Acle, Browston Hall, Yarmouth bowls reports

Browston Hall IBC

The men’s A team at home to Pinewood A had a close game on all rinks with Browston always just ahead winning 75-73 and six points. Top rink V Moore, T Gowen, T Bridge and M French 12-3 at halfway maintained their lead to win 19-14. P Hurren, E MacDonald, R Kippen and D Chumbley took an early lead but all square at 12-12 on the eleventh and, won 21-20. D Pratt, R Flatt, K Leech and J Malcolm were in another game in which the lead swung between the two sides 9-8 at 11th, 13-13 at 16th, then Browston scored seven shots to Pinewood six on the final ends to win 20-19.

The men’s B team at Wymondham Dell could not take advantage of the home team being two players short and lost 64-69 after a deduction of 10 shots from the home side having three players on two rinks. C Deverill, M Howell, B Drinkall and P King 0-5 after four ends, then with some consistent scoring won 20-10� (20-14), R Barrett M King, B Hubbard and K Saward 14-17 going into the final end, three shots gave them a draw, and the team came away with one and-a-half points.

In the Premier Division the Ladies A lost 35-73 away at Gallow, Dahlia MacDonald, M Barrett and Maggie Spurway in a close fought game won 14-13 and scored the team’s only point.

Acle IBC

At the Dell the Ladies B Team’s Anita Nelson, Shirley Genery and Dawn Horne were 0–5 down at three ends scored a five on the 7th to go 7–9, 10–12 playing the final end scored three shots to win by one. Margaret Shields block dropped an eight on the 5th end and never recovered losing 8–15. Peggy Budd’s block dropped a six on the 4th end came back to 10–16 but lost 10–22. Brenda Cole’s block were 7–13 at 10 ends but then dropped 16 shots in four ends to lose 7–29. Result 38–78 and 1–7 pts.

At home to Diss A the ladies A Team needed a win to keep alive the County Championship hopes. Sue Batchelor’s block were 7–2 up at six ends but dropped a six on the 8th , 11–13 on 12 ends but finished 13–17. Barbara Meek’s block started very slowly and were 2-11 down at nine ends came back strongly but time ran out as they lost 8–11 Geraldine Reeve’s block were 1–8 down at six ends and lost 5–12. Marion Himpleman’s block were seven each at eight ends , 10–11 playing the final end and holding shot but the opposing last bowl tipped it in their favour as the lost 10–12. Result 36–52 and 0–8 pts.

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At home to Brecks A Team the Men’s C Team were looking to keep 3rd in the table. Ray Smith, Adrian Smith, Willie Jeffries and Ashley Smith scored a five on the 9th end to go 15–5 up all playing well went 22–10 at 15 ends going on for a comfortable 29–11 win. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Nigel Lambert and Mick Askham scored a five on the 10th end to go 14–6 up, 17–10 at 15 and finished 25–13. Alan Casburn, Shane Mitchell, Bill Downie and Pat Beales scored a five on the 5th end to go 13–1 up and after scoring a seven on the 9th were 22–3 and went on to win 26–15. Brian Grint’s rink were 12–8 at 10 ends 15 each at 16 dropped a five on the 17th scored a five on the 19th but in a grandstand final end lost 21–25. Result 101-64 and 6–1 pts.


GYIBC B team, played at home to Lynnsport B team from Kings Lynn in Division Five and despite all their efforts lost 6–1 (88-64). At 10 ends it was all level at 38-38 and at 15 ends Lynnsport were 2 up at 56-54 and went on to win 6-1 (88-64). The winning block for GYIBC was B Taffs, L Comerford, R Mather, G Roper 28-7.

Tomorrow GYIBC A team play at home against North Walsham in Division Four and on the same day the B team will play away against Brecks B team at Thetford in Division Five.