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Acle Indoor Bowls ClubAWAY to Roundwood in the final game of the season, the Ladies A team needed a win to keep in the top three. Result 66-42 and 7-1 on points.

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

AWAY to Roundwood in the final game of the season, the Ladies A team needed a win to keep in the top three. Result 66-42 and 7-1 on points.

Shirley Lettice, Molly Auld and Marie Barker by five ends were 9-1 up, 14-4 after 10, scored another five on the 13th and won 25-5. Margaret Arnold, Gywen Xuereb and Jean Cossey after scoring a five on the 9th were 15-3 up and went on to win 18-10. Jennifer Hudson, Lillian Barber and captain Barbara Meeks were five each at six ends, 10-8 at 10 and went on to win 15-10. Geraldine Reeve's block went 2-10 down after seven ends, 5-12 at 10 and lost 8-17.

A good away win but a disappointing end to a season for Barbara's girls who looked on target to take the title at Christmas.

The Ladies B team home to Bowling Club Lions were playing their 13th game of the season and were already promoted.

Margaret Sewell, Rose Yaxley and Amy Brooks were 11 each playing the final end and scored a four to win 15-11. Jenny Kirby's block were five each at six ends. nine each at 10 and unusually lost 10-14. Anne Drury's block suffered three no ends before scoring a five on the 11th to go 8-11 but then lost 8-17. Ros Myhill's block finished 4-16. Result 37-58 and 1-7 pts.

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This was only the second loss of the season, and a total of 80 points and one game left to play means this has been an excellent season for Margaret's girls who can look forward to next season in the Premier League.

At home to Diss A, the Men's B team were looking for another win to put them into the top half of the table. Result 84-62 and 6-1 pts.

Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Stanley Ward and Bimbo Meeks scored a six on the fifth followed by a four to go 15-0 up. They continued to dominate and ran out 29-13 winners. Captain Mick Harvey, Jim Fruin, Mick Crow and Les Smith were 8-6 at eight ends, 12 each at 14 and won 18-16. Brian Shorten, John Lettice, Eric George and Alan Rowsell by 10 ends were 15-4 up, 20-7 after 16 and won 24-9. Eric Crouch's rink struggled and were 6-13 at 10 ends, and with an unwell Eric did well to finish 13-24.

Great Yarmouth IBC

THE Blue team ladies travelled to Diss to play their last County League match of the season against Diss B. Despite a very close finish - just one shot - they ended 2-6pts (43-44 shots).

H Farrow, B Taylor, M Clark started well, acquiring four shots, seven shots by the fifth end. The home team added a further eight shots to the Blue trio's one by the 10th end (5-15). The Blue's raised their game and won all the remaining ends but it was not quite enough to secure a win (11-15).

J Carter, C Jesty and C Johnson experienced a tighter match drawing level twice on the fifth end (four shots each) and 10th end (eight shots each). By scoring a further two shots on each of the two remaining ends they won (12-8). M Surplice, P George and J Saunders were up by one shot on fifth end (5-4), increased it to 10-8 by the 10th end, collected three more shots over the last ends, conceding just one further shot. Rink score 13-9.

V Punchard, M Oram and W Ellison were five shots adrift by the fifth end (2-7). At the 10th end it was 5-10. Rink score (7-12).

The Red team were also drawn away, to North Walsham's B team ladies, where they won 68-45 shots taking 6�-1�pts.

B Payne, B Phillips and J Warnes were 6-3 up by the fifth end and at 10 ends were 15-4. The Reds added a further six shots to North Walsham's three shots to win 21-7.

G Sewell, M Nichols and G Swanston denied their opponents any score up to the 5th end. (6-0), achieving 15-2 by the 10th end. The home team then came good taking multiple scores over the last few ends to draw 15 all.

M Lynes, N Pyzer and D Edwards were 6-4 by fifth end. Their opponents allowed the Reds only three more shots, taking four themselves, and by the 10th end the scores were (9-8. The home team took a further eight shots over the remaining ends. Rink score (9-16).

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were just one shot adrift 5-6 by fifth end. The Red trio fought back and took 10 shots over the following five ends 15-6. By taking a further eight shots and conceding just one shot, the final rink score read 23-7.

Browston Hall IBC

With relegation looming, the B team playing at home to Table Four leaders Dereham A, lost 71-99 and scored only � point.

R Hunn, W Bowles, A Shearing and D Hancock, 17-7 up at the 12th, at the 20th were 21-17 and then lost four shots on the final end to draw 21-21 (� pt).

D Farman's block struggled early on and fought back to go down 18-24. The N Sharman four were 12-11 up at halfway, but losing an eight on the 16th put them 17-22 down and they only scored a further two shots, losing 19-27. G Downing block lost 13-27.

The C team away at Wymondham Dell lost 68-85 and scored one point.

C Posner, B Gooch, R Matthews and E Barnes lost a four on the first end, then conceded only a further three shots and won 26-7. K Saward, 8-2 up at the sixth, then did not score for a further six ends for 9-11, and in a low scoring finish went down 13-16. M Marshall 20-33 and M King lost 9-29.

The ladies' club and county finals were held at the weekend with two well-fought games.

Diane Purnell beat Diane Burwood in the singles and June Butcher and Sheila Shaw beat Angela Kher and Pat Drinkall in the pairs.