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Acle Indoor BowlsIN the Vivienne Trophy Acle ladies beat Diss 94-56 and now play Pinewood on January 8 for a place in the national quarter-finals.At home Pam Anthony's rink started the game on a high note as Pam moved the jack to the back of the rink for a seven.

Acle Indoor Bowls

IN the Vivienne Trophy Acle ladies beat Diss 94-56 and now play Pinewood on January 8 for a place in the national quarter-finals.

At home Pam Anthony's rink started the game on a high note as Pam moved the jack to the back of the rink for a seven. By 10 ends were 15-7 and 18-13 after 15, finishing 21-20. Ros Myhill's rink were 12-4 at 10 ends, 16-10 at 15 and won 22-13.

At Diss, Jenny Kirby's rink dashed into a 14-1 lead after only five ends, increased this to 22-2 at 10, 27-4 at 15 and went on to a 34-7 win. Anne Drury's rink went from 6-10 down at 10 ends to 13-12 at 15 and won 17-16.

In the County League Acle Ladies A team went to the Dell.

Margaret Arnold, Peggy West and Sue Batchelor dominated to win 15-4. Joy Pearson, Jennifer Hudson and Molly Auld started with a four and went 8-2 up after six ends, then dropped a four on the eight but went on to win 13-10. Jean Cossey's block came from 2-9 down on eight ends to 7-9 after 10 but in a close finish lost 10-15. Jenny Stone's rink lost 6-17. Result 44-46 and 2-6 points.

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On Saturday the Ladies A team entertained Roundwood and Shirley Lettice, Pat Dickinson and Marie Barker were all in top form to win 17-2. Betty Brown, Barbara Meeks and Geraldine Reeve were 10-2 up at six ends then dropped a four on the seventh, scored a four on the ninth, dropped a four on the 12th, then scored a four on the 13th. It finished 20-15. Lillian Barber, Elaine Cole and Marion Himpleman were five each at five, 10-9 at 12 and won 12-9. Jennifer Hudson, Jean Cossey and Sue Batchelor were 1-6 down at four ends, 9-6 up at eight, 11 each at 12 and finished 12-12. Result 61-38 and 7½-½.

In the Denny Cup, Acle played Barking and were sent home with their tails between legs.

At Barking, Lewis Moore's rink went from 6-21 down at 10 ends to 17-32 at 18. George Tubby's rink went from 8-13 at 10 to 9-23 at 18.

At home, Tony Dunton's rink were 5-12 at 10 ends, 7-21 at 15 and completed 21 ends to finish 13-28. Tim Stone's rink were 7-8 at 10, 9-11 at 15 and 13-12 at 18 ends. With the game out of reach, Acle conceded.52-95.

The heavy green at Barking did not suit the Acle players but at Acle the Barking men all played exceptionally well.

The Men's C team visited Marina A where any points from a difficult green would be a bonus to their promotion hopes.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole ,Ray Smith and Mick Askham were 7-6 at six ends, 17-8 at 12, 25-8 at 16 and won comfortably 31-11. Twelve-year-old Daniel Seabourne, John Willimott, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith dropped a five on the first end but after eight ends were 18-5 up, 25-13 at 15 ends and won 28-18.

Russell Thurtle, John Arnold, Alan Kendall and Bill Downie were 4-7 down at seven ends, 17-13 at 15, scored a seven on the final end to win 26-16. Brian Grint's rink found rink two their nemesis, were four each at six ends, 8-11 at 14, dropped a seven on the 19th and lost 10-25. Result 95-70 and 6-1 points.

The Men's B team travelled to Roundwood and needed a win to keep up the chase for promotion.

Don Bullent, Pat Garrod, Stanley Ward and Eric Crouch went 5-3 up at five ends but by 13 ends the score was 6-11 after 16 it was 8-13, unlucky for some but not Eric as he won 15-13.

