Acle substitutes prove their worth

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

AGAINST Diss in the Yetton Trophy, this was always going to be a difficult game for Acle.

At home, Barbara Meek’s rink came from 6–14 down at 10 ends to 18 each at 18 and won 23–18.

Melanie Haylett’s rink dropped a seven and were 5–22 down at 10 ends, but some magical moments brought them back as they finished 21–24.

Away, Sue Batchelor’s rink were 2–18 down at 10 ends, 9–19 at 18 and finished 13–25.

Geraldine Reeve’s rink were 5–12 at 10 ends, 11–19 at 15 but then stuck as they lost 11–30.

Both substitutes were called into action as Jean Cossey was taken ill and Pat Dickinson stepped in, and Molly Auld injured her knee and Ada Sumpter stepped in, proving the worth of taking subs in all games. Result 68–97.

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Away to Gallow, the Ladies’ A team were in for a difficult game, and a puncture which prompted frantic phone calls added to the problems to get the team to Fakenham.

Shirley Lettice, Lillian Barber and Marion Himpleman went five each at seven ends then 7–15 down after 12, but a five on the final end gave them a deserved draw, 15 each.

Jean Cossey’s block dropped a six on the first end and another on the 13th and lost 5–28.

Maureen Wright had to go over and skip and dropped a six on the 7th to go 1–15 down and lost 6–21.

Geraldine Reeve had to play one short and dropped a five on the first end, three sixes and another five in a final score of 8–37.

Result 34–101 and 0.5–7.5 points.

At home to North Walsham B the Ladies B team were hoping to collect points.

Peggy Budd’s block scored a five on the 10th end to go 10 each but finished 10–15. Pat Pegram’s block were 0–7 down after four ends and never recovered, losing 6–13.

Dawn Horne’s block were in good form and won 16–9 while Shirley Genery’s block were also all playing well and won 18–11.

Result 50–48 and 6–2 points.

Away to North Walsham B, the Men’s C team were hoping for points to keep top of the table.

Roy Roofe, Scott Watson, Willie Jeffries and Brian Grint were looking comfortable until they dropped a five on the 9th to go 11–10, then dropped a four on the 15th to go 19–15. They scored a six on the 18th and only dropped shots on seven ends and won 30–19 with young Scott the Star.

Alan Kendall, Alan Casburn, John Godsafe and Pat Beales went 10–9 up after scoring a four, were 15–16 at 15 ends, 21–20 up playing the final end but then a trail of the jack by Pat went wrong and they drew 21 each.

M Askham’s rink were 7–9 at 10 ends then 10–17 after 17 and 15–17 playing the final and holding a six. It looked a winning position but the opposing skip drew second bowl and finished 16–17.

Ashley Smith’s rink were 10 each at 13 ends, 11–14 with four ends to play but failed to get the rub of the green as they lost 11–25. Result 78–82 and 1.5-5.5 points.

The Men’s B team travelled to Lynnsport and needed a win.

Maurice Shreeve, Dennis Edwards, John Harris and Ivan Borrett went 10–0 up after just four ends and by 10 ends were 14–6 and 19–8 after 15. And despite dropping a four on the 19th they won 23–15.

Barney Wymer’s rink picked up a six on the 9th end to lead 11– 10 but by 15 were 12–18 down and finished losing 15–25. Eric George’s rink were 5–6 at eight ends but then failed to score for seven ends and were 5–16 down, going on to lose 10–23.

Alan Rowsell’s rink were 4–12 down at 10 ends, but after dropping a five on the 13th were in trouble and finished 10–26. Result 58–89 and 1–6 points.