Icy conditions force runners onto sands

RUNNING: For the Gorleston Cliffs parkrun No 87 on Saturday, for only the second time the “alternative” seashore course was used due to icy surfaces elsewhere.

Fortunately the beach is very sandy at the moment and with some frost hardening it provided a perfect running surface (picture back page).

Apart from sub-zero temperatures it was a lovely, clear morning and ideal for running on the beach.

With accurate distance measuring available this course proved about 200 yards short of the 5K distance, so all times have been adjusted by five per cent to be comparable with the normal course.

First man home, winning for the first time, was Jonathon Meadows of Lowestoft RR in 19:51.

Second was David Hughes in 20:08 with the day’s best performance figure and third Dave Clayton of Lakefield AC in 20:40.

Alison Allen of Burnham Joggers was first lady in 25:09, and this was her first win.

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Second was Pauline Richardson in 25:49 and third Bobbie Sauerzapf of Bungay Black Dog RC in 26:35.

It was a miracle that 29 people still managed to beat the weather, but reduced numbers allowed some of the usual volunteers to run. This was much appreciated by them.

In the points tables Nick Overy leads David Hughes by 383 points and Elaine Stone leads Pauline Richardson by 38 points.

Many thanks to the volunteers for braving the cold and enabling the run to take place.


1 Jonathan Meadows M 19:51 SM30-34 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 2 David R Hughes M 20:08 VM45-49, 3 Dave Clayton M 20:40 VM40-44 Larkfield AC, 4 Joel Payne M 21:53 SM30-34 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 5 Chris Chorley M 22:00 VM45-49 (Bungay Black Dog RC), 6 Nick Overy M 22:03 VM40-44, 7 Peter Allen M 22:28 JM15-19 (Burnham Joggers), 8 Nigel Hallybone M 23:20 VM40-44, 9 Brian John Hudson M 23:29 SM35-39, 10 Neil Read M 24:15 SM30-34.

11 Duncan Harrison M 24:15 SM35-39, 12 Dave Girling M 24:40 VM45-49, 13 David (The Dungbeetle) Kelf M 24:53 VM60-64 (Axe Valley Runners), 14 Alison Allen F 25:09 VW50-54 (Burnham Joggers), 15 Howard Wilcox M 25:17 VM50-54, 16 Martin Simpson M 25:38 SM30-34, 17 Pauline Richardson F 25:49 VW50-54, 18 Stephen Leeves M 25:49 VM50-54 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 19 Michael Dean Dale M 25:57 VM40-44, 20 Bobbie Sauerzapf F 26:35 VW50-54 (Bungay Black Dog RC).

21 Martin Hazell M 27:21 VM40-44, 22 Rhiannon Elisabeth Payne F 29:05 SW25-29 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 23 Elaine Stone F 30:07 VW50-54, 24 Sarah Withington F 30:27 VW35-39, 25 Janet Sanderson F 30:41 VW55-59, 26 Bob Arnell M 31:01 VM65-69 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 27 Jean Withington F 36:59 VW55-59, 28 Roger Andrews M 48:25 VM70-74 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 29 Albert William James Spong M 48:25 VM70-74 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners).