Acle lady bowlers chase trophy

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

After losing their first game of the season, a win in the Yetton Trophy against Beccles was important, and Barbara’s Babes did it in style with all rinks winning.

At home Jill Saunders, Lillian Barber, Jenny Kirby and Barbara Meeks dropped a four on the second end but by 10 ends were 18-7 up, 19-13 by 15 and finished 28-18.

Joy Pearson, Betty Brown, Elaine Cole and Melanie Haylett scored a six on the second end, by 10 ends were 12-7, 17-11 at 15 and won 21-15.

At Beccles Margaret Arnold, Marie Barker, Ros Myhill and Sue Batchelor were 12-5 at 10 ends, raced to 22-6 at 15, going on to win 25-13.

Shirley Lettice, Molly Auld, Pat Dickinson and Jean Cossey were 6-8 at 10 ends, 11-9 at 15 and won 21-10.

A 95-56 win and they meet Shotford on December 2 in the next round.

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Playing Sole Bay in the Denny Cup was going to be a good game to win.

At home George Tubby’s rink were 10-9 at 10 ends but five shots on the 13th gave them the edge and by 15 ends they were 22-11, winning 24-20. Lewis Moore’s rink were 15-5 at 10, 18-8 at 15 and went on to win 20-14.

Away Jason Roope’s rink were 2-10 down at five ends then 10 each at 10. The close encounter finished 18 each. Robin Norman’s rink were 1-6 at five and 11-18 at 15 and they finished 17-22.

Result 79-74 and Acle now meet Barking in the next round.

At home to Diss B, the Men’s C team were looking for another win to stay top of the league.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham scored a five on the third end and by 10 were 17-3 up, 25-9 by 15 and despite dropping a five on the 18th, won 32-18. Alan Kendall, Adrian Smith, Mathew Carter and Ashley smith also scored a fifth on the third end and by 10 ends were 12-7, 20-10 at 15 and after scoring a five on the 20th won 27-15.

Brian Grint’s rink were 13-6 up at 10 ends, stuck there for five ends and playing the final end were 17 each. The final bowl made it 17-18.

Pat Beales’ rink were 6-4 at 10 ends, they dropped a five on the 11th then scored a four then a five to go 13-9 up. By 18 ends it was 17-16 and another close game finished 19-21.

Result 95-72 and 5-2 points. They are 6� points clear at the top.

At home to Dell B the Ladies’ B team were hoping for a win to stay top of their table.

Jean Ryan, Jan Wilson and Peggy Budd picked up a five on the third end and by 10 ends were 14-8 up, finishing in style to win 20-8. Pam Hollis, Edna Land and Shirley Genery scored five shots on the first end and were 12-6 at 10 ends. All playing well they won 15-9.

Molly Hayton, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields were three each at five ends, six each at eight and nine each at 11 but finished 11-10 winners. Pat Pegram’s block found the weight difficult to master and were 2-9 down at seven ends. They started a good comeback but ran out of ends and lost 7-13.

Result 53-40 and 7-1 points.

The Lingford Trophy is for the young at heart, the under-59’s Ladies, and on Saturday the Acle girls came up against the much-fancied City of Ely.

At home Jessica Ward, Debra Nicholson and Barbara Meeks scored a five on the 10th end to level the game 11 each. By 15 ends it was 15 each and the game finished all square at 17 each.

Away Amy Barker, Sue Moore and Melanie Haylett found themselves against Ellen Faulkner but were in good form, and with the news the game had finished level at Acle, with three ends to play the Acle girls were nine up.

The atmosphere at Ely, with home supporters noisily backing their team, changed the game as the Acle girls dropped a five, a one and then four shots on the final end to lose overall 34-33.

An announcement from the World Bowls Tour contained great news for Fakenham Gallow star Mervyn King, who has climbed another five places in the provisional world ranking list to a career-best third spot.

King’s upwardly mobile Gallow clubmate Jamie Chestney does not figure in the provisional top 24, but another Norfolk ace Tim Stone, who has received a wildcard invitation to the world championships in Potters, is hanging in at equal number 23.

WBT provisional world ranking list: 1 G Harlow (Eng), 2 P Foster (Sco), 3 M King (Eng), 4 D Burnett (Sco), 5 S Skelton (Eng), 6 S Anderson (Sco), 7 D Gourlay (Sco), 8= B Jackson (Eng) and J Ross (Sco), 10= I Bond (Eng) and R Weale (Wales); 12 M Royal (Eng), 13 R Paxton (Eng), 14 A E Thomson (Eng), 15 A Marshall (Sco), 16 J Greenslade (Wales), 17 N Brett (Eng), 18= J Price (Wales) and K Kerkow (Aus), 20 B Wilkie (Aus). Other placing: 23 T Stone (Eng).