Busy summer on the bowling greens

Lovewell Blake Malta Cup Bowls League by Brian GrintACLE A appear to be dominating Division One but the runners-up spot and a place in the play-offs is wide open with four teams in contention.

Lovewell Blake Malta Cup Bowls League by Brian Grint

ACLE A appear to be dominating Division One but the runners-up spot and a place in the play-offs is wide open with four teams in contention.

The game of the week was the 70-shot draw between Martham A and Great Yarmouth A. In Division Two Paul Clutterbuck's Ormesby boys stunned Browston A, inflicting their first defeat 69- 2 (6-1 points).

My team of the weekgoes to Great Yarmouth C who have yet to win a game but continue to enjoy their bowls and have built a reputation of sportsmanship.

Great Yarmouth & District Federation Bowls Leagues

The final of the Watering Bowl between Potter Heigham and Hickling is at Caister BC on Saturday, August 1, 6.30pm start.

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In Division One Burlingham took over at the top with a 97-57 (7-0) home win over Northgate. Woodbastwick at home against Halvergate Top Green could only manage a 76-78 (2-5). Halvergate at Potter Heigham earned just one point 62-91 (1-6). Points are very hard to obtain in the lower regions and Rollesby at home against Acle were chuffed with a 82-65 (6-1) result.

In Division Two, the leaders Ormesby came in with a 81-61 (5.5-1.5) result playing Filby B, which gives them daylight ahead of the other three challengers.

Martham B did very well to win at Winterton 83-80 (5-2 ). Repps had a good haul of points playing at home first against Caister B (7-0) and then entertaining Filby A for a (5-2) win.

Great Yarmouth Bowls Round-up

PLENTY of action in the Norfolk County League. Great Yarmouth C, after playing 20 games, went to Freethorpe B and won for the first time this season in all competitions, winning 59-54 (4-1 points).

T Westgate, J Elliott, B Baker and T Hatchett 23-14. A Huggins, K Burrage, S Wheeler and H Plane 24-16. M Yarrow, D Hatchett, P Ladmore and C Warnes 12-24.

The A team went to Thorpe Rec and lost a very close game 60-62 (1-4).

J Ellis, B Warnes, J Sexton and M Cook 26-11. D Richards, T McNulty, A Calver and K Dunn 20-23. R Pooley, J Hewitt, D Mann and M Colcombe 14-28.

The A team also played Norwich Union at home and lost an even closer game 63-64 (1-4).

R Pooley, J Hewitt, D Mann and M Colcombe 25-14. J Ellis, B Warnes, J Sexton and A Calver 20-26. D Seabourne, T McNulty, D Richards and K Dunn 18-24.

The B team at home to Gorleston also had a close game winning 57-53 (4-1).

L Comerford, P Comerford, G Logan and J Glendenning 23-14. L Moore, N Green, A Comerford and R Albone 19-14 and J Wiseman, E Bulley, F Elliott and W Moss 15-25.

The C team soon fell of their perch playing Norfolk Police at home, 66-49 (1-4).

M Yarrow, D Hatchett, C Warnes and P Ladmore 25-24. A Huggins, H Plane, K Burrage and S Wheeler 17-22. T Westgate, C Last, F Elliott and D Kingston 24-25.

In the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup the A team went to league leaders Martham A and drew 70-70 (3�-3�).

T McNulty, J Hewitt and R Pooley won 25-15. D Seabourne, A Calver and M Cook won 21-16. D Richards, D Bowes and J Sexton lost 15-18 and J Ellis, D Mann and B Warnes lost 9-21.

The B team went to Freethorpe and won 77-53 (6-1). L Moore, N Green and G Logan won 28-10. L Gutteridge, P Comerford and J Glendenning won 16-10. A Comerford, F Elliott and R Albone won 18-14 and J Wiseman, E Bulley and W Moss lost 15-19.

The C team at home to Caister. T Westgate, J Elliott and B Baker lost 13-22. A Smith, H Plane and T Hatchett lost 11-21 and D Hatchett, A Huggins and D Burrage lost 7-25.

