Bowls: Vital game coming up for Acle men

Away to Lakeside Acle Bowls Club’s Mens A team needed a good win to set themselves up next week against bottom of table Diss.

Mark Elliott, Wyn Willimott, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were four each at five ends and nine each at 11, won the next five ends to go 18–9 up and went on to win 25–14.

Roy Himpleman, Eric George, Daniel Noble and Rob Parker were 6–4 up at five ends, eight each at 10, dropped a four on the 13th, won the next four ends to go 19–12 up, dropped a five on the 20th but won 23–19.

Jason Roope’s rink were 0–8 down at five ends, 6–10 at 10 and 10–13 at 15 but finished losing 13–24.

George Tubby’s rink were 1–6 down at five ends, seven each at nine and 10–14 at 15, 13–16 with two ends to play but lost 14–18. Result 75–75 and 3� - 3� pts

With five call offs in a crucial game it was not going to be easy and it looked like a vital game next week. However rivals County Arts lost 1�-5� to Wymondham Dell and Acle now need only 1� points next week to retain the County Championship.

n Playing the final game of the season at home to Wymondham Dell B, the Mens C Team needed two points to finish third in the league.

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Ken Squires, Shane Mitchell, Bill Downie and captain Pat Beales picked up a five on the fourth end to go 8–2 up, a four on the ninth made it 14–7, another five on the 15th followed by a four on the 16th gave them a 28–12 scoreline and went on for a deserved victory 32–18.

Scott Watson, Mark Pratt, Ron Taylor and Brian Grint were 2–9 down at six ends and 5–13 at 10. They came back to 10–15 on 16 then ditched the jack for a four on 17th going on to win a close game 17–16. Ashley Smith’s rink were 10 each at 10 ends then scored a six on the 11th, were 19 each after 17 but dropped a five on the 18th and lost 23–26. Mick Askham ‘s rink were seven each at nine ends 11–12 at 16 dropped a four on the 17th and another four on the final end to lose 13–20. Result 85–80 and 5–2 pts

A good result as Acle finished third in the table, a very good season especially after promotion last year to the third division.