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Acle Indoor BowlsThe Men's C Team were at home to Pinewood B, it was important to get a win as they were equal on points and had two games in hand.

Acle Indoor Bowls

The Men's C Team were at home to Pinewood B, it was important to get a win as they were equal on points and had two games in hand.

Result 78-63 and 6-1 points. This gives them an outside chance of the second promotion spot.

Roy Roofe, Dan Mills, Willie Jeffries and Brian Grint by 10 ends were 12-4 up, all four contributing to a class act, losing on only five ends and winning 25-12. Daniel Seabourne, Alan Kendall, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith went 0-8 down at three ends, pulled back to 9-9 at 11, were equal 14 each at 19 ends and won the last two ends for a 18-14 victory.

Matthew Sparrow, Alan Casburn, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were 5-5 at six ends, 8-16 down at 14 but the tide turned on the 15th with a six and by 18 ends they were 18-17 up and went on to win 23-19. Mick Askham's rink struggled were 4-10 down at 10 ends and 7-12 at 15 and lost 12-18.

The Men's B team needed a home win against Roundwood to stay second in the table. Result 101-69 and 6-1 points.

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Maurice Shreeve, John Lettice, Jeff Watson and Les Smith went into a 9-1 lead after five ends and by 10 ends were 17-5. hey scored a seven on the 14th, dropped shots on only five ends and won 36-13. Brian Shorten, Jim Fruin, Barney Wymer and Ken Copeman went 3-8 down after six ends then 8-8 at 10, 14-14 at 16, finished with a flourish and won 22-15.

Mick Harvey, Eric George, Sid Siely and Bimbo Meeks scored a five on the third end and by 10 ends were 15-8 up, 19-11 on 15 and went on to win 28-15. Ivan Borrett's rink were six each at eight ends then 13-10 up at 14, but dropped 16 shots in the final six ends to lose 15-26.

Away to Diss the Acle Ladies' A team playing the final match of the season needed to win to take the county championship.

Result 35-59 and 0-8 points. A disappointing end to what has been a good enjoyable season, and finishing third in the table.

Melanie Haylett's block dropped a five on the third end and at five ends were 2-8 down, came back to 13-13 at 12 ends but eventually lost 15-17.

Jean Cossey's block scored on just four ends and lost 6-14 and Geraldine Reeve's block lost by the same scoreline but winning five ends. Sue Batchelor's block went 1-11 down after five ends, fought back well but lost 8-14.

Marina Ladies' Red team

Playing Wymondham B at home in the County League the Red team had a tough game on their hands.

At three ends they were 11 shots down but by the eighth end had gradually reduced the deficit to one shot at 21-22. From then on they kept in front and won 50 shots to 41. Two blocks won and two lost making it six league points to two for the Red team.

R Becket, N Pyzer and D Edwards 5-4 at five ends 8-6 at nine ends, won seven more shots to nil and took the game 15-6.

G Sewell, M Nichols and A Ewells were down 4-5 at seven ends, still down 5-8 at nine ends, scored eight more shots to nil over the last four ends and won the game 13-8.

B Payne B Phillips and J Howlett had a nip and tuck game 5-5 at seven ends, 6-6 at nine ends, 7-7 at 11 ends, but lost by one shot over the last three ends 8-9.

M Lynes, M O'Brien and A Lines 2-6 at four ends, 5-8 at eight ends, then scored an eight on the 9th and one on the 10th making it 14-8, but could not follow through and their opponents scored 10 more shots over the last three ends making it 14-18.

Browston BC

THE Men's B team continue their unbeaten run, and against Pentney B won 86-72 taking six points to confirm their position at top of Division Five and their promotion to Division Four next season.

B Brown, P Chaplin, J Lincoln and D Chumbley with a six and three fours won easily 30-11. N Miller, M Harvey, R Carroll and J Allen, 12-8 up at halfway, maintained their lead to win 20-16. R Barrett in a close fought game won 21-19.

Congratulations to the Ladies' A team on winning Thurne Division of the Ladies' County League. They will be promoted to the premier Division next season.

The Ladies' B team playing in their final game of the season away at County Arts Yellow found it tough going and on a faster paced green lost 35-70.

Dahlia MacDonald, Kath Hewitt and Phil Flaxman were top rink winning 13-11 and gained the team one point.

On Sunday afternoon a social event was held at the club, casual dress was permitted, and after a game of bowls, a raffle and a carvery meal, a quick game of bingo finished the evening, which was enjoyed by all.