Derby night at stadium

Oval Racing: It is not just on the football pitch where the rivalry between Norwich and Ipswich exists.

On Sunday, 5.30pm at the Yarmouth Stadium, the banger drivers from the two counties will do battle in the first leg of the 25-a-side team challenge, writes Graham Utting.

Last year the Norwich team were victorious after a remarkable victory at Ipswich.

Despite being many points behind after the first leg they battled on, virtually wiping out the Ipswich cars in all the races to win on points overall. This was made even sweeter as it was the first time Team Norwich had recorded a win.

A year on and the Norwich team looks stronger than ever with all the top Yarmouth drivers in amongst their ranks.

They are headed by Michael Allard who, after a couple of months away from the action, will no doubt be eager to get involved. As will Alistair Parsons who, despite not having raced in over a year after injury forced him to take some time out, is another who will be sure to be in the thick of the action.

With around 30 cars in each heat the small circuit will look very crowded for a while whilst the drivers force their way through the traffic littering the track with damaged cars.

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Traditionally, this is one of the highlights of the year at the stadium.

There will be more contact racing from the ministox class for children between 10 to 16. The rookie rods, who are having their best season for a while, complete a very busy night at the raceway.