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Great Yarmouth and District Federation LeagueTHE area finals of county competitions will be held on Sunday at 10am. Martham ladies always put on great food.

Great Yarmouth and District Federation League

THE area finals of county competitions will be held on Sunday at 10am. Martham ladies always put on great food. Enjoy the day.

In Division One, Martham A had a good trip to Fleggburgh Private winning 80-60 (6-1), still 100 per cent with nine from nine, 52 points.

Burlingham are next in line with 49.5 points from 11 games, Burlingham 48.5 points from 11 games. Acle 42.5 points from 11 and then Gorleston Conservatives sitting comfortable with 41 points from eight games.

Woodbastwick had a 79-66 (6-1) win at Halvergate Top Green. Acle had a good return from two games winning away at Northgate 79-71 (5-2) and at home against Halvergate Top Green 93-56 (7-0).

Gorleston Conservatives keeping up the pressure weighing in 97-68 (6-1)with a home win against Runham. Runham fared better visiting Rollesby, winning a close match 70-68 (5-2). They had a home playing Northgate 87-61 (5-2), then had their flag lowered when Potter Heighm called and took 73-66 (5.5-1.5).

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Potter Heigham could not repeat this form at Burlingham and went down 61-86 (1-6). Northgate had their first win 94-53 (7-0), over Gorleston EBF.

In Division Two four teams are pulling away with Ormesby taking pole with 48.5 points from nine games followed by Hickling with 40 points from 10 games, Ludham 35.5 points from seven and the Caister A 27.5 points from five.

Ormesby had a home win against Repps 7-72 (7-0) but at Winterton lost 54-89 (2-5).

Marthem B had a very good result at Ludham 73-64 (4.5-2.5) as did Filby A winning at Hickling 101-56 (6-1) and Caister A with a 92-64 (6.5-0.5) win over Caister B, retaining a 100 pe rcent record.

Some shock results from the cup games. In the Lacon Cup semis Woodbastwick edged out Burlingham 83-79 and Rollesby beat Martham A 75-70 leaving a final of Woodbastwick v Rollesby.

In the Donny Pearce, Halvergate Top Green just got the better of Acle to put themselves in the semi-finals, in which the line up will be Rollesby v Martham A and Caister A v Halvergate Top Green.

With the Watering Bowl also down to the semi-finals, Potter Heigham play Northgate at Burlingham and Hickling playBurlingham at Potter Heigham.

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Lovewell Blake Malta Cup League

ACLE A are bouncing back after suffering two shock defeats. They comprehensively beat table toppers Martham A 7-0 and move into the runners-up slot.

Freethorpe A still have a game in hand over Martham and with only a 8� point gap it's going to be a tight second half to the season.

Browston A remain the only unbeaten team in the league with eight from eight, and the game of the week must go to Freethorpe B playing Ormesby which finished with a one-shot difference and Freethorpe winning 4-3s.

All captains are reminded to re-arrange postponed games and inform the league secretary, Derek Webster, of the dates.

Brian Grint

Great Yarmouth Bowls Club

In the Norfolk County League all three teams were involved. The A team, at home to Freethorpe A, were soundly beaten 41-57 (1-4 points). D Seabourne, D Richards, M Cook and K Dunn 19-15. R Pooley, J Hewitt, J Sexton and M Colcombe 13-17. J Ellis, T McNulty, D Mann and A Calver 9-25.

The B Team played Freethorpe B and lost a close match 57-62 (1-4). A Comerford, P Comerford, G Logan and J Glendenning 28-12. J Wisseman, N Green, F Elliott and W Moss 19-23. L Comerford, L Moore, J Moore and R Albone 10-27.

The C team completed the hat-trick by losing at Gorleston.

There was plenty of Lovewell Blake Malta Cup action, with the A team at home to Bradwell, winning 73-63 (6-1). Scores: D Seabourne, J Hewitt and T Pooley won 25-18; T McNulty, D Richards and M Cook won 17-12; D Bowers, G Logan and J Glendenning won 18-11; J Ellis, J Sexton and A Calver lost 13-22.

The B team went to Browston A and lost on all rinks 45-100 (0-7). Scores: A Comerford, F Elliott, and R Albone 9-14; J Wiseman, E Bulley and W Moss 11-2; G Logan, N Green and J Glendenning 18-23; L Comerford, P Comerford and J Moore 7-39.

The C team played twice and lost both matches. Against Browston B the result was 50-88 (1-6) Scores: A Huggins, S Wheeler and B Baker won 20-1; M Yarrow, J Palmer and P Ladmore lost 12-24; T Westgate, C Last and H Plane lost 9-18; J Elliott, D Hatchett and C Warnes lost 9-31. Against Acle B the result was 46-96 (1-6). Scores: M Yarrow, J Palmer and P Ladmore won 25-15; T Westgate, S Wheeler and K Burrage lost 7-30; A Huggins, H Plane and B Baker lost 12-28; J Elliott, D Hatchett and C Warnes lost 12-23.

