Bowlers battle for vital points

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

ON Thursday, the ladies’ A team were at home to County Arts who were in with a chance to win the county championship.

Lillian Barber, Maureen Wright and Sue Batchelor went 10–2 up at seven ends and 12–6 up with two ends to play. Two threes made it 18–6.

Molly Auld, Jenny Kirby and Barbara Meeks were 11–3 up at six ends, 13–5 at eight then stuck on 13 and finished 14–10.

Betty Brown, Pat Dickinson and Melanie Haylett were 6–5 at six ends and 10–6 at 10 and won comfortably 17–8. Jill Saunders, Elaine Cole and Geraldine Reeve were 0–10 at seven ends and 5–16 with two ends to play.

Remarkably, they scored a five, and playing the final end the opposing skip was heavy with the final bowl and removed her wood to give the Acle girls a six and a draw, 16 each. Result 65–40 and 7.5- 0.5 points.

On Saturday the ladies’ A team were up against Gallow and were well clear of relegation after Thursday’s win.

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Margaret Arnold, Jean Cossey and Melanie Haylett scored a five on the third end, and after scoring a six on the sixth were 18–1 up and dominated and won 26–6.

Joy Pearson, Pat Dickinson and Geraldine Reeve were 5–6 down at five ends but then played well and went on to win 16–7.

Marie Barker, Gwyen Xuereb and Barbara Meeks, all playing well, were 11–1 up at seven ends and went on to win 23–9.

Shirley Lettice, Ros Myhill and Sue Batchelor dropped a six on the seventh end to go 2–10 down were and 6–14 at 10. But scoring a five on the 11th changed the game and from 14–16 playing the final end they scored a three to win 17–16.

Result 82–38 and all eight points. This was their final game and they have finished fourth in the table.

Away to County Arts, the men’s A team were looking for a convincing win, especially as Norwich City were playing at home, which depletes the Arts side.

David Cole, Jim Fruin, Daniel Noble and Jason Rope were 8–4 up then dropped a five on the eighth end. By 15 ends it was 15–13 and the opposition stuck there for five ends as the lads went on to 21–13 and finished 21–16.

John Colcombe, Peter Cator, Simon Elliott and George Tubby were 8–3 up at 10 ends, 10–7 at 15 then scored a five on the 16th and went on to win 17–15.

Robin Norman’s rink were 13–5 at 11 ends but they then stuck on 13 for six ends to go 13–12, 14 each at 18. They failed to score again and lost 14–20.

Jamie Howlett’s rink were 3–14 at 10 ends, 7–17 at 15 and lost 9–24.

Result 61–75 and 2–5 points but they remain top of the table.

At home to neighbours Browston A, the men’s B team needed another win to consolidate their position in the middle of the table.

Maurice Shreeve, Dennis Edwards, Sid Siely and Les Smith started with a five and by 10 ends were 15–7 up.

By 14 ends the opposition had clawed back to 17–15 but Les’s lads stuck to their task and went on to win 26–18.

John Lettice, Ron Taylor, captain Mick Harvey and Alan Rowsell were 9–5 at 10 ends, scored four shots on the 13th and by 18 were 17–11 up, going on to win 23–11.

Johnstone Mackie, Brian Shorten, Jeff Watson and Eric George, 1–7 down at five ends, had taken the lead at 11 ends. 11–10 up. Five shots on the 13th gave them the edge as they went on to win 20–18.

Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett, the in-form rink this season, went 11–4 up at six ends but by 11 it was 12–11.

Four shots on the 12th and another four on the 14th made it 20–14. Dropping only one more shot they went on to win 29–15.

Result 98–62 and all seven points.

Great Yarmouth IBC

Playing at home to Diss in the County League, Great Yarmouth Ladies’ Blues started well and were 22 shots ahead at eight ends.

At 10 ends they were 24 in front, but over the last four ends Diss put on the pressure and the match ended at 14 ends 65-52, with 6-2 league points to the Blues.

J Rose, C Prescott and M Symonds were 5-8 at 10 ends, 8-13 at 12 ends, but managed another three shots, making 11-13 in a low-scoring game.

W Elison, M Oram and J Saunders had a great start and were ahead 17-1 at seven ends, which included a six.

Over the next four ends they scored one shot to four against for 18-5, and with another three shots to six against over the last three ends, they won by 21-11.

M Surplice, J Burrage and T Lewis led all the way in their game. They were 7-5 on six ends, 13-7 on 10 ends, and won the game on the 14th end 20-9.

V Punchard, P George and M Clark were 7-7 at seven ends, ahead 13-7 at the 11th end and unfortunately lost two sixes on the last two ends to make it 13-19.

Browston Bowls Club

THE men’s B team had an exciting finish in their home game against North Walsham B.

From being ten shots up overall and with each rink to play three more ends, the home side gained only six shots to their opponents’ 16 which resulted in an 83-83 draw and each side won three and a half points.

Top rinks N Miller, M Harvey, C Posner and J Allen 19-13 and B Brown, P Chaplin, R Turner and D Chumbley 20-18.

The men’s A team played away against a strong Acle B side and after losing 62-98 came away with no points.

The ladies’ A team played away at County Arts A.

Top rink Eileen Newberry, June Petts and Pat Drinkall won 11-8 and secured one point in their final league game of the season, ensuring that they remain in the Premier Division next season.

A Browston mixed team entertained Suffolk Vice-Presidents in friendly game followed by a meal in the restaurant.

Overall, Browston came out ahead on shots, top rink E MacDonald, J Malcolm, R Turner and Val Prior.