Gorleston girls’ team playing well

GORLESTON RANGERS U14 GIRLS: The girls’ football has suffered this season. With not enough teams to make a league in the Norfolk and Suffolk League they were forced to join Norfolk Women’s and Girls’ Football League, which means travelling as far as 60 miles for away games. However, they are lucky to have a squad of 16 girls who are dedicated to their team, even though four players have to be left at home every match as Rangers can take only 12 players for a nine-a-side game.

They are hoping to attract some more players for next season and start another team to give all the girls the opportunity to play week in, week out. The girls have had a great start to this season and are currently unbeaten in the league and have a cup semi-final with Norwich City on January 22. and three of the girls have been chosen to represent the Norfolk county team.

Finding a sponsor for the team has been very difficult, but fortunately Seajacks stepped up at just the right time to ensure the girls had full winter training wear, for which they are all extremely grateful. They cannot thank Seajacks enough for their support.