Busy week for Yarmouth bowlers

THREE Great Yarmouth BC teams were involved in the County League, the A team were at home to Acle B and won 84-11 (5-0). J Ellis, D Bowers, B Warnes and S Calver were soon in command and, although they had a little rest halfway, won 26-20.

THREE Great Yarmouth BC teams were involved in the County League, the A team were at home to Acle B and won 84-11 (5-0).

J Ellis, D Bowers, B Warnes and S Calver were soon in command and, although they had a little rest halfway, won 26-20. K Pooley, T McNulty, J Hewitt and D Mann were 12-10 up at 14 ends and then pulled away to win 24-13. D Webster, J Gray, M Cook and K Dunn were 21-0 up at 12 ends and never eased to win 34-8.

The B team went to Ormesby and lost

50-66 (1-4). L Moore, N Green, D Richards and R Alone despite dropping a five early bowled well and won 18-15. L Gutteridge, J Wiseman, G Logan and W Moss lost a high- scoring game 16-24. S Carpenter, D Kingston, B Drake, T Hatchett tried hard but lost 16-27.

The C team went to Fleggburgh Private and lost 49-74 (0-5). D Seabourne, T Burrage, J May and D Saunders played very well and only lost 17-18. G Hillier, M Yarrow, J Palmer and P Ladmore started slowly and never recovered to lose 16-24. C Last, A Ellis, T Westgate and E Bulley were always struggling and lost 12-32.

All teams were involved in the Lovewell Blake Malta Cup. The A team were at home to Freethorpe A and lost 60-66 (1-6). D Seabourne, J Hewitt, A Calver were in good form and won 18-11. T McNulty, J Gray and M Cook lost a close game 15-16. J Ellis, J Palmer and B Warnes were never in front and lost 11-18. D Webster, Phil Barber and D Mann despite some good bowling by David Mann lost 16-21.

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The B team played Caister and lost 64-75 (½-6½). L Gutteridge, G Logan and T Hatchett were 18-13 down but forced a draw 20-20. H Plane, M Dixon and B Drake played well but lost 17-18. S Hopwood, J Wiseman and S Carpenter were 15-11 up but dropped a five on the last end to lose 15-16. F Shaw, N Green and R Albone were 1-19 down at 10 ends came back a little but lost 12-21.

The C team went to Gorleston and showed great improvement but still lost 62-92 (2-5). A Huggins, A Ellis and E Bulley were 0-8 down after three ends then a six put them on the way to win 23-16. G Hillier, T Burrage and J May played very well to win 21-18. M Yarrow, J Palmer and P Ladmore never started and lost 8-26. C Last, T Westgate and D Saunders were never in the game and lost 10-32.

The Ladies at home to Freethorpe Ladies lost 46-66 (0-6). L Westgate, P Ellis and C King started well but faded and lost 11-18. J Howlett, G Swanston and B Wright had a close game and lost 14-15. M Oram, J Saunders and J Warnes dropped two sixes and a seven to lose 21-33.

The club went to County Arts in the Mixed Jermy Cup and won on two pinks but lost overall by two shots 54-56. K Pooley, C King, L Westgate and K Dunn had a very good win 20-15. B Phillips, P Ellis, B Warnes, A Calver came from behind and won 19-17. J Ellis, J Howlett, J Warnes and D Mann were holding their own but they dropped shots to lose 15-24.

In the national top ten Yarmouth Ladies were at home to Downham Market Ladies and won by 2½-1½. In the singles J Howlett came from behind to win 21-14. P Ellis and C King lost 14-22 in the pairs. In the triples M Oram, G Swanston and B Wright played very well and won 20-11. In the fours B Phillips, L Westgate, J Warnes and R Beckett were 5-13 down but recovered to draw 21-21.

In the national pairs D Richards and K Dunn had a ding-dong battle before winning 19-18.

The club played three friendlies last week. The ladies played Hertfordshire county and were soundly beaten 91-144.

A mixed team went to Wymondham Dell where a downpour caused the match to be abandoned halfway through and was called a draw.

On Saturday they entertained Colchester BC and won 109-100. Top winning rink was L Gutteridge, S Carpenter, T McNulty and D Richards 22-15. D Saunders, J Disspain, E Bulley and B Drake won 23-18. T Westgate, R Norton, G Logan and B Warnes won 19-16. L Moore, J Willimott, J Gray and K Dunn lost 19-20. D Seabourne, A Jacobs, A Ellis and R Albone lost 15-17. A Huggins, G Poree, F Shaw and M Cook lost 11-14.

In the club competitions men's pairs Walter Moss and John Wiseman beat Danny Saunders and Tony Burrage 37-6. Derek Webster and Phil Barber beat John Palmer and D Kingston 24-17. Brian Warnes and Arthur Calver beat Ron Albone and Eddie Bulley 26-8.

In two-wood singles Phil Barber beat Jonathon Hewitt 18-3. John Ellis received a walkover. In the men's wood singles Adam Comerford, 11, started well against David Mann but lost 7-21. Jonathon Hewitt beat Steve Carpenter 21-11 and Norman Green beat Phil Barber 21-17.

In the open four-wood singles the performance of the week was 12-year-old Daniel Seabourne who beat John Disspain 21-6. Ken Dunn beat Jonathon Hewitt 21-18 and John Ellis beat Graham Logan 21-4.

Arthur Calver and Jean Howlett had a fine game with Arthur getting three to win 21-20.