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Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian Grintover 60s double rinks: Acle men played Beccles. At home, Johnstone Mackie, David Cole, Les Smith and Tony Dunton scored a five on the fifth end, a six on the eighth and by 10 ends were 22-4 up.

Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian Grint

over 60s double rinks: Acle men played Beccles. At home, Johnstone Mackie, David Cole, Les Smith and Tony Dunton scored a five on the fifth end, a six on the eighth and by 10 ends were 22-4 up. They went on to win 33-12.

Away, John Marshall, Brian Shorten, Ken Copeman and Denis Goodley went 9-1 up at five ends, 12-6 at 10, 17-7 at 15 and won 23-10, 56-22 and into the next round.

DENNYCUP: Playing Pinewood at home Jamie Howlett, Wyn Willimott, Simon Elliott and Acle's bowler of the moment Tim Stone back from the Scottish Open scored a seven on the sixth, went 18-6 up at 12 scored a five on the 16th and won 27-12. Mark Elliott, Rob Parker, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were 11-8 up at 10, 20-8 up at 15 and finished 23-16.

Away, John Marshall, Arthur Jolliffe, Daniel Noble and George Tubby were 10-7 up at 10, 16-8 up at 15 and won 23-12. Daniel Seabourne (13), Roy Himpleman, Bernard Willimott and Robin Norman were 1-15 down after six ends, fought back to 11-22 at 15 ends and in a character-building performance finished 21-23. Result 94-63 and into the next round.

Tim Stone has been called for an England Trial in Northampton on December 13.

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ACLELADIESA at home to County Arts had Joy Pearson, Maureen Wright and Jean Cossey leading at five ends by 9-1 and although dropping a five on the sixth they kept in control to win 18-10. Sue Batchelor's block were 4-9 down but came back to 12-9 up only to drop a five and finished 12-17, Marion Himpleman's block dropped eight shots in three ends and lost 7-15. Melanie Haylett's block failed to find the magic touch as they dropped 13 shots in four ends and lost 11-22. Result 48-64 and 1-7 points.

ACLE Men's C away at County Arts were aware the quick speed and narrow rinks were going to be difficult. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham were 11-3 up at five ends but when they dropped a six on the 10th it looked a different game. One up playing the final, it needed Mick's final bowl to draw the shot and secure a point 23-21. Gino Gallant, Willy Jeffries, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith were five each at five ends, 8-11 at 10, scored a five on the 16th to go 15-16. But with two ends to play they were 15-21 down, scored a five on the 20th and Ashley trailed the Jack with his final bowl to win 23-21. Brian Grint's rink were 5-14 down at nine ends, scored a five on the 10th and were 15-21 after 16 ends. They scored a seven on the 17th, were 24 each playing the final end and lost out by a tight measure 24-25. Pat Beales rink were seven each at nine ends, 7-18 at 15 scored a five on the 16th then stuck on 13 for the final five ends and lost 13-22. Result 83-89 and 2-5 points.

Acle Men's B at Hunstanton needed to continue their good start to the season. Maurice Shreeve, Eric Crouch, Barney Wymer and Les Smith were going well until they dropped a five on the eighth to go 10-9 up, but by 15 ends it was 19-10 and they went on to win 25-14. Ron Taylor, Jim Fruin, John Harris and Ivan Borrett scored a five on the seventh end to take a 7-5 lead, by 14 ends it was 11 each. Playing the final end with the score at 15-18 it needed something special and a five turned the game to finish 20-18. David Cole's rink came back from 1-7 down to 10 each at 12 ends, at 14-13 with four ends to play it failed to happen as they lost 14-21.

Bimbo Meeks' rink were five each at eight ends, 11-5 up at 11 then 11 each at 18, dropped three shots on the final end and lost 13-14. Result 72-67 and 5-2 points.

Acle U25s played St Neots in the national double rinks, with Jessica Ward, Ashley Smith, Martin Tropman and Patrick Willimott at home they led 12-4 at 10 ends, 17-12 at 15 and finished winning 25-18. Away, Daniel Seabourne, Will Pitt, Jamie Howlett and Lewis Moore were slow starters on the very quick rink and were 1-7 down at five ends, 7-8 at 10 and 12 14 at 15 and finished 16-19. Result 41-37. They will now meet the winners of mid Suffolk and Essex County in the third round.

