Bowls season coming to the boil

Acle Indoor Bowls Club: Away to Diss, the ladies’ A team went looking for points but only returned with one, writes Brian Grint.

Marie Barker, Jenny Kirby and Sue Batchelor picked up a five on the second end and by eight ends were up 13-3. They dropped a five on the ninth but went on to win 18-13.

Marian Himpleman’s block were seven each at seven ends and 11 each at 11 but lost out, dropping a five on the final end to lose 11-17.

Melanie Haylett’s block were eight each at seven ends, 15-14 playing the final end, but lost 15-16.

Geraldine Reeve’s block dropped a five on the first end and by five ends were 2-9 down. They came back to 7-12 only to drop another five on the 10th, came back again to 13-17 but lost 13-19. Result: 57-65 and 1-7 points.

At home to neighbours Marina Red, the ladies’ B team were hoping for a win to go clear at the top.

Molly Hayton, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields were four each at six ends, 8-5 at 10 and won 10-7.

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Jessica Ward, Amy Barker and Peggy Budd went 8-2 up at six ends and 12-5 at 10 had to keep the game tight. They won 12-11.

Sandra Faircloth, Sue Moore and Pat Pegram were 4-5 at six ends, 9-6 at 10 and in a close finish drew nine each. Anne Drury’s block were 3-7 down at six ends, 6-9 at 10 and 8-12 playing the final end, dropped a four and lost 8-16.

Result: 39-43 and 2�-5� points, a result that puts them five points clear at the top of the table.

Away to Wymondham Dell the men’s A team were expecting a win, but with five regular players unavailable it was not a certainty.

Mark Eliott, Wyn Willimott, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton scored a five on the third end and by 10 were 19-3 up. By 15 they were 27-3 and dominant, dropping shots on only six ends to win 30-9.

John Colcombe, Peter Cator, Simon Elliott and George Tubby picked up a six on the first end and by 10 were 19-5 up. By 15 it was 22-12 and they too only dropped shots on six ends and won 33-12.

David Cole, Jim Fruin, Arthur Cutting and Jason Roope were 7-5 at 10 ends and 12-8 at 15, scored a five on the 16th and dropping shots on only seven ends went on to win 24-9.

Lewis More’s rink started with a disaster, dropping a seven on the first end, and that turned out to be crucial as they lost by seven shots 19-26.

Result: 106-56 and 6-1 points and heading for the top of the table.

For the men’s B team, at home to Shotford, a win was important to keep away from a relegation battle and a 6-1 win put them out of trouble and Shotford into the mire.

Johnstone Mackie, Brian Shortenm Eric George and Barney Wymer raced to a 11-0 lead after five ends, scored a five on the eighth and by 10 ends were 20-2. At 15 29-4 with all four playing well, they won 32-8.

Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett continued their form. They were 12-4 up at 10 ends, scored a five on the 13th and at 15 were 20-6, going on to win 28-13.

Maurice Shreeve, Dennis Edwards, Sid Siely and Les Smith were 7-3 up at five, 12-8 at 10, 14-13 at 15 then found themselves 15-17 down with three ends to play. But some inspirational bowls gave them a 24-17 win. Alan Rowsell’s rink went 9-1 up at five ends, 13-7 at 10, 15-10 at 15 were 17 each playing the final end. And when the jack bounced back up the green they lost 17-20. Result: 101-58.

Club ace Tim Stone has moved up to 20th, from 24th, in the World Bowls Tour ranking list for 2011/12.

GREAT YARMOUTH BC: The ladies; Red team were at home to Shotford B ladies for their County League match. The Reds won by 67-31, shots, taking 7.5-0.5points.

L Westgate, A Lines and skip M Lynes allowed the Shotford trio three singles at the beginning of the match but then turned the heat on to win the next seven ends (11-3). Scoring on alternate ends they finished 15-6.

G Sewell skipped M O’Brien and H Farrow to come out best winners. The trio giving just two shots away. Rink score: 21-2.

A more even game was played by B Payne, B Phillips and J Howlett, ending in a draw, 14 shots apiece.

Skip J Warnes, N Pyzer and A Ewels played well and enjoyed a competitive game ending in a win, 17-9.

The Red team were again in action at home to North Walsham B. The team won overall by two shots 49-47 (6-2 points).

G Sewell, A Ewels and H Farrow started were 3-7 shots down by five ends. The team then took seven shots to North Walsham’s two singles and at 10 ends the rink score was 10-9. The Reds took a further four shots allowing the opposition just two. Final rink score: 14-11.

The second winning rink R Beckett, N Pyzer and D Edwards were 9-3 up by five ends. Each team claimed three more shots to reach 12-6 on the 10th end. North Walsham then took two singles whilst the Red trio scored three more shots. Final score: 15-8.

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were slow to get on the score card and at five ends were nine shots down at 1-10. They fought back and added four further shots against North Walsham’s two. Rink score at ten ends: 5-12. The Reds took another three shots to two, losing by six shots (8-14).

M Lynes, J Howlett and A Lines started strongly and at five ends had claimed eight shots to North Walsham’s six. The match swung back in North Walsham’s favour and at 10 ends the Reds had added just one more shot to North Walsham’s six, (9-13). The Reds scored a further three shots to one but it was not enough to clinch the game. Rink score: 12-14.

The Reds were on the road visiting Acle on February 12. After a very tight match they won 43-39 shots with 5.5-2.5 points.

B Phillips, J Howlett and skip B Payne kept abreast with Acle and at five ends each team had scored four shots. Despite bowling well the Acle team kept the Reds “poor” over the next five ends. Rink score: 5-8. Each team scored two singles over the next four ends. Final score: 7-10.

B Wright, J Warnes and H Farrow were slow to find the green and at 10 ends had only five shots to Acle B’s 12. They fought back strongly scoring on all the remaining ends to finish just one shot down (11-12).

R Beckett, N Pyzer and D Edwards were equally matched. By the fifth end the rink score was 5-3. Then at 10 ends 6-9. Finally the Reds scored the three shots necessary for a draw over the final ends, (nine shots apiece).

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis started well, claiming 4-3 shots at five ends. They kept the pressure on and at 10 ends had added five more shots to Acle B’s three. The team finished strongly allowing only two more shots to the opposition.

With a two, one and a glorious four they not only won their rink but clinched the overall shots needed to win the entire match.

BROWSTON HALL BC: The men’s B team won on all rinks and gained seven valuable points in game at Dereham B.

B Brown, P Chaplin, P King and R Turner were two shots down on the 20th end but a hot shot (eight shots) on their final end gave them a 26-20 win.

R Barrett, K Saward, B Drinkall and M Munro were 11 all at the 11th end with both sides picking up a five. Browston then went on to win 28-22.

N Miller, M Harvey, C Posner and J Allen trailing at the 15th end were 10-12 but picked up six shots to the home team’s three and won 16-15.

P Tyrell, R Hunn, J Lincoln and D Hancock, 10-15 down at the 16th, scored on all the remaining ends to win a close match 16-15.

Playing at home against Diss A the men’s A team won on three rinks and gained six points.

D Pratt, K Leech, C Butcher and J Burwood led from the start for 29-17.

T Gowen, R Kippen T Bridge and M Pinkney were 0-3 down after three ends, then a four on the next end put then in front. A couple of fives and another four kept then in front to win 26-22.

V Moore, J Lake, G Obsen and M French, 8-12 down at halfway, came back strongly over the closing ends to win 22-20.

A mixed friendly against a touring side from Cambridgeshire ended with the home side winning on three rinks and a draw on one, giving Browston a narrow victory by seven shots.