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Acle Indoor Bowls Club hosted their annual School Festival of Bowls last week.The Acle club coaches are busy all year undertaking six-week introductory bowls courses at the six junior schools in the area and this festival is a celebration at the end of the season.

Acle Indoor Bowls Club hosted their annual School Festival of Bowls last week.

The Acle club coaches are busy

all year undertaking six-week introductory bowls courses at the six junior schools in the area and this festival is a celebration at the end of

the season.

The schools involved are Acle, Fleggburgh, Freethorpe, Reedham, Lingwood and South Walsham.

“I was very impressed with a number of the players, and one or two could well make international standard if they take up the sport in earnest, but all the children were a credit to their schools,” said Denis Goodley, club manager who is also a director of the English Indoor Bowls Association and consequently always on the lookout for future England U18 players.

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Winners of the tournament were South Walsham, runners-up spot going to Lingwood with Fleggburgh receiving the 'sporting award'.

Ormesby BC

IN the Three Wood Federation League on a damp evening, Ormesby Blue team beat Martham by 59 shots to 44. Overall score was 7-2.

Winning blocks for Ormesby were: R Vincent, J Chegwidden and D Humphries and E Flint, J Jenkins and

P Downes.

Ormesby Red team drew with Hickling 4� each.

In the Great Yarmouth and District League Division Two, Ormesby B lost to Caister by 64 shots to 77 (1-6). Ormesby won on one rink with D Picot, A Stamp and K Hunt 22-12.

A great week for the Yarmouth A team, playing two matches and winning both 6-1. Halvergate at home 92-62, best block with a win of 30-12 was F Shaw, M Clutterbuck and P Clutterbuck.

Burlingham was away with shots of 90-64. Best block with a score of 28-13 was J Farrow, C Brooker and H Farrow.

A warm welcome went to two new members who played their first match, Fran and Richard Pope. Fran won her first match comfortably with S Brooker and M Clutterbuck, score 27-14.

The Men's Malta and EBA teams didn't have such a good week, losing all three matches.

The return friendly match against Waveney Bowls Club will be on Sunday, July 18.

Rollesby BC

Rollesby's week started with a difficult away encounter against in-form Neatishead, but the visitors turned the form book upside down with an unexpected victory.

Despite losing heavily on a single rink, the 24-11 win by S Allen, J Palmer, E Taylor evened things up and narrow wins on the remaining rinks ensured a fine win. J Avery, J Seeranj, T Avery 18-15 and special mention to T Bolton, M Coots, T Coots who came back from

6-18 down at 14 ends to score 13 shots without reply for the narrowest of wins 19-18. Final score 71-65, points 6-1.

Having been knocked out of the Don Pearce Cup on their home green earlier in the season by Runham, Rollesby encountered them again in the second round of the Watering Bowl on Caister's green hoping to reverse fortunes.

With each team winning two rinks each, the 28-11 by J Avery, E Taylor, T Avery and 24-15 by S Daniels, J Palmer, J Catchpole saw Rollesby progress to the next round by a narrow eight shot margin, 78-70.

Again at home in the Yarmouth League, Rollesby failed to enjoy any advantage of playing on their own green and slumped to another disappointing defeat. (J Avery, D Gammon, T Avery 26-14), final score

65-87, points 1-6 .

Faring a little better in the Broadland League, Rollesby travelled to Hickling and were rewarded with a welcome 6-1 points victory after a 76-64 result. The game was neck and neck throughout but the visitors held their nerve to dominate the final few ends to edge in front. (F Walker, T Wright, J Catchpole 18-14, S Allen, E Taylor, G Curtis 22-13, J Avery, R Blunden, T Avery 23-16).

In the three-wood county league, Rollesby entertained Martham B and with both sides winning a rink each by a single shot (S Allen, C Johnson, G Curtis 18-17, scoring seven in the last two ends). The match was decided by the 18-9 win of J Seeranj, J Wheaton, D Gammon. Overall score 49-40, points 7-2.

ROLLESBY Bowls Club held their annual open three-wood pairs tournament on Sunday for the Potter's Cup, sponsored this year by The Waterside.