The ladies played Ormesby and won 51-48 (4�-1�). J Saunders, J Warnes and B Payne won 20-12; S Allen, C Johnson and J Howlett drew 14-14; L Westgate, P Ellis and C King lost 17-22.

In the ladies County Pairs P Ellis and C King lost 12-29 to a very good pair from Diss.

Club competition results. Two wood singles: J Glendenning beat D Seabourne 18-11; B Warnes beat N Green 18-13; R Pooley beat J Gray 18-6. Four wood singles: P Barber beat S Wheeler 21-3; J Gray beat B Warnes 21-20; R Pooley beat J Hewitt 21-20; J Ellis beat D Seabourne 21-20. Open singles: D Richards beat S Wheeler 21-22; J Ellis beat N Green 21-14; J Glendenning beat J Wheeler 21-4. Open pairs: P Ellis and C King beat D Mann and A Calver 21-29; J Gray and S Wheeler beat P Barber and J Ellis 27-19. Triples: P Barber, J Hewitt and M Colcombe beat D Seabourne, R Pooley and J Sexton 19-6. Open fours: T McNulty, J Disspain, D Richards and J Warnes beat L Westgate, C King, P Ellis and B Payne 15-14.

The club entertained three visiting clubs in frendlies, winning two. Against a strong Thetford side they lost 109-153. A Comerford, L Westgate, J Palmer and J Gray won 19-17; P Winterburn, T Westgate, L Gutteridge and T McNulty lost 17-19; T Wheeler, J Wheeler, E Bulley and D Richards lost 13-18; L Comerford, J Elliott, J Wheeler and G Logan lost 12-27; S Bradford, D Leeder, D Bowers and K Dunn lost 9-30; C Johnson, D Hatchett and G Curtis lost 17-18; L Moore, D Saunders, J Saunders and R Pooley lost 22-24.

There was a win against Perkins Retired 141-80. C Johnson, J Elliott, S Hopwood and R Pooley won 32-10; S Allen, P Ellis, G Swanston and J Warnes won 28-10; L Westgate, M Oram, B Wright and G Logan won 30-13; K Burrage, J Burrage, J Gray and C King won 20-14; T Wheeler, J Wheeler and D Richards drew 16-16; B Phillips, S Wheeler and B Warnes lost 15-17.

Against Mow Macre from Leicester the score was 100-64. J Burrage, P Winterburn, P Comerford and B Warnes won 30-12; P Ellis, D Saunders, J Saunders and D Bowers won 29-18; A Comerford, T McNulty, L Westgate and J Warnes won 18-11; L Comerford, T Westgate, J Palmer and B Payne drew 23-23.

Bradwell BC

Bradwell's week began with two matches in the Lothingland League.

At home to Lound, Anne Baker, Jean Moore and Shirley Lloyd 35-11. Tom Hall, Derek Patterson and Charles Hutcheson 21-17. Diane Purnell, Kath Hewitt and Jill Boggis 15-15.

The second match was at home to Hopton. Jean Fagan, Joan Bayfield and Keith Briggs 20-20. Hopton took two shots but Bradwell earned three to make the result 23-22.

In the Hansells Norfolk County EBA League, Bradwell were home to Caister. Peter King, John Ward, Keith Cooke and Colin Deverill 14-16. Bryan Vincent, Ted Connellan, Terry Payne and Mick Marshall 14-18.

Another Caister team came for a fixture in the Norfolk County Federation League and one triple found Ken Saward, Terry Payne and Eddie Macdonald in super form 29-13. The other two Bradwell rinks did not do so well.

Away against Great Yarmouth A in the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup League, Ken Saward, George Barnes and John Sargent won 22-13. The other Bradwell triples could not emulate them but Terry Payne, Colin Deverill and Eddie Macdonald collected 18-25, while Tom Williams, Ken Hall and Ron Beardall, after winning the last end, had a closer result, 12-17.

In the same league, against Cantley, Keith Cooke, Terry Payne and John Sargent advanced by threes, fours and a six to 33-4. Ken Saward, Jim Malcolm and Eddie Macdonald 32-6. Colin Deverill, Ken Hall and Ron Beardall 24-14. The fourth rink scored a close 15-18.

One winning rink and one draw was Bradwell's tally against Sparrows' Nest in the Lowestoft and District League. Peter King, Louise Pilgrim and Dahlia Macdonald finished 24-12. Joy Williams, Ray Norton and Charles Hutcheson 17-17.

Against Kensington Gardens away, Kath Brown, Anne Collins and Joan Bayfield looked beaten at 9-19 on the 16th but hit back for 22-19. Standing level on the 20th, John Collins, George Coxsey and John Ward made the final score 17-20.

