Acle, Yarmouth, Browston Hall bowls round-up

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

In midweek the Ladies’ C team travelled to Shotford and lost 1-7 with Lynne Gaffney, Judith Ward and Marie Morton the only winning block 13-11.

On Saturday they were off to Diss but had a much-improved result. Janet George, Pat Shorten and Madge Barkey were 5-1 at five ends, 10-2 at eight and won 15-2. Lynne Gaffney, Andrea Morton and Marie Morton scored a five on the fourth end to go 11-1 up all bowling well. By eight ends it was 18-3 and they strolled to a 25-6 win.

Margaret Clayton, Mary Chegwidden and Julia Crosby were 5-4 at four ends, seven each at seven, nine each at nine and won the final three ends to finish 12-9. Kim Howard, Jackie Smith and Sue Smith were six each at six ends eight each at eight, 10 each at 11 and played well to finish 11 each. Result: 63-38 and 7�-� pts.

n LADIES B, at home to Browston A, are finding life difficult in the premier league. Margaret Shields’ block were 8-9 at nine ends but the game got away from them in the final stages and they lost 10-15. Dawn Horne five each at five ends dropped a five on the sixth and went on to lose 11-18.

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Mary Smith’s block were seven each at eight ends dropped a five on the 11th an end that made the difference and lost 11-17. Peggy Budd’s block went into a 11-0 lead at five ends and were 15-1 at eight but then it all went wrong dropping a five on the ninth and a seven on the 10th then dropped a three on the final end and lost 15-16. Result: 57-66 and 0-8 pts.

n THE men’s B team had a good away win. Dennis Edwards, Matty Carter, Ken Copeman and Barney Wymer were seven each at seven ends won the following six ends to go 21-7 up and dropping shots on only eight ends went on to win 29-13.

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Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett went 4-10 down at eight ends fought back to 12 each at 15, 15 each with two ends to play won both to win 19-15.

Alan Rowsell’s rink were 2-11 down at eight ends came back to 13-17 at 17 but lost 15-20. Bimbo Meek’s rink were 2-10 down at seven ends, 7-12 at 12, 8-18 at 15 and lost 12-25. Result: 75-73 and 5-2 pts

n AT home to second-in-the-table Shotford A the Men’s C team had Ray Smith, Adrian Smith, Willie Jeffries and Ashley Smith were 9-5 up at 10 ends, 15-6 at 15, all playing well went on to win 22-9.

Brian Grint’s rink dropped a five on the fourth end, 7-12 at 10, 13-14 at 14 dropped another five on the 18th and lost 16-23. Mick Askham’s rink were 11-5 at seven ends 12-14 at 14, 16 each at 18 but lost 16-22. Bill Downie’s rink were 6-8 at 10, 7-17 at 15 and lost 10-26. Result: 64-80 and 1-6 pts.

Browston Hall Bowls

Ladies’ A team played away against Acle B in a game which swung between the two teams over the first half of the game, with Acle three shots up overall at halfway 27-30.

Shirley Aldis, Diane Burwood and Sheila Shand 0-5 down at second end, then scored over the next six ends 11-5 and continued on form to win 18-11.

Dahlia MacDonald, Mary Barrett and Gil Bird took the early lead and stayed in front to win 17-11, June Butcher, Holly Bryenton and Sheila Shaw 6-0 at the fourth, lost seven shots over the next three ends, but picked up again to win 15-10.

Angela Kher, June Petts and Win Rumbold losing 1-15 going into the final three ends scored 15 shots to win 16-15 and gave the team eight valuable points.

The Men’s A team playing away at County Arts B had a hard fought game and lost overall by only two shots 76-78 and took only two points.

D Pratt, R Flatt, C Butcher and J Malcolm one shot ahead at the tenth, and scoring 14 shots in the remaining 11 ends won 21-14. P Hurren, E MacDonald, R Kippen and D Chumbley managed to stay ahead of their opponents throughout the game to win 18-15.

Great Yarmouth Indoor Bowls Club

TOMORROW GYIBC A team play at home against Pinewood Park B.

On Saturday GYIBC B team played a friendly against a GYIBC Ladies’ team. The Ladies won 5-2 (53-46).

Winning B team blocks were J Bratton, T Marjoram and B Taff 17-6 and T Westgate, J Elliott and E Taylor 14-13. In their next game the B team are at home to Dereham B on February 4.

Great Yarmouth Ladies

AT home to Shotford B the Reds played well leading all the way and won the match 72-40 when three blocks won and one lost, taking seven league points from eight.

H Farrow G Swanston and G Sewell were ahead on six ends 8-2, 10 ends 13-4, and won the game 13-4.

R Beckett N Pyzer and D Edwards were 17-5 at six ends, 22-6 up on 10 ends and finished the game 26-10.

C King L Westgate and P Ellis were more evenly matched and at six ends were 8-6 up, 11 ends 14-7, and won 21-8. M Lynes A Ewels and B Wright were losing 6-7 on six ends, 7-14 on 10 ends and lost the game 8-18.

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