The ladies moved to the top of their league winning at Bradwell by 51-47 (5-1). B Phillips, L Westgate and B Payne won 22-12. M Oram, J Saunders and B Wright won 17-15 and C Johnson, M Lynes and J Warnes lost 12-20.

In club competitions and open pairs R Pooley and G Logan beat P Ellis and C King 19-13 and N Green and J Sexton beat J and B Warnes 31-2.

In the ladies' singles J Warnes beat C Johnson 21-7. B Wright beat last year's winner Mo Oram 21-15. S Allen beat L Westgate 21-7, J Howlett beat J Wheeler 21-5 and C King beat J Burrage 21-2.

In the Ladies' singles J Warnes beat C Johnson 21-7. B Wright beat last year's winner Mo Oram 21-15. S Allen beat L Westgate 21-7, J Howlett beat J Wheeler 21-5 and C King beat J Burrage 21-2.

On Saturday the club celebrated 75 years by inviting eight rinks from different clubs in Norfolk winning on four rinks but losing overall by 153-160.

L Westgate, S Wheeler, J Ellis and C King won 30-12. G Swanston, E Bulley, D Bowers and J Warnes won 26-17. L Comerford, B Pooley, D Richards and R Polley won 22-13. A Comerford, P Ellis, J Glendenning and B Warnes won 18-16. B Phillips, D Saunders, J Gray and B Payne lost 17-21. L Moore, J Saunders, M Lynes and R Albone lost 16-23. E Westgate, C Johnson, G Logan and J Howlett lost 8-25 and S Bradford, B Wright, T McNulty and K Dunn lost 16-33.

On Sunday the club played a friendly against Wymondham Dell and won 133-104. C Last, D Hatchett, L Westgate and B Payne won 29-9. A Huggins, C Warnes, C King and J Howlett won 27-16. T Westgate, G Logan, J Gray and J Warnes won 20-16. M Oram, B Pooley, R Pooley and B Warnes won 21-18. S Bradford, D Richards, N Richards and K Dunn lost 17-19 and P Ellis, D Bowers, T McNulty and R Albone lost 17-26.

Rollesby Bowls Club

IN the Yarmouth League playing at home to Acle, the home side managed three wins on the bounce with a fine 82-65 win, points 6-1 with victories on three rinks. J Palmer, T Wright, A Palmer 17-13; M Coots, D Gammon, B Catchpole 20-25 and J Avery, T Wilkin, T Avery 24-15.

The semi-final in the D Pearce Cup against Martham A was a victim of the weather and has been re-arranged.

Travelling to Halvergate Top Green in the hope of points to keep up with the leaders in the Broadland League was a trip in vain as Rollesby only managed a win and draw on the four rinks.

Losing overall on shots 65-77, points 1�/5�. F Walker, R Clark, G Curtis 16-16; J Avery, T Wilkin, T Avery 21-13.

Things went from bad to worse in the County League at home to Acle with narrow defeats on two rinks 14-16 and 14-17 but completely undone on the remaining rink which saw the home side crash to an overall 32-68 defeat, points 0-9.

Bradwell Bowling Club

BRADWELL bowlers were happy with several good results, especially in the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup.

In the Ladies League five points were gained against Martham. Kathy Hewitt, Diane Purnell and Jill Boggis won by 32-13 as Liz Ward, Jean Moore and Shirley Lloyd contributed 29-10. The ladies had further success at Freethorpe where Jean Fagan, Diane Purnell and Jill Boggis raced to 32-9, scoring fours, fives and a seven on their way. Joan Bayfield, Joy Williams and Jean Moore achieved 18 all.

The Men's Malta Cup team turned in some excellent performances, notably winning by one shot away against Cantley, the rink of Peter King, George Barnes and John Sargent finishing 21-13. Ken Saward, Jim Malcolm and Eddie Macdonald recorded 20-12. These Bradwell blocks led throughout their games while Keith Cooke, Malcolm French and Terry Payne secured a 13 all draw with three shots on their final end.

