Chinto Karate Group enjoy Norfolk Open success

Students from the Chinto Karate Group took part in series one of the Norfolk Open Championships, organised by Gavin and Jacqui Keir.

Seven-year-old Tay Emmerson took part in the 5-10 years kata secton earning second place with Bassai dai. In the continuous kumite (sparring) Tay also earned a second place position.

Gorleston member Mark Burgess was second in the team kata, third in the individual kumite and a well- deserved winner in the continuous sparring.

Belton member Mathew Earl fought extremely well in his category with his final fight being his personal best performance, landing third position.

Jeannette Emmerson earned four medals on the day.

The first was for third place when she paired Mark Burgess in team kata.

Jeannette then went on to take second with newcomer to competition Sadie Langley in team kata.

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In the individual kata she performed Chinto which clinched another second and the final medal was another second in continuous kumite.

Black belt Simon Lang was second in the kumite. Simon fought well considering he had had four weeks off training due to illness.

First-time competitor Travis Trussler put up a brave fight, showing lots of promise for the future.

The Chinto Karate Group is run by qualified instructor 4th dan Tracy Pillar and lessons are held seven days a weeks at various clubs in Gorleston, Belton, Great Yarmouth and Bradwell. Tracy also runs Winners Fight Club in Gorleston Yarmouth and Bradwell which comprises of stamina training and sparring. For details contact Tracy on 07780 832484.