Atlanta stars at swim gala

SWIMMING: At the King’s Lynn open meet on Saturday, Atlanta Jarvis was the Best Girl Trophy winner, taking first place in all the nine years events, 50m breaststroke, backstroke, fly, freestyle and 100m IM.

Katherine Turton did well for her first place in a fast 13 years breaststroke swim, and a third in the freestyle.

Lauren James came in with two second places, in breaststroke, and IM, and a third in the fly.

In an exhausting race, Joseph Windsor Freeman was close behind the winner for his second place in the 11 years fly. Joshua Ford took second place in backstroke and had two third places, freestyle and IM.

Oliver Tedstone continued his improvement with two personal best times and third places in backstroke and breaststroke.

Samuel Skuse, swimming in his first open gala, did well for a third place in the nine years breaststroke.

The 10 years girls’ breaststroke saw a close race with Clarissa Burwood coming home third.

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At the end of the day Great Yarmouth finished with 47 places in the first six.

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