Spectators at Green Lane enjoyed the match against Sunfield in the Lothingland League. Stan Hopwood, Frank Hatton and John Ward avidly collected shots, including a six, to their total of 28-8. Ray Norton, Terry Gallant and Thelma Bradnum had ten in hand before their opponents could attempt to halt their progress to 24-12.

Tom Hall, Derek Patterson and Charles Hutcheson produced a very useful 18-12, only just outdoing Peter King, Sheila Bean and Dahlia MacDonald who scored 15-10.

Another match in this league was at home against Burrage White when Tom Hall, Frank Hatton and Charles Hutcheson, snatching two brave shots on the last end, were Bradwell's only winners on the evening, 16-15.

In the Hansells Norfolk County EBA League Bradwell lost by eight shots overall to Martham. Stan Hopwood, Keith Briggs, Ken Saward and Terry Payne won their last four ends for a courageous 15-18. Ivan Rudge, Ollie Scarfe, Colin Deverill and Mick Marshall attained four on the twentieth for 16-20.

Against Acle in the same League Bradwell had one winning rink, 25-22. Ken Saward, Derek Patterson, Malcolm French and Eddie Macdonald stood 25-17 on the 20th but Acle scored five on the last.

There was a welcome win in the Sunshine League at home against Beccles Institute. Heroes were Rita Ellis, Sheila Bean and Andy Cameron, taking the lead on the 14th end and, with three shots on the last, winning 24-22. Jean Collins, Anne Baker and John Ward advanced smoothly to 22-14. Terry Gallant, Alan Collins and Frank Hatton provided good team support with 16-19.

Bradwell's progress in the Bob Whittley Shield was stopped by Oulton Broad with just ten shots the difference over all rinks.

Bradwell played host to two touring sides, from North West Middlesex and from North Kilworth. Both afternoons were enjoyable and successful.

THE Drive on Saturday was won by Ted Connellan recording an excellent 30-10. Runner-up was Paul Lown with 27-14.

The Monday drive saw John Carrier win with 27-12. Jim Ridler was a good second scoring 21-13.

Contact numbers for information about the club are 01493 663533 or 01493 655542.

Browston Hall Bowls

IN the County League the A team only dropped one point in their 65-44 home win over Thorpe Rec A. D Pratt, G Obsen, J Ellis and R Turner 30-12. J Burwood, V Bloom. C Butcher and J Rounce 17-20.

In their second game a reversal of fortune and they only scored one point away against Norwich Union losing 57-64. Top rink D Pratt 25-15.

The B team also had two County League games with mixed results. Away to Gorleston, although winning on two rinks D Farman 22-15 and M Parker 21-17, they missed out on the overall score and only picked up the two points. At home to County Arts C the maximum six points were gained in their 68-43 win, M Harvey, N Miller, B Myhill and W Good top rink 29-8, M Parker, 20-17 and D Farman 19-18.

In the Malta Cup League the B team picked up only one point in their home game against Martham B losing 60-74, M Parker, P Ridler and J Kelsall winning 16-14.

The A team struggling to find a team picked up only one point away at Ormesby, at the overall 17th end the score 62-59 to Browston, however dropping ten shots on the 18th ends gave Ormesby the game 62-69 and six points. Top Rink P Tyrrell, V Bloom, and A Harrison 22-12.

The EDF team played a strong Filby side losing 39-76, no points scored.

Hickling Bowls

HICKLING Ladies lost to Freethorpe 5-1 and to Acle 3�-2�. The men's A team beat Bradwell 7-2 but the B Team lost to Winterton 7-2.

In The Broadland League Hickling lost to Neatishead 7-0 but in the Yarmouth League beat Winterton 5-2.

The Watering Bowl semi-final (played at Potter Heigham): Hickling 87, Burlingham 45.

Hickling beat Salhouse Bell 78-66 in the Broadland KO Cup quarter-finals. The A team played Caister and lost 7-2 but the B Team beat Tungate B 6-3.

In the Broadland League Hickling lost to Wroxham 7-0 but the game scheduled with Stalham was rained off with a new fixture to be played on July 23. Hickling ladies lost to Great Plumstead 6-0.

In the Rotary Shield second leg Wroxham beat Hickling 78-72.