good competitive game, 10-8 at 10 ends, 15-11 at 14 and 22-11 at 18, and won 23-16. Roy Roofe, Derick Wilgress, Bert West and Brian Grint dominated the first half, going 11-2 at 10 ends, 13-10 at 16. The final five ends were not of the highest standard, but Acle had the edge and won 18-15.

The C team visited Brecks A who have already won the league. Result: 38-102 and 0-7 points.

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John Godsafe's rink were 8-11 down at 12 ends, 13-18 with four ends to play, but just lost 14-23. Pat Beales' rink were 10 each at 12 ends, dropped a disastrous six on the 17th and lost 11-23. Brian Grint's rink were 6-9 down at 10 ends, 9-13 and holding three shots on the 16th, only for the opposing skip to draw a toucher. That perfect bowl changed the game as they lost 11-26. Mick Askham's rink dropped a six on the fourth end never recovered, losing 12-30.

The ladies' A team played the final game of the season at home to Diss. Result: 44-55 and 3-5 points. Those five points for Diss gave them the runners-up spot in the league by half-a-point.

Margaret Arnold, Lillian Barber and Marion Himpleman were 4-10 down at six ends, then 10 each at 10 ends, scored a five on the 11th and went on to win 15-12. Joanna Church, Pat Dickinson and new grandmother Marie Barker were 4-5 at six ends and only lost two more ends as they won 15-11.

Shirley Lettice, Elaine Cole and the magical Melanie Haylett had a close, low-scoring game, five each at six ends, 8-7 playing the final end and won 9-7. Jean Cossey's block had a torrid time. At seven ends it was 5-6 but from here it all went wrong and finished 5-25.

The men's A team were at home to Roundwood. Result: 107-50 and 6-1 points.

Jamie Howlett, Roy Himpleman, Patrick Willimott and Tim Stone went 15-0 up at five ends, 27-0 up at 10, and at 40-0 up at 15. It was looking a whitewash but finished 49-3. John Colcombe, Wyn Willimott, Robin Norman and Lewis Moore went 7-11 down at 10 ends, 11-16 at 15, were 17 each at 20 ends, and won 18-17.

James Duthie, Paul Webb, Bernard Willimott and George Tubby were 12-3 at 10 ends, 17-5 at 15 and went on to win 25-10. Tony Dunton's rink had an off day, eight each at eight ends, 10 each at 12, 15 each at 18, but lost 15-20.

The men's B team went to Lynnsport and needed a win to climb out of relegation. Result:

95-78 and 6-1 points. This was a very important and good away win.

Brian Shorten, Brian Kirby, Arthur Jolliffe and John Harris, who were four each at four ends and 12-10 at 10, started to dominate proceedings at this point and by 15 ends were 24-10, scoring a five on the final end to win 30-17. John Lettice, Maurice Shreeve, Barney Wymer and Alan Rowsell were six each at six ends and 10 each at 12, scored a five on the 13th, dropped a five on the final end, but had done enough to win 23-19.

John Myhill, Bill Downie, Sid Siely and Eric George were 7-14 down at 10 ends, but by 15 ends were level at 16 each. Three shots on the 18th and sensible bowling made them 22-19 winners. Bimbo Meeks' rink were 33 down at eight ends, but fought hard and came back to 18 each at 16 ends, went

20-19 up with three to play, but Lady Luck turned her back as they lost 20-23.

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