Future's bright for bowls club

THE future of the Great Yarmouth Britannia Bowls Club is looking bright with the amalgamation of the men's and ladies' sections for the first time in their 78-year history.

THE future of the Great Yarmouth Britannia Bowls Club is looking bright with the amalgamation of the men's and ladies' sections for the first time in their 78-year history.

Under coaches Beryl Payne and Ron Albone the club has enrolled several young players. Lewis Moore (10), Daniel Seabourne (11), twins Lewis and Adam Comberford (11), Stephanie Bradford (11) and Craig Last (14).

With new secretary and club captain Ken Dunn, assisted by the B team captain Brian Drake and the C team captain Danny Saunders, the club started the new season with the A team going to Browston for a County League game which they lost 47-68 (2-3 points).

J Ellis, Jimmy Moore, B Warnes and skip A Calver were 8-7 down at the halfway stage but with some consistent bowling won 17-16.

D Webster, R Pooley, M Cook and captain K Dunn bowled steadily to win 22-14. R Pooley, T McNulty, J Hewitt and skip M Colcombe never got to grips with the green and were soundly beaten 38-8.

In the Malta Cup the A team made the trip to Acle A, who showed they had no intention of releasing their grip on the trophy with Acle winning by 93-57 (6-1 points).

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K Pooley, R Pooley and K Dunn bowled extremely well to win 21-17. D Webster, T McNulty and B Warnes struggled against a very good triple and lost 25-10. J Moore, P Barber and M Cook also found the going tough and lost 4-11, J Ellis, J Hewitt and A Calver were always playing catch up and lost 27-14.

In the Fermoy Cup against Diss C, the home rink of R Pooley, D Richards, W Moss and B Drake raced into a 13-1 lead after eight ends but the wheels fell off and they lost 26-15.

Playing away, the rink of J Ellis, T McNulty, B Warnes and A Calver came to the rescue and won convincingly

25-9 to win the match for Great Yarmouth overall 40-35.

In Division Two of the Malta Cup the B team played the C team, with the C team playing a couple of young newcomers.

After a very good game the B team won 79-56, 6-1 points. S Hopwood, Plane, B Drake against C Last, D Hatchett, J May were always in control and won 24-11. R Pooley, J Dispain, R Albone against Burrage, D Saunders, J Palmer won 23-10. L Gutteridge, G Logan and T Hatchett against L Moroe, T Westgate, E Bulley had a battle royal before winning 15-14. J Wiseman, S Carpenter and D Richards against G Hillier, A Ellis and P Ladmore lost 21-17 after a hard struggle.

The B team also played at home, to Acle B and in a very exciting game R Albone bowled the last wood of the match to win it for Yarmouth 62-61 (5-2 points).

J Wiseman, S Carpenter and W Moss were 14-7 down after 11 ends but six twos on the trot gave them victory 19-17. L Gutteridge, M Dixon and D Richards battled gamely but lost 12-13.

S Hopwood, H Plane and B Drake led 16-6 at 14 ends but dropped 10 shots in the last four ends to draw 16-16. N Green G Logan and R Albone were 13-4 up at 10 ends and in a thrilling finish Yarmouth scored two on the last end to draw 15-15.

In the County League the B team were at home to Gorleston and lost 45-73 (1-4 points).

L Moore, N Green, D Richards and R Albon were the only Yarmouth winners winning 20-18. S Hopwood, G Logan, B Drake and T Hatchett battled well but lost 28-18. L Gutteridge, J Wiseman, S Carpenter and W Moss were never in contention and lost 27-7.

Also in the County League, the C team were at home to Freethorpe B and lost on all rinks 34-64 (0-5 points).

Great Yarmouth C started the match with three young players making their debuts and all acquitted themselves well.

D Seabourne, T Burrage, D Saunders and J Palmer won nine ends but dropped multiple shots to lose 11-25. L Comerford, T Westgate, G Hillier and J May started well but trailed off to lose 14-22. C Last, D Hatchett, G Simmonds and A Ellis were soon under the cosh and lost 9-17.

On Sunday in glorious weather Great Yarmouth entertained a touring side from Leicester in the first friendly of the season.

Leicester Police Bowls Club soon adapted to the brilliant conditions and won on four of the six rinks 126-112.

Great Yarmouth had four youngsters playing and they all played very well against a very good touring side.

D Norton, D Saunders, G Poree and M Cook had a good win 29-12. S Hopwood, J Dispain, D Hatchett and B Drake also won 17-15. C Last, T Burrage, T McNulty and K Dunn lost 17-23. L Comerford, T Westgate, A Ellis and R Albone lost 12-22.

A Comberford, G Logan, D Richards and B Warnes lost 22-34. L Moore, G Simmons, F Shaw and E Bulley lost

14-19. The game was played in a great spirit and enjoyed by everyone.

In the club drive on Saturday 24 players took part and the winners were Brian Drake and Brenda Philips.