Crane lands beach fishing trophy

ANGLING: For the ELSAA annual Shore Championship Trophy match, 36 anglers strung out on Great Yarmouth Central and North beaches.

Next year organisers will try to ensure that the event will not clash with any others.

On a dull and damp morning it was clear that the light easterly wind and clear water conditions might not have been the perfect choice for fishing, but the whiting were not to be deterred.

Pegged at No 35, just north of the Imperial Hotel, Adrian Crane (Gizmo) made the most of his draw early on and took 17 sizeable fish (five dab and 12 whiting) to return 274 points (5lbs 11.3ozs) to pick up the ELSAA Championship Rosebowl, and the King William IV special prize of a magnum of Champagne (donated by the hosts for the day) and �113 from the pools.

Runner-up was Stephen Boyce who returned 248 points (5lbs 2.6ozs) and third place went to ELSAA vice-chairman, Keith Mountifield who returned 236 points (4lbs 14.6ozs.)

Section winners each received �14: Pegs 1-10 Keith Mountifield 4lbs 14.6ozs, pegs 11-20 Stephen Boyce 5lbs 2.6ozs, pegs 21–30 John Abbott 3lbs 3.6ozs, pegs 31–40 Adrian Crane lbs 11.3ozs,pegs 4 –50 Alan Kettle 4lbs 2ozs.

Biggest flatfish pool: Winners Alan Roper and Alan Kettle, both catching a 27cms dab and each received �18.

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Biggest round fish pool: Winner Alan Steel with a 36cms whiting which earned him �36.

There were 12 teams of three contesting the team event and the winners were Team Hammershed comprising Adrian Crane, Alan Kettle and Justin Grapes who returned a team total of 587 points for 12lbs 3.6ozs earning them �110 and a bottle of Champagne donated by ELSAA Lincolnshire representative Roger Allerton.

Dad’s (ELSAA) Army A filled the runners-up slot.

The team comprising John Abbott (ELSAA secretary), Keith Mountifield (ELSAA vice-chairman) and Simon Roberts (ELSAA North Suffolk representative) returned 510 points for 10lbs 10ozs, collecting �60.

Results, peg numbers in brackets, (E) indicates a tied position: 1st Adrian Crane (35) 5lbs 11.3ozs, 2nd Stephen Boyce ((17) 5lbs 5 lbs 2.6ozs, 3rd Keith Mountifield (6) 4lbs 14.6ozs, 4th Brian Smith (32) 4lbs 14.3ozs, 5th Steve Smith (33) 4lbs 8.6ozs, 6th Alan Kettle (47) 4lbs 2ozs, 7th Alan Steel (43) 3lbs 13ozs, 8th A Balls (19) 3lbs 6ozs, 9th John Abbott (30) 3lbs 2.6ozs, 10th Karl Barnard (20) 3lbs 2ozs.

11th Andy Lawes (36) 2lbs 15.6ozs, 12th (E) Alan Roper (2) 2lbs 12.6ozs, 12th (E) Marcus Giddens (26) 2lbs 12.6ozs, 14th Simon Roberts (15) 2lbs 12ozs, 15th Justin Grapes (29) 2lbs 3ozs, 16th Wayne Hurrin (10) 2lbs 1.3ozs, 17th (E) Steven Smith (7) 2lbs 0.6ozs, 17th (E) E Johnson (48) 2 lbs 0.6ozs, 19th (E ) Tom Pinborough (1) 1lb 14.6ozs, 19th (E) Scott Elliot (31) 1lb 14.6ozs, 19th (E) Brian Heritage (34) lb 14.6ozs.

22nd Barry Coulson (13) 1lb 10ozs, 23rd Roger Allerton (12) 1lb 4ozs, 24th Gary Powell (46) 1lb 3.3ozs, 25th Shaun Dickson (39) 1lb 1.6ozs, 26th (E) Will Rush (3) 14.6ozs, 26th (E) Ashleigh Vertigan (9) 14.6ozs, 28th (E) Ian Gedney (16) 13.6ozs, 28th (E) Graham Skinner (24) 13.6ozs, 30th David Allerton (11) 12.6ozs, 31st Pete Williams (45) 12ozs, 32nd Bill Croft (40) 10ozs, 33rd Campbell Burnett (8) 9.3ozs, 34th Barry Daynes (14) 8.6ozs, 35th Doug Rush (23) 8ozs.