Acle’s Denny Cup run ends at semi-finals

ON Sunday Acle Men’s A team went to the Falcon Club in Chelmsford to play Nottingham in the semi-finals of the Denny Cup, the bowls equivalent to the FA Cup.

Anyone who thinks bowls is a quiet game should have witnessed the two semi-finals. Vuvuzuelas deafened the crowd every minute, air horns, rattles, squeakers and shouting from the crowd was only interrupted by the noise from the players.

John Colcombe, Denis Goodley, captain Simon Elliott and George Tubby were 10 shots adrift after 10 ends, adjusted to the conditions in the second half but lost 15-19.

Arthur Joliffe, Jim Fruin Jamie Howlett and Jason Roope found the pace of the green difficult, but the front two settled well playing against Brett Morley and were 10-9 at 10 and went on to win 20-16.

Mark Elliott, Roy Himpleman Tony Dunton and Tim Stone found the pushy pace of the green hard to adjust to, but opposing skip Simon Skelton proved why he is No 5 in the world and drew some amazing bowls. The Acle lads eventually lost 12-29.

Daniels Seabourne, Daniel Noble, Rob Parker and Lewis Moore at 10 ends were 3-12 down, 8-16 at 15, but the opposing skip Phil Broughton fired at regular intervals and had Lady Luck on his side as the jack either flew out of rink or to his partner’s bowls.

This score finished 10-21, but without doubt the highlight of the day was on this rink with 14-year-old Danny Seabourne playing extremely well, and was the talk of the arena.

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Final score: 57-85

Because North Walsham Men’s A team are withdrawing from the league next season, plans are being made to promote teams in lower divisions to fill the gap.

This will mean, if the plans are agreed, that the Acle Men’s C team will be promoted to Division Three next season.