Conditions change for 10k race

RUNNING: Last week was yet another busy one for the members from the Great Yarmouth Road Runners.

Another strong turn-out at the Humpty Dumpty was followed by another good showing on Wednesday night at the Broome 10k race, the second of nine.

Nine club members took to the course on a day that couldn’t have been any more different than Sunday. After the scorching temperatures of a couple of days before, it was welcome to feel the cooler breeze and even the slight drizzle that chilled the runners even more.

There were the usual strong performances from Neil Sibley, Jeff Helmore and Richard Blake challenging the top places.

Andy Peck and Steve Dady carried on with their own competition while Karen Manning came close to a distance personal best.

But the happiest runner of the evening was Steve Stringer who obtained a personal best.

Both Ivan Lees and Peter Spandler also had good runs after the tough race of the Sunday before.

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Confirmed race times: 20 Neil Sibley 39:38, 25 Jeff Helmore 40:18, 30 Richard Blake 40:55 (age group winner), 42 Andy Peck 42:48, 46 Steve Dady 43.31, 68 Karen Manning 46:22, 84 Steve Stringer 48:56(PB), 88 Ivan Lees 50:27, 106 Peter Spandler 54:15.

Attending the weekly parkrun this week were 11 Great Yarmouth Road Runners.

Placings: 11 Stephen Leeves 20:58, 22 Stephen Etherington 22:14, 25 Andrew Baker 22:21, 29 Steve Stringer 23:21, 35 Michael Dale 23:55, 55 Pauline Richardson 25:56, 67 Peter Spandler 27:24, 82 Dianne Crosby 29:10, 84 Chuck Weigand 29:20, 94 Bob Arnell 31:42, 96 Denise Etherington 32:51. Total finishers 114.