Finals end season of success

DP Leisure Pool League

THE finals of the DP Pool League were played on Friday at Merlins to complete another successful season for the league.

The evening started with the Mixed Doubles final and paired two former winners of the competition together.

The break proved to be very decisive with Gary Lee clearing up from two, giving Andy and Clare Moore (Merlins) very little chance to show what they can do. Result: Gary Lee and Lesley Smallwood (Merlins) 3-0 winners.

In the Landladies’ final Rachael Howells (Prince Regent) won the event for the third year running 3-1 against an unlucky Gillian Atkinson (Lady Haven), who kept giving away fouls of which Rachael took full advantage.

In the Landlords’ final Elwyn Howells (Prince Regent) made it a double for the family, winning 3-0, against Roy Smith (Quayside Tavern) in a match that could have gone either way. Roy was unlucky with a couple of pots, but both played well.

The Men’s Doubles final proved to be an upset with the bookies, with Keith Paler and Jay Bullent (Merlins) overcoming Andy Moore and Robert Ashton (Merlins) 4-1.

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Both Keith and Jay played some solid safety and took their chances well.

The Ladies’ Singles final saw Debbie Burgess (Kingfisher) defeat Terrie Edmonds (Merlins) 3-0 in a low-tempo, sporty match.

The Ladies’ Doubles final saw a long, tightly-fought contest, with a tactical third frame which proved to be decisive. Result: Lesley Smallwood and Clare Moore (Merlins) beat Brenda Wheeler and Vivian Mariner (Lion) 3-1.

The Men’s Singles final was a one-sided match where Box (Robert Ashton) finally proved that after 30 years that he can keep it together in a final. He took all his chances very well, beating below-par Scott Chapman (Camden Tavern) 4-0.

The final match of the night was the DP Singles final pairing Spencer Jones and Andy Moore together.

The match lived up to expectations with some excellent pool being played by both players. Spencer ran out the winner 4-3.

The league trophies for all the competition and divisions winners were presented by Brookie from DP Leisure, the league sponsors.

Mixed Doubles: A and C Moore (Merlins) 0, G Lee and L Smallwood (Merlins) 3.

Landladies’ Cup: G Atkinson (Lady Haven) 1, R Howells (Prince Regent) 3.

Landlords’ Cup: E Howells (Prince Regent) 3, R Smith (Quayside Tavern) 0.

Men’s Doubles (best of 7 frames): A Moore and R Ashton (Merlins) 1, K Paler and J Bullent (Merlins) 4.

Ladies’ Doubles: C Moore and L Smallwood (Merlins) 3, B Wheeler and V Mariner (Lion) 1.

Ladies’ Singles: T Edmond (Merlins) 0, D Burgess (Kingfisher) 3.

Mens Singles (best of 7 frames): R Ashton (Merlins) 4, S Chapman (Camden Tavern) 0.

D P Singles (best of 7 frames): A Moore (Merlins) 3, S Jones (Lacon Arms) 4.

Finals night order of presentations: Division Five: Winners Camden Tavern B, runners-up Merlins E.

Division Four: Winners Centurion A, runners-up Coach Horse B.

Division Three: Winners Belle Vue, runners-up Oliver Twist.

Division Two: Winners Cobholm Tavern, runner-up Flints A.

Division One: Winners Merlins C, runners-up Shrublands C.

Premier: Winners Merlins A, runners-up Lacon Arms B.

League K O Cup: Winners Merlins A, runners-up Lacon Arms B.