Bowls season comes to the boil

Acle Indoor BowlsIN midweek the Ladies A team went to play Gallows in the County League. The result, 45-70 (1-7), keeps Acle Ladies A at the top of the league on 81.

Acle Indoor Bowls

IN midweek the Ladies A team went to play Gallows in the County League. The result, 45-70 (1-7), keeps Acle Ladies A at the top of the league on 81.5 points with one game to play at Diss, who are second.

Joy Pearson, Molly Auld and Marie Barker went 6-2 up at five ends and 11-4 at 10 and with all three playing well won 13-6.

Geraldine Reeve's block were four each at six ends in a close game until they dropped a six on the eighth and a five on the ninth, going on to lose 10-16.

Sue Batchelor's block were 4-5 at five ends then 4-11 at nine, fought back to 10-11 and after dropping a five on the final end lost 10-19.

Jean Cossey's block were 4-1 up at four ends then dropped three consecutive fours and after conceding a five on the 11th were 4-25 down, they then scored a five and eventually lost 12-29.

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The Men's A team went off to play North Walsham in a crucial game and were hoping to bring back a point or two.

Result 78-89 and (3-4). After three skips had to call off, captain Simon Elliott thanked the players who stood in at the last moment.

The result keeps them top of the table and 10.5 points in front of North Walsham with three games to play.

John Colcombe, Will Pitt, Daniel Noble and George Tubby dropped a five on the fourth end to go 3-6 down, but after scoring a six on the eighth were 16-6 up.

By 12 ends it was 20-10, 22-16 up after 17 ends they dropped a five on the 18th, kept their nerve and won the final three ends to finish 26-21.

Richard Church, Peter Cator, Simon Elliott and Jamie Howlett had two front men using up the chalk and after scoring a four on the seventh end were 15-1 up.

They looked comfortable until they dropped a five on the 12th to go 17-11. By 17 it was 20-13 then they dropped two threes, but won the last two ends to finish 23-19.

Mark Elliott, Roy Himpleman, Wyn Willimott and Denis Goodley were five each at five ends and 12 each at 14, but after winning all of the last five ends won 19-14.

Robin Norman's rink were four each at four ends and eight each at nine, stuck on eight for six ends and were 8-24 at 15. They failed to turn the tide and lost 10-35.

At home to Diss A the Men's B team expected a close game. Result 75-78 (3-4), which keeps them second in

the table.

Maurice Shreeve, Eric George, Ken Copeman and Les Smith scored a six on the second end and by seven ends were 10-5 up. They scored a five on the 11th to go 17-9, by 15 ends it was 20-13 and in a thrilling finish they scored one shot on the final end to win 23-20.

Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Mick Crow and Bimbo Meeks picked up a four on the fifth end to go 9-2 up. Scoring steadily and with Bimbo's running bowls working well, they went 18-6 up after 15, and went on to win 23-13.

Barney Wymer, Brian Shorten, Alan Rowsell and David Cole were involved in an extraordinary game. They went 1-9 down after six ends and 5-18 after 13. They came back to 18 each after 19 ends, winning the final two ends to win 20-18.

Ivan Borrett's rink came up against a rink on top form and were 3-14 down at 10 ends, 6-22 at 15 and could find no answer to exceptional bowling as they lost 9-27.

On Sunday the Ladies B team played County Arts.

Pam Symes, Rose Yaxley and Anne Drury went 1-5 down at five ends but after scoring a five on the seventh went 9-5 up and then scored another five on the 11th, going on to win 16-11.

Shirley Genery's block dropped a five on the second end, were 3-14 down after nine ends, came back to 8-14 but lost 10-18.

Pat Pegram's block were up against a strong opposition and from 3-5 down to 4-12 tey lost 6-22. Dawn Horne's block were also against quality opposition and from 3-9 down at five ends went 4-20 at 10 and lost 5-27. Result 37-78 (1-7).

Marina Indoor Bowls

The Ladies Blue team played at home to Browston B and won 54-42 (seven points).

Apart from the third and fourth ends, where the scores were even, they stayed ahead all the way. M Surplice, C Jesty and M Symonds had a good game, leading 9-4 at six ends, 15-5 at nine ends and going on to win 18-7.

J Carter, J Burrage and J Rose took command of the game from the start and were 6-0 at five ends, 13-3 at 10 ends, and went on to win 14-6.

W Farrow, B Taylor and T Lewis were 6-3 at five ends, 8-5 at eight ends, and with six more shots to three against, they won by 14-8.

W Ellison, M Oram and J Saunders at six ends were 5-10 down, and scored only three more shots to 11 against and lost 8-21.

In the match against Diss B, the Blues had a very good win to clinch the last league game of the season, winning on all rinks. The final score was 65-35, giving them eight league points.

J Carter, J Barber and J Rose, 9-1 at five ends, lost the next four, making it 9-8.

They bounced back by taking six shots to none against over the next five ends, and although they lost the last end by one shot, they finished 15-9 up.

W Ellison, M Oram and J Saunders were top block with 14-0 at five ends, then dropped nine shots on the next five ends before taking five shots to two against on the last three ends to give them a 19-11 win.

H Farrow, M Symonds and T Lewis held 8-2 at six ends, 10-6 at 10 ends and went on to win 16-6.

M Surplice, C Jesty and M Clark had a very close game and were 8-8 at nine ends before taking seven shots to one against to secure a 15-9 win.