After three rounds of matches, only one pair recorded three wins, Sheila Allen and Jane Avery who received

the trophy from club chairman Tony Wilkin.

Caister BC

Results for week commencing June 7. EBA: Malta Cup - Caister played Martham B at home and won 72-57 (6-1), Caister Ladies played away at Freethorpe and lost 39-63 (5-1).

Federation: County League - Caister A playing at home to Woodbastwick lost 53-58 (2-7), Caister Castaways at home to Hemsby lost 47-61 (4- 5).

Yarmouth and District - Caister A lost at home to Gorleston Conservatives 60-82 (6-1), Caister B playing away at Ormesby B won 77-64 (6-1), Caister Ladies playing at home against Hickling won 53-46 (6-1).

Cup matches: Watering Bowl - Caister A played Acle at Potter Hegham and lost 73-79.

County Cup - Caister A played Settlement House in Norwich and lost 53-96.

Great Yarmouth BC

In the County League the A Team were at home to Plumstead and suffered a heavy defeat 38-66(0-5). J Ellis, C Smith, D Seaborne and D Mann lost 10-20; A Comerford, D Bowers, P Comerford and A Calver lost 14-25; L Comerford, A Huggins, J Hewitt and G Barnes lost


At home to Ludham in the Federation League Great Yarmouth lost 71-94(1-6). T Westgate, J Elliott and D Bowers won 26-18; S Hopwood, R Pooley and R Albone lost 16-23; A Towers, E Bulley and S Wheeler lost 16-24; M Yarrow, S Carpenter and A Smith lost 13-29.

Away to Repps in the Federation League Great Yarmouth lost 70-77(2-5). M Yarrow, R Albone and S Carpenter had a very good win 28-16; S Hopwood, J Gray and J Dispain came from behind to win 20-17; J Wheeler, A Smith and S Wheeler lost 15-17; E Westgate, J Elliott and D Bowers lost 15-19.

The bad run continued in the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup with Great Yarmouth A losing at home to Fleggburgh Private 70-76(1-6). L Comerford, J Hewitt and M Colcombe started with a five and finished with a six to win 28-12; C Smith, D Bowers and D Mann lost 14-15; J Ellis, J Gray and G Barnes lost 15-19; A Comerford, P Comerford and A Calver lost 13-30.

In the Ladies' Malta Cup the side had a very good win at home to Gorleston 64-40(6-0). J Burrage, J Warnes and B Payne led the way scoring freely to win 32-19; J Wheeler, J Saunders and M Lynes won 14-10; M Oram, B Pooley and B Wright won 18-11.

In a friendly match against Wymondham Bowls Club played over six rinks Yarmouth won 131-89.

L Comerford, A Huggins, G Porree and E Bulley won 30-8; S Hopwood, B Pooley, M Oram and T McNulty won 27-10; J Ellis, B Payne, J Wheeler and J Gray won 22-19. J Burrage, J Ellis, D Hatchett and D Mann won 20-16; S Wheeler, T Wheeler, J Dispain and B Drake won 17-15; A Comerford, A Burrage and A Calver lost 15-19.

In the National Top Ten competition the home side won on two rinks and lost on two but went out on the overall score 60-74. In the singles J Howlett won 21-13. In the fours S Allen, M Lynes, J Warnes and B Payne won 20-13. In the pairs P Ellis and C King lost 11-23 and in the triples M Oram, J Wheeler and B Wright lost 8-25.

In the County Pairs, J Burrage and B Payne lost a high scoring game 21-27. In the County Triples S Allen, J Warnes and B Payne lost 13-17.

The winners of the Wigg Cup were M Oram, J Howlett and J Warnes.

In the Men's County competition D Seabourne lost 15-21 in the singles. D Seabourne, J Hewitt and M Colcombe had a very good win at Freethorpe 22-15 after being 11-1 down. R Pooley, J Disspain and D Mann lost at Acle.

In the club competition J Ellis beat

A Huggins 21-5 and club captain J Gray beat R Pooley 21-20 after being

15-20 down.