Challenges for runners

RUNNING: Three members from the Great Yarmouth Road Runners went to Cambridgeshire to take on the Spartan 5k race, Mark Peach, David Girling and Andy Peck.

The race is for athletes and people who want a change from the usual races and workouts. This international race is set up to test not only the strength and stamina but the cunning and creativity of each athlete.

Participants are confronted by obstacles ranging from extreme to absurd that gain their inspiration from sources as varied as Spartan training, Navy SEAL training and American Gladiators. The most popular obstacle must have been the 300-metre sewer pipe or the barbed wire mud pools. The finishing times of over an hour made no difference to the enjoyment of the afternoon.

The Road Runners had members running all over the place at the weekend.

Dave Girling ran the Snowdon International Race in Wales, five miles to top and fives back down in 2hr 2 min, including a five-minute medical stop after a crashing fall on the descent. He was 414th out of 470 runners.

An easier 5k came in the form of the Dereham 5k on Sunday. GYRR had four members entered, all looking forward to good times.

Times and finishing places: 12 Sean Jermy 17.54, 49 Stephen Dady 20.30, 108 Lorrain Dawson 23.48, 177 Sylvia Dady 26.46.

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Thirteen Road Runners were in a field of 101 at the Saturday parkrun.

Finishing times and places: 2 Mark Thompson 18.22, 7 Matt Buckoke 20.31, 12 Stephen Leeves 21.07, 14 Matthew Sutton 21.29, 15 Andy Baker 21.32, Michael Dale 23.52, 42 Paul Westgate 24.56, 49 Peter Spandler 25.33, 52 Pauline Richardson 26.03, 79 John Bound 29.53 (Park Run PB), 82 Bob Arnell 30.58, 91st Carole Spong 33.35, 99 Peter Harrison 37.21

Over the weekend members from the Great Yarmouth Road Runners helped out by taking part in the cancer relay. The event took place over 20 hours with Steve and Denise Etherington with Nicos Symeou running and walking for the complete period.

It was well done to all who took part – Richard Blake, Carol Tenyson, John Bone, Marie Worrell, Andy Peck, Peter Spandler, Karen Manning, Paul and Kate Evans, Rod Shulver, Jeff Helmore, Gary Stanley, Mark Mountain, Neil Sibley. Steve and Denise Ethrington, Nicos Symeou, Mark Thompson.