Coronation Cup well contested

The chairman of Bradwell Bowling Club, Eddie Macdonald, won the Lothingland League Men's Singles Championship, playing on Gorleston Cliffs against Mike Willeard.

The chairman of Bradwell Bowling Club, Eddie Macdonald, won the Lothingland League Men's Singles Championship, playing on Gorleston Cliffs against Mike Willeard.

Perhaps the most prestigious of Bradwell's club trophies, the Coronation Cup, was contested by 34 bowlers playing in the singles tournament.

The winner was Keith Cooke and runner-up Ken Hall. Winner of the Subsidiary Cup was Mick Marshall, runner-up Diane Purnell.

In the Norfolk County Federation League, Bradwell Green played Ormesby B, losing by four.

Diane Purnell, Elsie Hall and Dahlia Macdonald, always safe, ended 18-12. Jean Fagan, Jean Moore and Peter King, feeing secure with 18-13 on the 17th, saw Ormesby B snatch four to lose by one only shot.

Bradwell lost heavily against Somerleyton in the Lowestoft and District League but two triples played well.

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John Everingham, Hugh Clifton and Peter King lost their early lead, then recovered for 20-16. Jean Fagan, Philip Fiske and Ken Hall, ahead to the 18th, lost 23-26, making off with two on the last.

In the same league, Bradwell won away against Lowestoft Railway.

Philip Fiske, Brian Goffin and Ted Connellan advanced comfortably to 25-11. David Smith, Frank Hatton and Mick Marshall closed with two shots for 17-16. Terry Gallant, Charles Hutcheson and Joan Bayfield held 16-14.

In Bradwell's final match in this league, against Wenhaston, Eric Brooks, Ken Saward and Colin Deverill contributed 22-16. George Coxsey, John Laxton and Keith Baker added 20-14 and Jean Fagan, Bryan Goffin and Keith Cooke earned 19-15. With the fourth rink's 17-19, Bradwell enjoyed a conclusive victory.

Three remaining matches in the Lothingland League yielded Bradwell three wins.

Against Gorleston Conservatives A, Paul Lown, Alan Harrison and Keith Baker entered 35 shots; Tom Hall, Peter King and Derek Patterson had 29 and Jean Fagan, Mick O'Keefe and Ken Saward carried 20-14.

Overtaken 11-12 on the 18th, they showed their mettle, scoring five and four. Terry Gallant, Tom Williams and Alan Collins lost 20-22.

Against Gorleston Conservatives three days later, Bradwell won one rink and tied on three.

In this match Diane Purnell, Jean Moore and Dahlia Macdonald took two shots on the last for 20-18; Terry Payne, Keith Baker and Ken Saward ended 24 all. Tom Hall, Roy Turner and Ted Connellan, counting six shots on the 20th, stood 19 all, and Terry Gallant, David Smith and Joan Bayfield, with three on the 20th, ensured 17 all.

Bradwell earned six points from their final match in this league, against Oulton Broad in a game which was shortened because of wind, rain and loss of light.

Ken Saward, Terry Payne and Eddie Macdonald's 21 included six on the 14th. Keith Cooke, Charles Hutcheson and Ron Beardall posted a resounding 16-7, while Diane Purnell, Jean Moore and Dahlia Macdonald edged 11-10.

Sunshine League results have not always been a popular topic this season, but at home against Kessingland, Bradwell won 63-60.

Terry Gallant, George Coxsey and Allan Collins held nine all on the 14th, then took every subsequent end for 22-9. Tom Hall, Alan Harrison and Joy Williams had enough of an advantage to withstand a late rush, maintaining 22-21.

The match against Aldeby was drawn 51-51.

Bradwell's Tom Hall, George Coxsey and Ken Hall scored five shots over the last three ends to win 17-15. Terry Gallant, Roy Turner and Allan Collins saw their six-shot lead dwindle, but held 17-16. Brenda Hubbard, Jean Collins and Joan Bayfield conceded 17-20. Waveney won on two rinks, although John Everingham, Mick O'Keefe and Tom Williams achieved 17-14.

Pictured below are Keith Cooke, winner of Bradwell BC's Coronation Cup singles title, and Mick Marshall, winner of the Subsidiary Cup.