Maurice Shreeve, John Lettice, Mick Crow and John Harris were seven each at seven ends and 13-8 at 12, but at 16 ends it was 13-17. They won all but one of the remaining ends to finished 18-18.

Bimbo Meek's rink had an extraordinary game as they scored a six on the third end but by 14 were 7-17 down. They scored a five on the 15th, another five on the 16th to go level at 17-17. They dropped a four on the 19th, came close to winning but lost 20-23.

Alan Rowsell's rink were nine each at 10 ends but lost 12-23. Result 65-77 and 1½-5 ½ points.

Browston Hall

The men's C team picked up five valuable points in their 82-70 game at Dereham B.

C Posner, B Gooch, R Hardy and E Barnes, were 11 shots up after three ends and won comfortably 28-11. M Parker, J Prest, L Diggines and P King, 12-7 up at halfway, picked up a five on the 18th end and won 26-10. M Marshall, 4-14 down at the 11th end, lost 13-22. K Saward was 15-all at the 17th then lost 12 shots over the next four ends to lose 15-27.

The men's A team lost 67-101 at home to Lakeside A, did not pick up any points and lost their top position in Division Two.

The ladies missed out on maximum points by two shots, losing 49-51 to Norfolk Tigers and took only three points from the winning rinks June Butcher 19-9, Joan Stringfellow 13-6, Mona Ward 13-12 and Angela Kher 4-24.

The B team went to County Arts, losing 36-84, no points.

Great Yarmouth

It was a nip and tuck when the Ladies Reds played Browston A at home. At the fifth end there was only two shots between them, and at the end of the match just 12 shots divided them. The score was 58-46 to the Reds (6-2 points).

G Sewell M O'Brien and G Swanston at seven ends were 10-3 up, at 10 ends 11-6, and with seven shots on the last three won 18-6.

C King S Allen and P Ellis were level at the fifth 4-4, one shot ahead at the eighth 6-5, then scored seven more shots to two and won 13-7.

B Payne B Phillips and J Howlett struggled all through their game. At 10 ends they were 7-14 down but came back with six more shots to two over the last four ends, finishing with just three shots between them, 13-16.

A Lynes N Pyzer and A Ewels were ahead 12-3 on seven ends, but their opponents suddenly surged ahead with 14 shots to only two from the Reds over the last six ends and the game was lost 14-17

When the Ladies Reds played Lakeside away they won 57-40 (6-2 points).

B Wright, S Allen and J Warnes were 12-3 at seven ends 13-11 at 11 ends and won 15-12.

M Lynes, M Nichols and G Swanston saw only one shot between them on seven ends, 5-4, and two between them at 10 ends, 8-6, and then with five shots on the last three ends and only one in reply took the game 13-7.

B Payne, B Phillips and J Howlett, after the first three ends when they were 2-3 down, pounded ahead to 9-5 on the ninth, then took 12 shots to nil on the remaining ends to win handsomely 21-5.

C King L Westgate and P Ellis lost their usual form to go down 1-10 on five ends, and despite their gallant efforts nothing changed and they lost 8-16.

Playing at home to Diss B, the Ladies Blues played a phenomenal game, leading overall on all rinks from the start.

At five ends they were 10 shots up, at 10 ends 31 shots ahead and won 63-37 and all eight points when all blocks won.

H Farrow, B Taylor and M Surplice had a shaky start but at eight ends were 8-4 up, and with four more shots on the next two ends were ahead 12-4, and won 13-8.

W Ellison, M Oram and T Lewis were 11-4 ahead on eight ends, then over the next six ends scored just one more shot to seven against before winning by one shot 12-11.

J Carter, C Jesty and M Symonds were 9-5 up on six ends, lost a three on the seventh 9-8. They came back with 16 shots over the last five ends - including an eight and a five to only one against - winning 25-9.

V Punchard, J Barber and M Clark were 8-2 ahead at five ends, 12-7 at nine ends, and went on to win their game 13-9.