Busy time on the greens

ALL three Great Yarmouth BC teams were in action in the County League.The A team went to Martham and won 79-40, 5-0 points. J Ellis, J Moore, B Warnes, A Calver were 8-10 down at 12 ends but piled on the pressure to win 23-11.

ALL three Great Yarmouth BC teams were in action in the County League.

The A team went to Martham and won 79-40, 5-0 points. J Ellis, J Moore, B Warnes, A Calver were

8-10 down at 12 ends but piled on the pressure to win 23-11. R Pooley, J Gray, M Cook, K Dunn raced into a 15-1 lead and never eased to win 33-15. K Pooley, J Hewitt, D Mann, M Colcombe were 8-8 at 10 ends then pulled away to win 23-14.

The B team playing Browston B had a good result, winning 70-40, 5-0 points. S Carpenter, L Gutteridge, D Kingston, B Drake were 8-10 down at 10 ends but came back to win 28-16. S Hopwood, J Wiseman, G Logan, W Moss won 23-10. Ten year old Lewis Moore, N Green, D Richards and R Albone bowled steadily and won 19-14.

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The C team played Ormesby and lost 46-72, 0-5 points. M Yarrow, C Last, J Palmer, P Ladmore started well but faded and lost 15-23. D Seabourne, G Hillier, D Saubders, E Bulley were 12-7 up at 13 ends then dropped 18 shots to lose 13-25. Eleven year old Lewis Comerford, T Westgate, J May, A Ellis were soon in trouble but a good fight back just failed and they lost 18-24.

The C team were in action in the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup on Monday against unbeaten Caister and lost 37-107, 0-7 points. D Seabourne, G Hillier, J May were 2-11 down, rallied a bit but lost

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10-22. M Yarrow, J Palmer, P Ladmore lost 13-30. C Last, T Burrage, A Ellis lost 7-28. L Comerford, T Westgate, E Bulley lost 7-27.

They visited Ormesby and lost 57-89, 0-7 points. D Seabourne, T Burrage, D Saunders were 11-9 up at eight ends but lost 14-24. C Last, G Simmons, J May lost 14-23. M Yarrow, J Palmer, P Ladmorelost 16-24. L Comberford, T Westgate, A Ellis had a close game and lost 13-18.

They rounded off a miserable week against Browston B and lost 41-106, 0-7 points. M Yarrow, C Last, P Ladmore were 1-14 down and lost 14-20. G Simmons, T Westgate, J May lost 8-28. L Comerford, T Burrage, A Ellis lost 10-27. D Seabourne, G Hillier, E Bulley started slowly and lost 9-31.

The ladies were at home to Ormesby in the Malta Cup and suffered their first defeat, 61-66, 1-5 points. B Philips, B Wright, J Warnes were 7-11 down but finished strongly to win 19-16. J Howlett, G Swanston, M Lynes were 9-6 up at nine ends then dropped a six and four to lose 17-22. L Westgate, P Ellis, C King were 9-17 down and despite scoring two fours and a six they lost a high-scoring game 25-28.

The club lost interest in the Fermoy Cup losing to Flegg Private 26-41. R Pooley, D Richard, W Moss, B Drake lost 16-17 and J Ellis, J Moore, B Warnes, A Calver lost 10-24.

On Saturday the club entertained Stanwick Bowls Club and won 106-83. Eleven-year-old Adam Comerford, L Westgate, G Logan, D Richards were top rink, winning 27-12. B Philips, T Burrage, E Bulley, B Drake won 25-16. P Winterburn, T Westgate, T McNulty, B Warnes won 28-15. D Seabourne, A Huggins, P Ellis, K Dunn lost 13-16. C Last, J Burrage, F Shaw, J Warnes lost 13-24. One rink of local players L Moore, Mo Oram, A Ellis, R Albone lost to L Comerford, C Johnson, J Disspain, J Palmer 20-21.

In the open four-wood singles, David Mann was in top form against June Warnes, winning 21-4. The other half of the family made it a miserable day when Brian Warnes lost to John Gray 4-21. Jimmy Moore had a comfortable win over Gordon Simmons 21-10. Lionel Gutteridge out-bowled Pat Ellis to win 21-8 and Roy Pooley blew away Phil Barber to win 21-2.

In the two-wood singles Graham Logan had a comfortable win over Danny Saunders 18-7 before losing to Roy Pooley 5-18. Phil Barber beat Gordon Simmons 18-6.

In the open singles Derek Webster was 4-10 down to 12-year-old Daniel Seabourne but struggled over the line to win 21-15. Daniel's was a brilliant performance from one so young.

In the open pairs Norman Green and Graham Logan beat Tony and Jean Burrage 36-5. June and Brian Warnes had a battle royal against Roy Pooley and Bryan Drake before winning 22-19 and Doug Richards and Keith Pooley beat John Ellis and Mal Cook 28-4.

In the ladies' Coronation Triples Jean Howlett, Pat Ellis and Carol King went to Diss and bowled brilliantly to win 16-6.

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