Gorleston Rangers FC’s big night attracts over 1,000 to Ocean Room

Gorleston Rangers FC long service award winners, all members of the under 16 Falcons, NSYL division

Gorleston Rangers FC long service award winners, all members of the under 16 Falcons, NSYL division one championship winning team. From left, back row: Lewis Cotton, Luke Daniels, William Trueman and Tom Nichols. Front row: Kieran Cossey, Evan Colman, Daniel Ellis and Connor Howes. Picture: Matthew Clarke - Credit: Archant

Gorleston Rangers players and officials can reflect on one of their most successful seasons to date.

The club reached 11 of the 20 Norfolk and Suffolk Youth League finals, won two out of the five Division One titles, one Division Two and Division Three title and a fair play award.

The annual presentation evening was held at the Ocean Room to mark the end of the season, giving the club an opportunity to showcase its achievements and celebrate together with each player receiving an individual trophy in recognition of their commitment.

This year has seen Alfie Gray and Oliver Mizen of the U9 Falcons being chosen to play for the Norwich City Academy next season.

The evening, sponsored by Specsavers (Great Yarmouth) was attended by nearly 1,000 people with former Norwich City manager and player Dave Stringer presenting the trophies.

Under 16 players all received an engraved glass award for playing all of their youth football at Gorleston Rangers. They were Connor Howes, Tom Nichols, Lewis Cotton, William Trueman, Daniel Ellis, Luke Daniels, Evan Colman and Kieran Cossey.

Other awards went to:

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Players’ player: U7 Eagles Fletcher Thornley, U7 Hawks Ryley Stephenson, U7 Ospreys Waylon Presland, U7 Kestrels Louie Phillips, U8 Hawks Jamie Woodward, U8 Falcons Dylan Dyer, U9 Falcons Billy J Humphries, U9 Hawks Thomas Wilson, U9 Eagles George Vaughan, U10 Harriers Finlay Oligbo, U10 Eagles Jay Overton and Leighton Kerr, U10 Falcons Reece Warner and Declan Russell, U10 Ospreys Sam Coman, U11 Falcons Bernardo, U11 Eagles Travis Rogers, U11 Hawks Tommy Rix, U12 Falcons Jesse Fenn, U12 Girls Jessica Crickmore, U13 Hawks Noah Woodhouse, U13 Eagles Jake Rix, U13 Kestrels Sebastien Cockerill, U13 Falcons Bradley Hills, U14 Ospreys Jamie Green, U14 Eagles Wesley Belsted, U15 Eagles Tyler Bilyard, U16 Falcons Ray Urry.

Manager’s player: U7 Eagles Freddie Gillett, U7 Hawks Justin Pita, U7 Ospreys Harvey Jephcote Learmonth, U7 Jestrels Lucas Hounslow, U8 Hawks Charlie Paul, U8 Falcons Trey Hughes, U9 Falcons Connor Shallcross, U9 Hawks Bailey Wallis, U9 Eagles Sidney Sampson and Lewis Fillings, U10 Harriers Zane Durrant and Alexander Fogg, U10 Eagles Jaylen Coe, U10 Falcons Dylan Wilson, U10 Ospreys Jonathan Udea, U11 Falcons Tye Green, U11 Eagles Jake Newby, U11 Hawks Luca Rix, U12 Falcons Harry Fraser, U12 Girls Kelsi Adams, U13 Hawks Callum Blevins, U13 Eagles Brodie Gallie, U13 Kestrels Reece Nursey, U13 Falcons Jayden Lewis, U14 Ospreys Liam Williams, U14 Eagles Tyler Halliday, U15 Eagles Tigi Robson, U16 Falcons Lewis Cotton.

Supporters’ player: U7 Eagles Romer Heywood, U7 Hawks Ellis Grigglestone, U7 Ospreys Alfie Halfnight, U7 Kestrels Casey Palgrave, U8 Hawks Aiden Chirimunjiri, U8 Falcons Jacob Formosa, U9 Falcons Jarvis Nixon, U9 Eagles Taylor Woods, U10 Harriers Archie Darby, U10 Eagles Samuel Howell, U10 Falcons Samuel Remedio, U10 Ospreys Harvey Dick, U11 Falcons Connor Keeling, U11 Eagles Ollie Downs, U11 Hawks Ollie Shipp, U12 Falcons Joseph Benjafield, U12 Girls Kate Fairhead, U13 Hawks Charlie Chandler, U13 Eagles George Shiers, U13 Kestrels Danny Adams, U13 Falcons Ethan Kerswill, U14 Ospreys Leo Joscelyne, U14 Eagles Matthew Sutton, U16 Falcons Andreas Cristophi.

Club man/woman: U7 Eagles Jack Wright, U7 Hawks Jayden Fox, U7 Ospreys Patryk Patrawski, U7 Kestrels Lucas Francis, U8 Hawks Connor Simms, U8 Falcons Isabelle Peachey and Lewis Lingwood, U9 Hawks Alfie Sampson, U9 Eagles Danny Devine-Witton, U10 Harriers Kaven Lewis, U10 Eagles Ashton Ribbons, U10 Falcons Benjamin Cooper, U10 Ospreys Connor Cullingham, U11 Falcons Ashton Rogers, U11 Eagles George Parr, U11 Hawks Rayne Burley, U12 Falcons Joshua Cole, U12 Girls Marlie Grigglestone, U13 Hawks Harlen Roberts, U13 Eagles Pacey Munday, U13 Kestrels Charlie Evans, U13 Falcons Nathan Moore, U14 Ospreys Bailey Smith, U14 Eagles Davante Burton, U15 Eagles Abi Bell and Ethan Jerome, U16 Falcons Liam Berrisford.

The club is looking to expand next season and will be offering opportunities for both boys and girls who wish to play football. The club are currently recruiting managers and coaches for some new teams, with the club paying for all their coaching and related qualifications. For further information and details on how to join Gorleston Rangers, contact either club chairman Chris Dunne on 01493 601256 or club secretary Graham Gibbins on 01502 730923.

The club holds midweek sessions for U5 and U6 players, under six to 10 girls and a Saturday Morning Soccer School in preparation for Development Football from U7 onwards. The highlight of the year is the annual club tournament to be held at the Ormiston Academy in July which this year has already attracted nearly 200 teams from all over the area with ages ranging from Under six to 16.

Meanwhile Gorleston Rangers Ospreys U14 are currently looking for new players to join their team who will be playing in Division Two next season.

Players will need to be in School Year 9 or 10 in September. Contact Lee on 07796 987974 or Steve on 07860 640537.