EGHAMTROPHY: Playing Beccles, it came as no surprise that of all the competitions Acle are still in this one would be the first casualty.

At home Denis Goodley's rink lost 13-24 and Rob Parkers rink 17-22 while away Tony Duntons rink lost 10-25 and George Tubby's 16-21. Result 56-92 and a space created in a jammed fixture log.

Cliff Hotel Bowls Club

MEMBERS, along with their wives and partners, attended the annual dinner. Chairman Roy Base thanked the staff for an excellent meal and service and members for their continued support and commitment, especially the committee of president Rodney Scott, secretary Roger Farrow, treasurer Doug Williams, captain Frank Gibbs and vice-captain Michael Slater.

Derek Needham was also thanked for running the club competitions. Special praise went to Roger Farrow for organising the dinner and his work over the season and Douglas Williams for his work as treasurer.

Captain Frank Gibbs was unable to attend but was also thanked along with vice-captain Michael Sayer, who has stepped in when needed.

The weather had been perfect during the season with not a game cancelled. The team performance was not as good as previous years, finishing mid-way in the Lothingland League.

Despite this it was a most enjoyable season with the results of the competition as follows - Cliff Hotel Cup: winner John Davies, runner-up Ivan Gilbert. Cliff Hotel doubles trophy: winners John Davies and Richard Groom, runners-up Michael Sayers and Brian Fiddes.

John Davies was congratulated for being the first player in the club to comple the hat-trick.

Great Yarmouth Ladies Indoor Bowls Club

IN the game at Browston the Blues started very well and after six ends were ahead overall 21-19. After the seventh end however, the Blues were down by 1 shot 23-24 overall. On 11 ends Browston had increased their lead to five shots, but, by scoring 12 shots to three on the 12th end the Blues were four shots up on the game 52-48. The Blues went on to win by three shots, 60-57,and seven league points to one.

M Surplice, J Barber and T Lewis made good headway and were 8-6 up at seven ends and by the 10th were drawing 10-10, but with three shots for and 7seven against on the next four ends they lost 13-17.

W Ellison, M Oram and J Saunders were 8-1 ahead at seven ends but then went four ends without scoring, while Browston scored 10, 8-11. they made up for this by scoring eight more shots to four against on the last three ends and won 16-15.

M Clark, P George and M Symonds were 4-12 down at seven ends, but came back 12 shots to five over the next five ends making it 16-17, after which they went on to win three more shots to one over the remaining three ends to win 19-18.

J Carter, C Jesty and J Rose trailing 3-5 at seven ends scored nine more shots to two over the next six ends winning 12-7.

Browston Hall Bowls

SEVEN and a half points for the Ladies A team playing at home against Wymondham B, winning 62-42.

Joan Stringfellow, June Petts and Maggie Spurway took an early lead and only allowed their opponents to score on four ends and won 20-10. Ilene Hadden, Mary Barrett and Gill Bird also started well and stayed in front to win 16-8. June Butcher, Eileen Newberry and Sheila Shaw in a close game four all at the fourth, and eight all at the eighth, but took the lead to win 12-10 over the last three ends. Angela Kher, Pat Drinkall, and Wyn Rumbold trailed over the opening ends, a five on the sixth end put them one up, but at the penultimate end 11-14 down, but a three on the final end gave them a draw 14-14.

The ladies B team took only one point from their home game against Yarmouth Blue, losing overall by only three shots 57-60. Top rink Dahlia MacDonald, Alice Brotherton and Linda Friend 13-13 at the 13th, and finished with a three and a single to win 17-13. Doreen Ellis, Doreen Younger and Sandra Allen 17-10 up and eventually lost by one shot 18-19. Liz Myhill, Wendy Trigg and Ella Cooke 1-8 down at halfway, but pulled back to lose by one shot 15-16. Jill Boggis, Pat Smith and Ann Ingham score on just five ends and lost 7-12.