Confident win by Acle Men’s A

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

AT home to Lakeside the Men’s A team were confident of a win. The result was 101-50 and 6-1 on points.

John Colcombe, Arthur Cutting, Simon Elliott and George Tubby went 10-4 up at 10 ends, 17-6 at 15 and scored a six on the final end to win 29-8.

Daniel Seabourne, Jim Fruin, Daniel Noble and Robin Norman were 15-6 up at 10 ends, 21-6 at 15 before they scored a seven on the 20th and won 30-6.

Roy Himpleman, Arthur Jolliffe, Rob Parker and Jamie Howlett scored a six on the 10th to go 14-8 up, at 15 were 17-12 and won 25-13.

Tony Dunton’s rink dropped a five on the seventh to go 5-8 down, were 5-14 at 10, 10-16 at 15 but lost 17-19.

At Diss A, the Men’s B team were looking to add to their points score to keep away from the relegation area.

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Young Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett scored a five on the third end, and by 10 ends were 16-7 up. A six on the 16th gave them a convincing lead and they went on to win 28-15 with Dan the star.

John Lettice, Ron Taylor, Mick Harvey and Alan Rowsell were 2-8 down at seven ends but then won the following eight ends to go 15-10. From 15 each at 17 ends they finished in style and won 23-15.

Eric George’s rink were 5-2 up at six ends, six each at nine, lost the next eight ends to go 6-19 down and went on to lost 8-23.

Barney Wymer’s rink dropped a five on the first end and by 10 ends were 3-15 down. They dropped a six on the 16th, scored a five on the 17th to be 11-27 down and finished 13-29.

Result: 72-82 and 2-5 points.

The quick pace at County Arts proved a difficult place to pick up points for the top-of-the-table C team.

Brian Grint’s rink were 7-11 down at 10 ends, 11-13 at 15 and, playing the final end, 15-16. But it went against them las they lost 15-18.

Ashley Smith’s rink were 1-7 down at five, 5-9 at 10 then 12 each at 15. They were 16-17 playing the final end, but here too things went against them as they lost 16-20.

Pat Beales’ rink were 2-10 down at five ends 7-14 at 10, dropped a five on the 14th and were 20-25 with three ends to play. But they lost 22-27.

Mick Askham’s rink were 2-9 down at five and 5-16 at 10, fought back to 14-19 at 15 and were 17-21 with two ends to play only to lose 17-25.

Result: 70-90 and 0-7 points.

At home to Bowling Club the Ladies’ A team were hoping to pick up points.

Betty Brown, Elaine Cole and Barbara Meeks were 2-5 at five, seven each at nine, scored a four on the 10th then and 12 each playing the final end. Three down, Barbara drew onto the jack to win 13-12. Melanie Haylett’s block were 1-6 down at five, 7-8 at 10 but lost 7-13.

Marion Himpleman’s block scored a five on the fourth for 7-6 up, at 10 were 9-12 and lost 10-14. Sue Batchelor’s block were 2-5 at five, 5-8 at 10 then eight each playing the final end but lost 8-9.

Result: 38-48 and 1-7 points.