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Acle Indoor BowlsTHE Ladies B team visited Shotford, never an easy fixture, but Captain Margaret Rowsell's Ladies B team are having an exceptional season.

Acle Indoor Bowls

THE Ladies B team visited Shotford, never an easy fixture, but Captain Margaret Rowsell's Ladies B team are having an exceptional season.

Pam Symes, Dawn Horne and Pam Anthony stormed home 20-7. Janice Wilson, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields were completely in charge but dropping a seven on the ninth spoiled their domination: 17-11. Anita Nelson, Edna Land and Ros Myhill came back from 1-9 down to 7-12 and in a dramatic final end scored a five to draw 12-12. Anne Drury's block were 7-7 at eight ends but dropped a four on the 10th: 9-13. Result: 58-33 (6½-1½).

At home to second-place County Arts, captain Barbara Meeks A team stay top of the Premier League.

Jill Saunders, Elaine Cole and Melanie Haylett went 8-0 up after four ends, by 10 it was 15-3 and it finished 16-7. Molly Auld, Marie Barker and Marion Himpleman were 6-1 up at four ends, 10-2 at eight, and had to play well to hold onto a 10-9 win. Peggy West, Barbara Meeks and Geraldine Reeve were 11-5 with three ends to play and did well in the closing stages to win 11-10. Sue Batchelor's block were 7-6 at six ends, 7-13 at nine and 13-15 playing the final end where they dropped a six to lose 13-21. Result: 50-47 (7-1).

In The Egham trophy zone final, Acle played Gallow in a close, competitive game.

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At home Tim Stone's rink avoided Mervyn King in the draw and were up against Mark Riches. At 10 ends it was 10-14, 20-23 at 18 and finished 22-24. Patrick Willimott against King went 11-4 up at 10 ends, 14 each at 18 and finished 16-18.

Away, Lewis Moore went 10-1 up at five ends, 15-12 at 15 and finished 19-18. Tony Dunton was 14-11 up at 10, 17-15 at 15 and won 20-19.

A number of incidents changed the game. Tim's running bowl when three down picked up the jack and looked if it was going into the ditch for at least one shot to Acle, but hit a back bowl came back up the green and to one side for six shots to Gallow. On Patrick's final end he ran at King's bowl that was shot, hit it, but in turn it removed the Acle bowl and he dropped a three. Result: 77-79.

At home to Lakeside B, Acle Men's C were looking for another win against quality opposition.

Russell Thurtle, John Arnold, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were 10-3 up at eight ends, 14-12 at 16, scored a six on the 17th and won 24-13. Daniel Seabourne, Cliff Horsefield, Alan Kendal and Adrian Smith, 4-8 down at seven ends, 11-12 at 14, were 16-16 playing the final end. One down at the head, Adrian fired it out to win 17-16. Brian Grint's rink were 9-9 at nine ends, 13-19 at 15 but ran through the holes and lost 14-29. Keith Owen Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham scored a five on the first end but by 11 were 14 each, 22-18 after 18 and 23-22 playing the final end.

With everyone finished bar Mick Askham's rink, the game was in the balance at 78-80. Mick drew next to the jack for shot and missed by inches for two to win his game 24-22, but the game was 79-80. Result 3-4.

Brian Grint

Browston Hall

THE Ladies B team at home to Yarmouth Blue won on three rinks and gained seven points (59-46).

Dorothy Bennett, Pat Smith and Pearl Jermy from 10-2 up won 16-7. Chris Butt, Doreen Younger and Ella Cooke, five up on the first two ends, were pulled back to 5-4. A five on the seventh end helped Browston win 17-13. Eileen Newberry, Barbara Cheverton and Maggie Spurway were 14-4 up but won 15-12. Jill Boggis, Dahlia MacDonald and Jill Adams lost 11-14.

The Men's B team at home to Pinewood B took only the one point, (80-97). N Miller, G Gowning, B Drinkall and R Burridge won 34-9. D Farman, at the 12th end 14-15 down, lost a five and a four in a 19-27 defeat. W Bowles rink scored on only seven ends and lost 9-26. W. Sharman, 12-8 up at halfway, lost seven shots on the 14th and 21st ends and lost 18-35.

Great Yarmouth

When the Ladies Red team played County Arts away, all rinks lost.

At six ends the Reds were three shots ahead overall, then things went downhill and they lost heavily 36-85, taking 1½ league points. C King's rink lost 12-20, B Wright's lost 9-20, G Sewell's lost 6-25, and B Payne's lost 9-20.

Against Wymondham they played better, losing by only one shot, 51-52 for 1½ points.

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were down 6-9 at 10 ends, then took five shots on the 11th, followed by three more on the next three to win 14-9.

B Wright M O'Brien and G Swanston were ahead 9-5 at seven ends, then lost 7-0: result 9-12. M Lynes N Pyzer and D Edwards were ahead 13-6 at 11 ends then dropped 7-0 to draw 13-13.

B Payne B Phillips and J Howlett were 7-6 ahead on six ends then lost a three and a four in succession for 7-13, after which they took a 5-0 against and finished 15-18 down.