FC Bradwell gives youngsters a chance to play

THE village of Bradwell are proud to officially announce the birth of FC Bradwell – a new youth football club set up to give boys and girls a chance to represent their local village.

For a number of years now it has been felt that Bradwell should have its own identity in the world of youth football and over the last six months this idea has formulated into a plan which has now become reality.

Gary Walker, club secretary and U8 manager, got the ball rolling. Mark Jones, club chairman and U6 manager; Andy Hudson, club welfare officer and U11 manager and Stu Sadler, club treasurer and U8 and U11 coach, joined Gary from the outset.

A considerable amount of work was done and FC Bradwell was established on June 1, during World Cup 2010 fever. The club was inspired by many of the teams featuring, and all the players were thrilled when the home kit was announced as yellow shirts, blue shots and blue socks and the away kit as red shirts, blue shorts and red socks with yellow trim.

The initial aim was to be a Chartered Status Club within 12 months. However, the amount of work put in to date means that club are within touching distance of achieving this before the end of the year and within the first six months of operation. That is an incredible six months ahead of schedule.

This means that all FC Bradwell’s managers and coaches will have passed – as a minimum – the FA level 1 coaching badge, been CRB checked, are emergency first aid trained and have attended the child protection course.

The club strategy right from day one has been to ensure that at all times the happiness, welfare and development of all the boys and girls must be the only focus and only priority.

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Feedback to date suggests that FC Bradwell are achieving this with the added bonus that everybody else is also feeling part of a happy, friendly, successful and well-run club – the registration fee of only �10 per year probably helps too.

FC Bradwell are already starting to make quite an impact, having received endless amounts of really positive feedback from the FA, from other youth football clubs and other individuals within the village of Bradwell. And everyone connected with the club is delighted to be representing Bradwell in such a positive way.

Currently, FC Bradwell have three teams. The U11s (managed by Andy Hudson and coached by Stu Sadler), the U8s (managed by Gary Walker and coached by Stu Sadler) and the U6s (managed by Mark Jones). Theye are also hoping to add a girls’ team, plus two to three further age groups before the start of the 2011/12 season.

All the Bradwell teams aim to play attractive, pass-and-move football in order to develop the children.

To date, the club has already featured in many summer tournaments, league matches and cup games, all with a good level of success.

Indeed, rarely has any game been as exciting as the U11’s recent win, on penalties, in the cup competition. However, the U8’s start to the season has been equally as thrilling with some great matches, whilst the U6s have made some great strides during their Saturday morning training sessions.

FC Bradwell play their home matches, normally at 10.30am on a Sunday, at Mill Lane playing field. They always get a good turn-out of supporters, but any villagers who want to support their local youth football teams are more than welcome to go along and enjoy the entertainment.

The club sponsor is Church Farm Country Inn of Burgh Castle, who have been incredibly supportive and they are hosting the club Christmas party and all the other planned club events.

FC Bradwell have also been lucky enough to get some other fantastic sponsors. Prajco Premier Convenience Stores of Church Lane, Bradwell have been very supportive by sponsoring the U11 home kit.

R Lee Services of Beccles and Norse have also been generous by sponsoring the U8 home and away kits respectively, whilst Tate Engineering have recently sponsored the U6 home kit ready for their entry into the Norfolk & Suffolk Youth League system next year.

If anybody else is interested in sponsoring or supporting FC Bradwell in any way, please refer to the contact details held on the website.

Gary, Mark, Andy and Stu also thank everyone linked to the club – the boys, the girls, the sponsors, the parents, the grandparents and other key individuals from the Bradwell community, for all their support. Without that level of support theywould not have been in a position to drive forward the way we have.

Most importantly – in line with the strategy that the club laid down at outset – all the boys and girls in all the teams are incredibly happy and also very proud to be representing the village in which they live, Bradwell.

It is this happiness that seems to be getting the club, noticed and respected. So, the majority of the thanks must go to the Bradwell boys and girls for putting Bradwell on the footballing map.

n If you would like any more information or any contact details, visit www.fcbradwell.co.uk and remember, if you are free on any Sunday morning, when there is a home game, FC Bradwell will be delighted to see you at Mill Lane!