Acle, Browston Hall, Yarmouth bowls reports

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

Playing Peterborough in the national quarter-final of the Yetton Plate at Pentney was the biggest game of the season so far.

Molly Auld, Debra Nicholson, Ros Myhill and Sue Batchelor went into a 5–0 lead at five ends and by 10 were 19–0 up, they did drop a six on the 15th but only lost on four ends and completely dominated to win 30–11.

Margaret Arnold, Maureen Wright, Amy Barker and Marion Himpleman scored a six on the 2nd end and by five ends were 14–1 up, 16–5 at 10 and 21–6 at 15. With all players performing well they went on to win 27–9.

Shirley Lettice, Gwyn Xuereb, Jenny Kirby and Geraldine Reeve were 5–1 at five ends, 10–3 at 10 then 16–8 at 15, in complete command and won 21–11. Joy Pearson, Betty Brown, Elaine Cole and Melanie Haylett were 1–6 down at five ends, 7–8 at 10 went in front 11–10 at 15 and won 20–13.

After the 98–44 win they now they meet Boston in the national semi–final. This was a magnificent performance by the ladies and a well-deserved victory.

Away to Browston A the Ladies B Team were up against a good team. Mary Smith’s block found themselves 0–19 down then scored a 5 but that was the only highlight losing 6–30. Dawn Horne’s block dropped a 5 on the 10th and despite winning the remaining ends lost 9–16. Peggy Budd’s block dropped a 6 on the 1st end and it was an uohill struggle from there losing 8–18. Margaret Shields Block were 5–6 at 7 ends but it got away from them losing 6–21. Result 29–85 and 0–8 pts.

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At home to top-of-the-table Bowling Club Acle Ladies C were in confident mood having beaten the same team earlier in the season. Mary Chegwidden, Jackie Smith and Sue Smith went into a 8–0 lead at four ends scored a five on the 8th and by 10 ends were 19–3 up, they did drop a five on the 11th but won 19–10. Janet George, Gillian Taylor and Madge Barkey dropped a six on the 2nd end then scored a five on the 3rd, eight each at six ends from here they took control going on to a 18–11 victory. Jessica Ward, Pauline Hipgrave and Julia Crosby were 6–2 up at five ends, 10–5 at nine but bowled well to win 11–10. Marie Morton came back from 1–5 down at four ends to lead 11–9 at 11 and here too the final three ends were crucial and lost 11–15. Result 59–46 and 7–1 pts.

At home to the Dell the Men’s A team needed a good win to keep top of the county championship table. Mark Elliott, Wyn Willimott, Rob Parker and Tony Dunton started with a six but by eight ends were 9-9. From here however it was a different story as all four went up a gear and by 15 ends were 20–10 up and went on to a crushing victory 32–11.

John Colcombe, Jim Fruin, Simon Elliott and George Tubby were slow out of the blocks and were 7–8 down at 10 ends and 8–15 at 14. From this point the Marsh harrier soared to a new height as they went on to win 22–15. John Marshall, Roy Himpleman, Daniel Noble and Ian Wones went 6–2 up at 5 ends 9–6 at 10, 13 each at 14 and 18 each at 19 but finished in style to win 22–18. Jason Roope’s rink was 6–13 down at 10 ends. 8–17 at 15 and lost 13–22. Result 89–66 and 6–1 pts

Away to North Walsham A the Ladies A team of Lillian Barber, Pat Dickinson and Melanie Haylett went 10–2 up after just five ends. By 10 ends it was 19–3 and they went on to win 24–5. Margaret Arnold, Marie Barker and Jenny Kirby wee 4–7 down at 5 ends but playing well and by 10 ends were 9–8 up finished in style and won 18–8. Sue Batchelors block were 5–6 at 5 ends, 6–12 at 10 and lost 8–18. Marion Himplemans block came up against an in form Jayne Roylance and lost 6–17. Result 56–48 and 6–2 pts.

Area finals are being held at Norfolk Bowling club (start 6.45pm).

Tuesday, February 21: Singles: James Howlett (Acle) v Shaun Cook (Beccles). Pairs: George Tubby, Ian Wones (Acle) v John Colcombe, Daniel Noble (Acle)

Wednesday, February 22: Fours: Mark Todd, David Todd, John Catchpole, David Wood (Beccles) v George Tubby, Rob Parker, Ian Wones, Tim Stone (Acle)

Friday, February 24: Triples: David Todd, Mark Todd, David Wood (Beccles) v George Tubby, Ian Wones Tim Stone (Acle)

Browston Hall BC

Browston Ladies A beat Acle B 85-29 for eight points. Top rink Dahlia MacDonald, Mary Barrett and Holly Bryenton were 19-0 up after seven ends, dropped six shots over the next three ends, but won comfortably 30-6. June Butcher, Diane Purnell and Sheila Shaw were 4-4 after four ends, then allowed their opponents to score a further two shots and went on to win 21-6. Angela Kher 18-8 and Barbara Cheverton 16-9.

The Men’s B team were away at Shotford A. D Hancock, N Miller, P Chaplin and M Harvey, in a close game throughout, edged ahead at the 14th end and held on to win 18-16. B Brown, R Turner, P Smith and B Hubbard, in another tight game, finished 23-23.

The Men’s B team at home to Norfolk BC B team were 51-24 up at halfway. Their opposition fought back but Browston held on to win 78-75 for five points. B Brown 19-16, R Barrett, M King, P Ridler and M Munro scored three shots on their final end to win 27-15 and C Deverill, although losing 15-18, scored a vital shot on their last end to give Browston the overall match points.


AT home to Dereham B in Division Five of the Norfolk County Indoor Bowls League GYIBC lost 6–1 (88-68). Winning block for GYIBC were G Roll, D Bailey, E Taylor, G Curtis 26-17. Tomorrow GYIBC A host County Arts C team in Division Four and the B team will play away against Roundwood B (Taverham, Norwich) in Division 5.

Yarmouth Ladies IBC

AT home to Gallows, the Reds led from the start and all the way through. Three rinks out four won with the Reds taking seven league points.

R Beckett, N Pyzer, B Payne were 12-0 up on four ends which included a six and a four, 16-4 up at eight ends, winning 19-8. C King, P Ellis, L Westgate won 10 of the 13 ends played and at seven ends they were 13-2 up, at 10 ends 14-8, and with another five shots to nil against they won the game 19-8.

H Farrow, J Howlett, B Wright were 7-3 up on six ends, and then over the next seven ends they scored 15 more shots to 1 winning easily by 22-4. M Lynes, J Warnes, A Lynes struggled with their game and lost 13 shots to 18.