Acle, Yarmouth, Bradwell, Browston Hall bowls reports

Acle IBC

Away to Bowling Club Daniel Seabourne, Shaun Cook, Jamie Howlett and Jason Roope picked up a 4 on the 1st end and by five ends were 11–1 up, by 10 ends it was 15–10 and by 14, 16 each 23–16 with three ends to play they hung on to win 23–22. John Colcombe, Jim Fruin, Simon Elliott and George Tubby were 16–5 up at 10 ends then 17–10 after 15, five shots on the 18th made the difference as they won 27–15.

Ian Wones’ rink had a close game but lost 22–24 and Tony Dunton’s rink were hung drawn and quartered losing 6–36. Result 78–97 and 2–5. There was however an unexpected turn of events when nearest rivals County Arts lost �-6� at Gallow and Acle are now further in front at the top of the league.

Acle Men’s B met top-of-table Pentney. . Ian Wilson, Matthew Sparrow, Eric George and Alan Rowsell were 6 each at 6 ends and 6–12 down at 10 and 15 each at 14 a 6 on the 15th lifted spirits and went on to a confident win 31–20. Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett were 11–3 up at 10 ends scored a 4 on the 12th followed by a 5 on the 14th and went on to win 23–12.

Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Ken Copeman and Bimbo Meeks were 15–3 up at 10 ends, 18–5 at 15 and only losing on 7 ends won 25–8. Barney Wymer’s rink were 7–11 at 10. 10–15 at 15 and 16 each playing the final end but lost 16–17. Result 85–57 and 6–1 pts and now go back to the top of the table

Away to Dereham the Men’s C Team were well aware how difficult it is for points there. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ron Taylor and Mick Askham were 10–7 at 10 ends 17–8 at 15 and lost on only 5 ends secured a 25–8 win. Alan Casburn, Shane Mitchell, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were 10 each at 9 ends 16–15 at 16 scored a 5 on the 17th and in a close finish won 22–18, Brian Grint’s rink were 0–7 down at 3 ends 4–14 at 10, 11–17 at 16 but lost 11–28. Willie Jeffries rink were 6–7 at 10 ends dropped a 7 on the 12th and a 5 on the 14th and lost 8–29. Result 66–83 and 2–5 and stay third in the league.

Away to Browston the Ladies A team were looking for points and came away with just one. Betty Brown, Elaine Cole and Marion Himpleman scored a 4 on the 1st end and a 5 on the 3rd by 5 ends were 16–0 up were held back from here but won well 23–8.

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Sue Batchelor’s block were 2–10 down at 5 ends and found the blue carpet not to their liking losing 5–20 , Jenny Kirby’s block were 8–7 up at 9 ends and 9–10 playing the final end but dropped a 4 and lost 9–14. Geraldine Reeve’s block were 5–6 at 6 ends 9–10 at 10 they also dropped a 4 on the final end and lost 9–18. Result 46–60 and 1–7.

At home to Bowling Club the Ladies B team were up against a top team. Jean Ryan, Rose Yaxley and Peggy Budd dropped a 5 on the 1st end but scored a 6 on the 5th end to draw level at 9 each and up against Carol Pollington performed well losing only on 5 ends and deserved their 15–14 win.

Shirley Genery’s block were 8–9 at 10 ends but it all went wrong as they lost 8–26. Margaret Shields block were 4 each at 6 ends dropped two 5’s and lost 8–22. Dawn Horne’s block were 4–16 at 10 ends scored a 5 on the 13th but lost 12–18. Result 43–80 and 1–7.

Browston Hall IBC

A Welcome seven points for the Ladies A in their 60-46 home win against Acle A. Top rink June Butcher, Sheila Shaw and Maggie Spurway 8-0 up after two ends then only allowed their opponents to score on five ends winning 20-5.

Angela Kher, June Petts and Pat Drinkall only one shot ahead after six ends, but seven shots in their final two ends put them well in the lead at 18-9. Dahlia MacDonald, Mary Barrett and Gil Bird 7-2 up after seven ends although dropping seven shots in three ends went on to win 14-9.

The men’s A team at home to Roundwood A took five points in their 83-66 win, top rink V Moore, T Gowen, T Bridge and M French never in trouble in their 25-10 win. P Hurren, E MacDonald, R Kippen and D Chumbley 1-5 down after six ends, eight all at the twelfth, then went in front to win 18-14.

The men’s B team had a tough game away at Old Hall losing 64-92, R Barrett, M King, B Hubbard and M Munro won the teams only point in a close game winning 23-18.

Bradwell BC

The pre-season general meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 6 at the Mill Lane Community Centre at 7.30pm. Annual subscriptions and competition fees will be payable on the evening. It is hoped that thes season will get under way on Saturday, April 21 with the opening of the green (2).

Great Yarmouth Indoor Bowls Club

GYIBC A lost 7-0 at Norfolk Bowls Club C in Division Four of the Norfolk County Indoor Bowls League.

On the same day GYIBC B team played at home to Shotford B team from Harleston in Division Five and despite all their efforts lost 6–1 (85-75). At 10 ends GYIBC were 36-29 up and at 15 ends were still leading 59-48. However Shotford moved ahead and won the game 6-1 (85-75).

The winning block for GYIBC was B Taffs, L Comerford, R Mather, G Roper 24-17.

In their next game on March 3 GYIBC A team play at home against North Walsham in Division Four and the B team will play on February 25 at home against Lynnsport B in Division Five.

Yarmouth Ladies IBC

PLAYING at Gallows in the County League the Reds lost the game 49-53 but managed to take 2� from 8.

B Payne, J Howlett, M Lynes were ahead 14-4 at 10 ends, and over the following five ends scored seven more shots to 4 ending their game 21-8.

R Beckett, N Pyzer, D Edwards were 3-8 down at six ends, they then scored 5 more shots to nil against and were 8-8, after which three more shots from each team on the last four ends made it a draw 11-11.

C King, L Westgate, P Ellis were 9-1 up at six ends 12-2 up at nine ends, then scoring one more shot to seven against they still managed to win 13-9. B Wright, M Nichols, G Sewell lost 4-25.

Playing away at Roundwood the Blues were down 32-46 at nine ends, then pulled up slightly over the last few ends and ended the game just four shots down at 52-56 taking one and a half league points, from eight when two blocks lost, one block drew and one block won.

V Punchard, M Oram, T Lewis were down 6-10 at eight ends. then went ahead 11-10 on eleven ends, but with 4 shots to nil against them on the last four ends they lost 11-14.

W Ellison, P George, J Saunders at seven ends were 4-6 down, but then won the following six ends 16 shots to nil winning 20-6.

J Carter, J Burrage, J Rose struggled at first and half way through were 6-15 down, but they then won the next five ends 9 shots to nil and ended with a draw 15-15. M Clark, C Jesty, M Symonds lost 6-21.