Bone leads Yarmouth Road Runners in gruelling Fritton Lake race

Great Yarmouth Road Runners

Ten club runners joined the field of 150 at the first Fritton Lake Half Marathon.

As this was an off-road event, the poor weather in the days beforehand meant that obtaining a personal best would prove difficult.

The course itself was a delight, but the hills involved made the race one of the most arduous the runners had attended.

John Bone led all the others to the finish and Gary Stanley had a good race after completing the 20-mile Grizzly event last weekend in Devon.

London Marathon runners Cathy Tooley and Ivan Lees should be happy with their performances and the fact that they finished injury-free.

Stratford Marathon competitors Carol Spong, Steve Stringer and Andy Peck will also be happy to finish without any undue problems. Mark Peach finished with ease after illness and Angela Bevan was the happiest of everyone due to finishing in a personal best time. Tamsin Desborough also ran well in her first race in the Great Yarmouth Road Runners colours.

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Results: John Bone 1-42, Gary Stanley 1-43, Andy Peck 1-51, Angela Bevan 1-52 PB, Mark Peach 1-55, Ivan Lees 1-56, Cathy Tooley 2-03, Carol Spong 2-08, Steve Stringer 2-10, Tamsin Desborough 2-17.

Steve Etherington went west at the weekend to attend the Gloucester Athletic club 20-mile race. With the course being to his tastes Steve finished in 2-30 while on his way to another PB. Steve is also running the London Marathon and with another great run and time behind him he will be going into the event with great confidence.

Gorleston Park Run continues to go from strength to strength, with a field of 130 last Saturday morning. Eight Road Runners joined the crowd, with Michael Dale obtaining another club and Park Run PB.

Results: 18 Mark Stone 21:55, 22 Michael Dale 22:26 PB, 42 John Figiel 24:24, 60 Cathy Tooley 26:59, 72 John Bound 27:53 PB, 90 Bob Arnell 30:14, 108 Carole Spong 32:34, 112 Matthew Sutton 33:35.

Two young ladies, hopefully at the beginning of lengthy running career also participated.

Results: 106 Saskia Spong 32:23 (granddaughter of Carole and Jim); 128 Evie Buckoke 38:03 (daughter of Julie and Matt).