Acle, Yarmouth, Browston Hall bowls reports

Acle IBC

AT home to Old Hall the Men’s C team wanted a win to keep in the top half of the table. Scott Watson. Gordon Ives, John Godsafe and Brian Grint went 13–1 up at 10 ends all four playing well and young Scott exceptional they went 17–4 at 15 and won 23–10. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Nigel Lambert and Mick Askham were 10–5 at 10 ends. 15–7 at 15 and won comfortably 22–12. Ray Smith, Adrian Smith, Willie Jeffries and Ashley Smith were 1–8 down at 6 ends, 11–15 at 15 and playing the final end were 16–17, won the measure to win 18–17.

Alan Casburn, Richard Hayton, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were 14–8 at 10 ends then 16 each at 15, 20–21 playing the final end scored a 3 to win 23–21. Result 86–60 and all 7 pts.

At home to County Arts the Ladies C Team were hoping for points. Lynne Gaffney, Andrea Morton and Marie Morton were 5–2 up at 5 ends scored a 6 on the 7th and by 10 ends were 14–3 and went on to win 16–6. Madge Barkey’s block scored a 5 on the first end then dropped a 5 on the 6th by 10 ends it was 9–13 and finished 11–15.

Sue Smith’s block scored a 5 on the 2nd end by 10 ends were 15–9 up and in a close final end dropped a 4 to lose 15–16.

Jane Watson, Pauline Hipgrave and Julia Crosby dropped a 5 on the 1st end and by 3 were 0–10 down came back to 9–13 at 10, playing the final end at 10–15 and the last rink to finish all eyes were on them with the game poised at 52 shots each. Holding 5 shots an opposing running bowl missed the head and they drew 15 each. Result 57–52 and 5�-2� pts.

Away to Gallows the Mens A Team needed to win to keep on track to retain the County championship. Daniel Seabourne, Wyn Willimott, Daniel Noble and Ian Wones started well going 8–3 up at 5 ends increased that to 17–6 at 10, and by 15 it was 27–8 going on to win 29–16. Jim Fruin, Arthur Jolliffe, Shaun Cook, and Jamie Howlett were 1–6 down at 6 ends but by 10 were 10–6 up, 13–11 at 15 then scored a 5 on the 16th, and won 25–17. Mark Elliott, Mick Groome, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were 5 each at 5, 10 each at 14, 14–13 at 19 and drew 15 each. George Tubby’s rink were 5–11 down at 10, 8–13 at 15 and lost 10–22.

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Result 79–70 and 5�-1� pts.

Browston Hall IBC

In a close-fought match at Pentney the men’s A team drew 76-76 and three points.

Going into the final end overall Browston were two shots up, but three rinks dropped a shot and P Hurren’s block secured a single to get the draw. V Moore, T Gowen, T Bridge, M French were 16-0 up after three ends and won 28-15. D Pratt, R Flatt, C Butcher, J Malcolm trailing until the sixteenth end where six shots put them all square 15-15, a four and a single 20-16 up but dropped shots on the final two ends drew the game at 20-20.

The men’s B team at home to Dereham A lost 65-92. R Barrett, M King, P Ridler, M Munro 5-5 at the fifth, then 8-15 down at halfway, with further shots dropped on the next two ends, but they fought back to win 23-20 and one point. D Hancock, N Miller, P Chaplin, M Harvey after losing the first two ends picked up shots to lead 15-6 at the eleventh, both sides scored shots over the next ten ends with Browston keeping in front to win 22-14 and the second point for the team.

The ladies section had a miserable weekend overall only two points scored in three games. At County Arts Janet Barber, Linda Friend and Pet Winyard after being down over the opening ends picked four shots on the fifth 7-4 and held on to win 14-9, At home to Roundwood B again Janet Barber, Linda Friend and Pet Winyard scored the team’s only point winning 17-8.

Great Yarmouth Indoor Bowls Club

GYIBC A played at home to County Arts C team from Thorpe St Andrews in Norwich in Division 4 of the Norfolk County Indoor Bowls League and won 6-1.

On the same day GYIBC B played away to Roundwood B at Taverham, Norwich in Division 5 and despite all their efforts lost 5 –2 (83-74).

At 10 ends GYIBC were 40-33 up but by 15 Roundwood had moved to 57-54 and won the game 5-2 (83-74). The winning block for GYIBC was B Taffs, A Comerford, R. Mather & G Roper 21-19. Two blocks drew for GYIBC. They were J Bratton, L Comerford, D Hatchett & J Symonds 20-20 and G. Roll, T Marjoram, E Bulley, & G. Curtis 19-19.

Tomorrow GYIBC A team play away against Norfolk Bowls Club C team in Division 4 and the B team will play at home against Shotford B team in Division 5.