Excellent week for Road Runners

AT the Humpty Dumpty race in Reedham. Great Yarmouth Road Runners saw number of members getting into the twenties for the first time this year.

This week has been excellent for the Seasiders with again great numbers at the Broadland 5k.

For the 10k race, all runners found the conditions tough and it will have affected running times and finishing places for everyone who competed.

Andrew Baker, Michael Dale and Pauline Richardson will be happy with their morning’s work as they achieved personal bests.

Carole Spong again won her age group, Richard Blake won his, Steve Dady came third in his and Lorraine Dawson came second in hers.

Race times confirmed: Neil Sibley 40:45 and 27th, Richard Blake 41:00 and 30th age group winner, Stephen Leeves 44:26 and 66th, Andy Peck 44:31 and 72nd, Steve Etherington 44:54 and 76th, Andrew Baker 45:07 and 78th (pb), Steve Dady 45:41 and 83rd and third in age group, John Bone 47:04 and 97th, Ian Tooley 50:13 and 155th, Nicola Baker 52:12 and 187th, Lorraine Dawson 52:39 and 195th second in age group, Michael Dale 53:09 and 207th (pb), Steve Stringer 53:21 and 212nd, Paul Spandler 55:34 and 248th, Cathy Tooley 55:53 and 252nd, Carole Spong 56:10 and 255th and age group winner, Ivan Lees 58:18 and 275th, Pauline Richardson 58:51 and 283rd (pb), Peter Spandler 1-00:47 and 310th, Rod Shulver 1-01:19 and 319th, Chuck Weigand 1-05:46 and 341th, Bob Arnell 1-10:00. Total finishers: 368.

The midweek Broadland 5k fixture at South Walsham was enough of a pull for 13 club members from Great Yarmouth Road Runners.

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On a new course which has proven popular with the local runners, another superb turn-out from the Seasiders pushed each other to the very end.

With the exception of the rather wet start, the conditions once the race had started were good and had the runners hoping for personal best times and another enjoyable run-out.

Race times yet to be confirmed: Neil Silbey 19:03 and 28th, Jeff Helmore 19:26 and 36th (pb), Andy Peck 20:39 and 55th, Paul Evans 20: 58 and 59th, Steve Dady 21:27 and 71st, Steve Etherington 21:29 and 72nd, Karen Manning 22:22 and 79th, Ivan Lees 24:40 and 111th (pb), Paul Spandler 24:44 and 113th, Peter Spandler 26:12 and 127th, Carol Spong 27:16 and 138th, Rod Shulver 32:08 and 160th (pb), Jim Spong 35:21 and 162nd. Total finishers: 164.

Last Saturday six runners from the Road Runners took to the 5k parkrun course on Gorleston cliff tops.

Times: 13th Matthew Sutton 21:51, 29th Michael Dale 24:14, 41st Pauline Richardson 25:45, 42nd Stephen Leeves 25:45, 50th Paul Spandler 27:23 and Peter Spandler 51st in 27:26. Total finishers: 81.

Richard Blake also attended the well-run Torbay Half Marathon. He won his age category by over five minutes and came 67th out of 1,564 runners in a time of 1-28:52.