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IN the over 60’s double rinks Acle men had a convincing win over Shotford.

Away, David Stone, David Cole, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were 9–11 at 10 ends, 16–14 at 15 and won 23–18.

At home, Jim Fruin, Les Smith, Richard Church and Arthur Cutting went 18–4 up at 10 ends, 24–11 at 15 and won 33–16. Result: 56–34.

The Acle Ladies played Shotford in the Vivienne Trophy and also had a convincing win.

Away, Pam Symes, Edna Land, Dawn Horne and Anne Drury were 14–5 up at 10 ends, 19–10 at 15 and won 29–11. Jean Ryan, Janice Wilson, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields were 14–7 at 10 ends, 19–12 at 15 and after scoring a five on the 17th won 30–14.

At home, Pam Hollis, Gladys Gibbs, Amy Barker and Peggy Budd were 10–9 at 10, 13–14 at 15 and won 22–15. Ladies’ president Anita Nelson, Sue Moore, Brenda Cole and Pat Pegram were 10–8 at 10, 13 each at 15 and with Shotford sticking on 13 for the final eight ends won 22–13. Result: 108–53.

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At home to Lakeside, Acle Ladies B’s Jean Ryan, Pat Pegram and Amy Barker were 6–0 up at three ends, 13–3 at nine and finished 17–6.

Mollie Hayton, Janice Wilson and Margaret Shields went 1–10 down at six ends 7–13 at 11, then scored nine shots in the final three ends to win 16–13. Anne Drury’s block were 3–16 down at eight ends, scored two fours to put the score at 11–17 but lost 12–19.

Dawn Horne’s took a 7–2 lead and with three ends to play were 10–4 up but in a drama-packed last end lost 10–11. Result: 55–49 and 6–2 points.

In the Lingford Trophy, Acle Ladies had a convincing win over Diss.

At home, Barbara Meeks, after being 9–8 at 10 ends went to 16–9 at 15 and won 19–11.

Away, Melanie Haylett was 11–2 up at five ends, 23–3 at 10 and won 30–8. The girls now face Ely.

Away to Norfolk Bowling Club, Acle Men’s A had regular players unavailable but good substitutes willing to help out.

John Colcombe, Peter Cator, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton scored a five on the fifth followed by a six on the sixth to go 18–0 up and by 15 ends it was 26–8. They won 35–12.

David Cole, Arthur Jolliffe, Jamie Howlett and Robin Norman were 11–13 down at 10 ends, 17 each at 15 and finished in style winning 25–19.

Daniel Seaborne, Roy Himpleman, Simon Elliott and George Tubby were 13–7 up at 10 ends, 15–10 at 15, dropped three shots on the final end and drew 19 each. Tim Stone’s rink were 7–11 down at 10 ends, 11–15 at 15, dropped a four on the 17th and lost 14–22. Result: 93–72 and 5.5-1.5 points to stay top of the league.

The Men’s B team were at home to The Brecks who had lost all their games.

Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Mick Crow and Bimbo Meeks by 10 ends were 12–7 up, led 19–9 at 15 and went on to win 26–12. Alan Rowsell’s rink were 13–10 at 10, 15–16 at 15 and despite a valiant effort lost 18–19.

Ivan Borrett’s rink were 10–6 at 10, 13 each at 17, dropped a five on the 18th and lost 15–19. Les Smith’s rink were 7–15 down at 10 ends and failed to stem the tide and lost 13–30. Result: 72–80 and 1–6 points.

Acle U25 have a very young squad this year and were drawn against Beccles in the double rinks.

Ashley Smith’s rink playing at home were 7–4 up at five ends, 8–10 at 10 and 12–16 at 15 but the game moved away from them in the final six ends and they lost 13–30.

Away, David Smith’s rink were 4–5 at five, 8–10 at 10, 15–17 at 15 but here againe the final six ends were too much and lost 15–23.

This was a truly a pleasing performance against trong opposition, and the five-year plan to have a squad competing at the top now looks more like a three-year plan.