Grace stars with four new records in the pool

Two well-supported club championship galas were held at the Phoenix Pool, attended by the deputy mayor Barry Coleman and his wife Mary.

Star of the night was Grace Leech who set new records in all four 10 and under 25m events – Backstroke, Phyllis Brett Cup, Freestyle, David Watson Cup. Butterfly Cup, Breastroke Cup.

Setting new records in these events for the the boys were Tommy Chandler Breastroke, and Scott Ribbons Butterfly.

Not to be outdone Atlanta Jarvis broke the record for the PPJ Cup 11 and under 25m Individual Medley.


Shaw Cup: Kelly Pywell.

Booth Cup: Kelly Pywell, India Loveland.

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Joan Cup: Kelly Pywell.

Archer Cup: Charlie Smith, Natasha Pestka, Daisy Parker.

Knights Cup: Charlie Smith, Kelly Pywell, Daisy Parker.

C Wickes Cup: Kelly Pywell, Emma Gordon

Nightingale Cup: Charlie Smith, Daisy Parker, Natasha Pestka.


Lynde Palmer Cup: Atlanta Jarvis, Ellie Holden, Katherine Turton.

Carruthers Cup: Lauren James, Atlanta Jarvis, Taylor Hudson

CH Beckett: Ellie Holden, Lauren James, Honey Harvey.

Wilber Cup: Atlanta Jarvis, Katherine Turton, Danielle Page.

Meyer Cup: Loretta Askew, Natasha Mansfield Holly, Emma Gordon

Taylor Cup: Atlanta Jarvis, Honey Harvey, Kioni Broomfield

John Roll Cup: Jenna Martin, Ellie Jennings, Natasha Mansfield Holly.

Aldred Cup: Jenna Martin, Ellie Jennings, Natashs Mansfield Holly.

Hutchinson Cup: Danielle Page, Laura Loveland, Loretta Askew.

Harwood Cup: Lauren James, Bethany Burwood, Taylor Hudson.

PPJ Cup: Atlanta Jarvis, Honey Harvey, Grace Leech.

Backstroke Handicap: Emma Gordon, Bethany Burwood, Natasha Mansfield Holly

Breastroke Handicap: Taylor Hudson, Grace Leech, Hollie Haylett.

Fly Handicap: Isobel Robbins, Melina Burwood, Emma Gordon.

Phyllis Brett Cup: Grace Leech, Hollie Haylett, Jenna Martin

David Watson Cup: Grace Leech, Hollie Haylett, Jenna Martin

Fly Cup: Grace Leech, Melina Burwood, Hollie Haylett

Breaststroke: Grace Leech, Hollie Haylett, Jessica Hudson.


Hamilton Deane Cup: Daniel Henderson, Ryan Driver.

RW Brett Cup: Daniel Henderson, Ryan Driver

Micheal Anderson Cup: Daniel Henderson, Ryan Driver.Harboard Cup: Daniel Henderson, Andrew Moore, Oscar Moore.

Britannia Cup: Andrew Moore, Oscar Moore, Daniel Henderson.

Mercury Cup: Andrew Moore, Oscar Moore


Lynde Palmer Cup: Oliver Tedstone, Alexander Gof, Thomas Clarke

Lynde Cup: Alexander Goff, Thomas Clarke, Samuel Skuse.

CH Beckett Cup: Oliver Tedstone, Alexander Goff, Joseph Windsor Freeman.

Brett Cup: Alexander Goff, Joseph Windsor Freeman, Jack Collins.

Burton Cup: Oliver Tedstone, Alexander Goff, Thomas Clarke.

Lawn Cup: Jack Collins, Joseph Windsor Freeman. Charlie Killick Catchpole

Peter Hales Cup: Joseph Windsor Freeman, Jack Collins, Samuel Skuse.

Jary Cup: Oliver Tedstone, George Grice, Scott Ribbons.

Alan Pearce Cup: Charlie Killick Catcpole, Scott Ribbons

Expro Cup: Oliver Tedstone, Alexander Goff, Joseph Windsor Freeman.

Sanders Cup: Samuel Skuse, Scott Ribbons, Tommy Chandler.

Backstroke Handicap: Thomas Clarke, Joseph Windsor Feeman, Oliver Tedstone

Breaststroke Handicap: Joseph Windsor Freeman, Thomas Clarke, Morgan Clarke.

Fly Handicap: Oliver Tedstone, Alexander Goff, Joshua Ford.

Phyllis Brett Cup: Tommy Chandler, Scott Ribbons, Harry Grice.

Nina Turksma Cup: Tommy Chandler, Harry Grice, Scott Ribbons.

Breaststroke Cup: Tommy Chandler, Billy Heseltine, Scott Ribbons

Fly Cup: Scott Ribbons, Billy Heseltine, Harry Grice.