Acle, Browston Hall bowls reports

Acle IBC

PLAYING North Walsham the Ladies B Team were not hopeful but it all came good at last as they secured their first win of the season. Ada Sumpter, Sue Moore and Mary Smith scored a five on the 4th end to go 8–2 up and continued to play well as they went on to win 18–7. Anita Nelson, Brenda Cole and Dawn Horne were 7–4 at 5 ends, 14–5 at 10 and well deserved their 17–6 victory. Mollie Hayton, Captain Edna Land and Margartet Shields were 7–0 up at five ends, 8–4 at 10 going on to win 13–6. Peggy Budd’s block were five each at eight ends 9–5 at 10 disaster struck on the penultimate end dropping a six and lost 10–12. Result 58–31 and 7–1 pts

On Saturday the Ladies B team went off to Diss who needed a win to win the league and County Championship. Mary Smith’s block were 7–4 up at five ends, 8–6 at eight then 9-9 playing the final end just losing 9–10. Dawn Horne’s block were 1–10 down at six ends, 7–15 at 10 and lost 9–19. Brenda Cole’s block were 1–8 down at six ends, 6–10 at 10, 8–11 with two to play but dropped two 4’s and lost 8–19. Peggy Budd’s block dropped a six on the 1st end, then dropped a six on the 6th another six on the 7th and lost 10–30. Result 36–78 and 0–8 pts and Diss now look to have won the League.

The Ladies’ C Team went off to the seaside at Gt Yarmouth with Sylvia Kerrison, Gillian Taylor and Sue Smith 3 each at 5 ends then 11–4 at 10 ends won in a close finish 11–10. Lynne Gaffney Judith Ward and Marie Morton 6–2 up at five ends dropped a five on the 9th to go 7–10 down, 11 each playing the final end and won 12–11. Monica Fisher, Pat Shorten and Jackie Smith were 0–5 down then picked up a 7 on the 4th end, a five on the 8th made it 17–9 in a good finish drew 18 each. Madge Barkey’s block were 2–12 down fought back but lost 8–15. Result 49–54 and 2� - 5� pts.

At home to Browston the Ladies C team were going to enjoy their final match of the season, Lynne Gaffney, Andrea Morton and Marie Morton went 10–1 up at 5 ends scored a 5 on the 10th to go 17–5. another 5 on the 12th as they romped home 26–9. Sylvia Kerrison, Gillian Taylor and Julia Crosby were 5–1 up at 5 ends. 11–1 at 8, dropped a 5 on the 10th but won 15–6. Janet George, Jane Watson and Madge Barkey were 6–1 up at 5 ends 12–3 at 10 and went on to win 17–3. Judith Ward, Jackie Smith and Sue Smith scored a 5 on the 5th to go 10–3 up, another 5 on the 10th made it 20–5 and won 23–5. Result 81–23 and all 8 pts. This was a very big win and confirmed them with 62� pts and finishing 3rd in the table in their first season.

The Men’s A Team were up against third placed Norfolk Bowling Club and need a good win to keep top of the table. Daniel Seabourne, Arthur Jolliffe, Shaun Cook and Jason Roope scored a five on the 6th to go 7–5, were 13–7 at 10 then 15–13 at 17, dropped a four on the 20th but won 20–17. John Colcombe, Jim Fruin, Simon Elliott and George Tubby scored a seven on the 1st end, a five on the 4th, another sixon the 5th followed by another six on the 7th to go 24–5 up. A five on the 15th made it 33–12 and went on to win 38–20. John Marshall, Mick Groome, Daniel Noble and Ian Wones were 15–7 at 10 ends, 20–10 at 15, dropped a five on the 18th, scored a five on the 19th and won 27–21. Mark Elliott, Wyn Willimott, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton scored a five on the 8th to go 12–4 up then 15–12 after 17, only dropped one more shot to win 20–13. Result 105–71 and all 7 pts.

This was an important win and must now be favourites to retain the Norfolk County Championship.

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Away to Browston on their Blue Carpet the Men’s C Team were aware it was not going to be easy. Ray Smith, Adrian Smith, Willie Jeffries and Ashley Smith were 7–2 up at five ends, 12–10 at 10, 16–13 at 15 and won 22–15. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Nigel Lambert and Mick Askham were 2–4 at five ends, 10–6 at 10, 11–10 at 15 then cruised home to finish 17–11. Alan Casburn, Shane Mitchell Ron Taylor and Pat Beales were 5–3 at five ends 9-9 at 10, 15–12 at 15. 19–17 playing the final end, but a running bowl moved the jack by Pat giving them a 21–17 win. Brian Grint’s rink were 1–9 down at five ends, 7–12 at 10, 10–16 at 15 and failed to get the rubs to lose 13–20. Result 73–63 and 6–1 pts to keep third in the table.

The Men’s B team went on the longest journey of the season to Hunstanton and needed points to keep top of the table. Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett were 11–5 up at 10 ends, 19–7 at 15, with Ivan at the top of his form went on to win 28–13. Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Ken Copeman and Bimbo Meeks were 7 -7 at 11 ends, 12–11 at 17 and finished 17–14 winners. Eric George’s rink were 4–10 down at 8 ends, 14–16 with four ends to play, dropped a five on the final end to lose 15–24. Alan Rowsell’s rink found themselves 2–20 down after 12 ends, came back to 11–20, but then dropped a five on the 17th won the final four ends but lost 15–25. Result 75–76 and 2–5 pts,

Browston Hall BC

At Lakeside Browston Men’s A won 83-63 and six points. Top rink P. Morris, J. Lake, C. Butcher and J. Burwood picking up six shots on the sixth end put them 8-4 up with a further nine shots in the closing stages of the game gave them a 27-11 win.

V. Moore, T. Gowen, P. Aldis and M. French after losing the first two ends went ahead 8-2 at the fourth, then only picked up four shots to their opponents 13 in the following 10 ends 12-15, three shots on the next end put Browston level and eight shots to the home sides four gave them a 23-19 win.

D. Pratt R. Flatt, K. Leech and J. Malcolm trailing 5-15 at the thirteenth scored on the remaining eight ends winning the game 18-15. The men’s B team at home to Acle C lost 63-73 and only one point which will not be enough to keep them in Division III next season, D. Hancock, K. Saward, P. Chaplin and M. Harvey 13-7 at halfway held on to their lead to win 20-13.

In their final County League game of the season Browston Ladies A team played away at Wymondham Dell A losing 55-76, Barbara Cheverton, Shirley Aldis and Diane Burwood only allowed their opposition to score a single on four ends and won 17-4 and took the team’s only point.