Acle indoor teams still have plenty to play for


- Credit: James Bass

Away to relegated Wymondham Dell, the Acle Indoor Bowl Club’s men’s B side needed to find a win to boost their promotion hopes.

John Marshall, Peter Cator, Paul Webb and Denis Goodley scored a four on the sixth followed by a five and went on to win 30-14.

Johnstone Mackie, Arthur Jolliffe, Alan Benson-Nutt and Barney Wymer dropped a five on the third and were 3-9 down but a four, then a five put the 15-10 up at 11 ends and from here they took charge, winning 23-15.

Ian Anderson, Dennis Edwards, Bill Downie and Brian Grint went 1-12 down but they hit back to win 23-21 while Ian Wilson, Will Jeffries, John Harris and Wyn Willimott drew 20-20.

The 96-70 win puts them in contention for promotion back to Division One at the first attempt, with five teams within one point of each other.

Away to Browston the Men’s C team needed six points to win the league but it was going to be difficult on the blue carpet.

Richard Hayton, Derrick Willgress, Brian Hearn and Mick Askham went 12-4 up at 10 ends and 19-6 at 15, were unfortunate to drop a six on the 18th but won 26-14.

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Richard Pope, Peter Evans, David Crosby and John Lettice went 10-5 up at 10 and 14-9 at 15, dropped a four on the 19th but two shots on the final end gave them victory 19-16.

Alan Kendall’s rink scored a six on the second end but in a close finish lost 22-24 while Alan Jones’ lost 16-27. The 83-81 result (5-2 points) was a disappointment result after a brilliant season, leaving the teams three shots short of winning the league.

With Beccles losing on the last bowl of their match with Lynn Sport, the Acle’s A team gave themselves a chance of winning the league with an emphatic 7-0 win at home to Wymondham Dell.

Norfolk Bowling Club beat County Arts and are likely to take the league if Acle slip up away to County Arts.

Matty Sparrow, Danny Mills, Daniel Noble and Ian Wones won 19-12 against the rink skipped by Roger Guy, David Cole, Ivan Borrett, Tony Dunton and Danny Ramsbottom won 28-16, Mark Elliott, Roy Himpleman, Graham Punchard and Jamie Howlett won 19-17 and Jim Fruin, John Sparrow, Simon Elliott and George Tubby won 30-15.

Six points next week at County Arts will see Acle win the league, anything less will bring Norfolk Bowling Club into the mix.