Davis emerges from debut defeat with credit

Daniel Davis of Kingfisher ABC lost on his debut in a very close bout to Morozovas of Hurstlea ABC at East Tuddenham.

Davis, boxing behind a good left jab, took control of the first round jabbing and moving round the ring

Morozovas, boxing with a high tight guard, took a lot of Davis’ punches on his arms and gloves and was always moving forward throwing powerful hooks with both hands.

In the second round Morozovas forced Davis to give ground but Davis used a good sound jab and just before the end of the round landed a well-timed right uppercut through Morozovas’ high guard followed by a left hook which stopped the Hurstlea boxer in his tracks.

Unfortunately the bell sounded the end of the round before Davis could land any more punches and take advantage of the opening he had made. In the last round Morozovas upped his pace, urgently throwing punches. Davis tried to keep to his boxing and was using his left jab and a right screw shot through opponent’s guard to his head, but Morozovas was prepared to take punches to enable him to land his own.

As the Kingfisher boxer tired he was forced to give more and more ground. Morozovas’ last-round effort just tipped the score in his favour at the final bell. However the result should take nothing away from Davis in his first bout. He worked hard to box against a very tough, unrelenting opponent.