Bradwell's week ended with its annual charity day. This year's chosen charity was the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Lifeboat and all proceeds from the day were donated. Carol Horne, Chairman of the Lifeboat Society, attended. On a beautiful afternoon the green was crowded with bowling games and members contesting the Charity Bowl. From 36 bowlers in the Drive, Elizabeth Ward scored highest and received the trophy from its donor, Tom Hall. Stella Trimmer was the close runner-up, only scores against making the difference between the two ladies' results.

Browston Bowls

THE A team, leading Division Two in the Malta Cup League, took the maximum seven points from Yarmouth B winning 100-42.

P Morris, P Tyrell and A Harrison 39-4. G Downing, G Obsen and R Turner 24-11. D Noble, M Coles and H Noble 19-9 and D Pratt, J Burwood and J Rounce 23-18.

Two away games for the B team in the Malta Cup League, in their 89-50 win over Yarmouth C the team picked up six points, M Parker, P Ridler and P Smith won 31-9. P Chaplin, N Miller and J Kelsall 24-12 and M Harvey, B Myhill and P Edwards 18-9.

Against Caister in a much closer fought game, 71-82, only two points won, D Farman, G Brister and C. Posner 21-16, and M Parker, P Ridler and S Parker 20-10.

In their County League game against Norwich Police M Parker, P Ridler, P Smith and S Parker secured their only point winning 23.15 in the teams overall defeat 48-67.

In the EDF League although winning on two rinks the overall score 48-57 meant that only four points scored, J Watson, Mona Ward and Elsie Hall 18-14 and P Chaplin, N Miller and A Harrison 16-13.

Rollesby Bowls Club

ALTHOUGH currently riding high in the Broadland League, Rollesby's home form deserted them in the encounter with Woodbastwick and they had to be content with two points after a crushing 30-shot defeat, final score 55-85.

The week was dominated by the Lacon Cup semi-final with near neighbours Martham A, played at the neutral Burlingham green. Rollesby were keen to make a contest of it but trailed 9-25 after only five ends. By the half way mark they had steadied the boat but still trailed by 12 shots which increased to a deficit of 15 at 15 ends.

With a win out of their minds, Rollesby settled into a different gear and against the odds drew level at the close at 69-69. With all blocks taking the green for an extra end each, Rollesby capped a brilliant performance by winning on three rinks giving a final score of 75-70.

Winning blocks S Daniels, E Taylor, G Curtis 21-15; J Avery, A Palmer, T Avery 25-18; J Palmer, T Coots, J Catchpole 19-16.

Despite taking an eight shot lead into the home game against Horning in the two-legged Rotary Shield, the home side struggled to find any real form and were fortunate to win 76-74, a 10-shot aggregate win.

Entertaining Wroxham in the Broadland League, the visitors got off to a flying start and led at ten ends by 17 shots. Finishing strongly, Rollesby took the honours on three rinks with a final score of 83-72 and a very welcome 6-1 points victory.

Winning blocks, J Avery, A Palmer, T Avery 25-15; E Taylor, M Thomas, B Catchpole 18-15 and special mention to S Allen, D Gammon and T Coots who trailed 13-20 but scored on the remaining six ends to snatch a valuable 21-20 win.

Rollesby played Ormesby Blue at home in the three wood league and carried on winning ways with a 61-55 win, points 7-2 which almost makes up for the heavy defeat in the earlier reverse fixture. Winning blocks, J Seeranj, R Clarke, R Blunden 23-11 and J Mason, P Taylor, T Wilkin 25-20.

Martham Bowls Club

ON Wednesday the EBA team played Fleggburgh B, two blocks won well and one lost for a score of 42-64 for four points.

The Malta A team went to Acle hoping to get some points, two blocks lost by two shots, one by three shots and one by 12 to lose 82-63 and return home with no points.

In the Yarmouth League Fleggburgh Private 63 (1) Martham A 80 (6).

In the Lacon Cup Martham A 70, Rollesby 74 after an extra end.

The B team travelled away to Ludham and had a win, with the top block of Eric Faircloth, John Symes and Gino Gallant winning 23-6.

Martham Ladies travelled to Caister and played the Lifeboats winning on two rinks for a score of 52-63 and collecting four points. Top block Pam Symes, Debra Nicholson and Bing Smith.

In the County Cup Martham went to Freethorpe and lost 63-46.

Hickling Bowls

A VERY mixed bag this week as in the Yarmouth League Hickling lost to Filby 6-1, the A team beat Filby 5-4 and the B team lost to Hemsby 5-4.

In the Broadland League Hickling beat Stalham 5-2. The ladies team beat Great Plumstead 4-2 but lost to Filby 4-2.

In the Broadland Rotary Shield Hickling lost the first leg to Wroxham 112-50. Second leg to be played at Wroxham on July 10.