Hundreds cheer on torchbearers in Great Yarmouth

Hundreds flocked this morning to cheer on the selected runners from local villages and surrounding areas, and to celebrate the forthcoming Olympics.

Reflecting on the morning’s events, Paul Parfitt, 45, the father of torchbearer Ellen Parfitt, said: “I was extremely proud of my daughter, she was extremely privileged to be chosen to run, it was fantastic.

“Words can’t describe it.”

Locals turned out to support runners.

Ellen Parfitt, aged 15, from Norwich was amazed at getting the chance to run. She was supported by family and friends who cheered her on as she ran from Desira Car Dealers on North Quay, to the market place.

Ellen, who annually raises money for charity from working on a plant stall, said: “It was all over so quickly, but I just want to say thank you to all the people who supported me.”

The townsfolk of Yarmouth were just as enthralled in the activity.

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Rebecca Knight, local borough councillor worker, said: “It was the carnival atmosphere of regent street.”

Gina Hughes travelled from Ormesby to take her daughter to see the event with her friends, showing that community spirit was out in full force.

For the majority, it was an impressive welcome to the many that will soon be boarding our shores to compete in the London Olympics.