Indoor bowls round-up

Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian GrintAWAY to Bowling Club the Ladies' B team were up against it and any points were going to be a bonus. Anita Nelson, Brenda Cole and Pat Pegram were 5-4 up at six ends then 5-10 down at nine, 10 each playing the final end then Pat picked up a pair to win 12-10.

Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian Grint

AWAY to Bowling Club the Ladies' B team were up against it and any points were going to be a bonus.

Anita Nelson, Brenda Cole and Pat Pegram were 5-4 up at six ends then 5-10 down at nine, 10 each playing the final end then Pat picked up a pair to win 12-10.

Bing Smith's block dropped a seven on the seventh to go 0-23 and finally lost 3-31. Shirley Genery's block went 1-11 down picked up a five on the 11th to go 9-12 but finished 9-15. Anne Drury's block were

1-13 at 10 ends dropped a five on the final end to lose 6-21. Result: 30-77 and 1-7 pts.

In the Yetton Trophy Acle Ladies played Shotford and ran out easy winners 110-51.

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At home Melanie Haylett's rink won 33-8 which included a seven on the fourth end, another seven on the 20th and conceded shots on only seven ends. Marion Himpleman's rink was very competitive up to 11 ends with the score level at seven each but two four's and a five on the 17th created the gap as they won 23-13.

Away Geraldine Reeve's rink went 16-6 up at 10, 24-9 at 18 and finished with a flourish, winning 33-10. Sue Batchelor's rink was much tighter eight each at 10 ends, 14-12 at 15 and finished 21-20.

The Ladies' B Team away to North Walsham were so close to a major upset.

Pam Symes, Dawn Horne and Anne Drury were four each at four ends and eight each at eight. From this point they were in charge, dropping only one more shot to win well 20-9.

Sandra Faircloth, Edna Land and Margaret Shields started with three doubles to lead 6-0, 10-5 at 10 ends and playing the final end 13-6 up. The game looked as if it was going to be the shock result of the season, however Christine Webb, for North Walsham, conjured up a seven on that final end to get a draw 13 each. Bing Smith's block were 5-3 up at five ends but then dropped a seven and never recovered losing 9-20.

Shirley Genery's block were 2-6 down at five ends and 2-10 at eight but they then scored a six, and played the final end at 11 each. The tension could be felt across the green as they dropped a four to lose 11-15. Result: 53-57 and 1�-6� pts.

Playing Diss at home the Men's C team were hoping for a good win to keep in touch with the top three.

John Arnold, Alan Casburn, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were 14-4 up at 10 ends, scored a five on the 15th to lead 24-7 and went on to win 29-12.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham, playing on their favourite rink, four scored a four on the seventh to go 13-4 up and by 12 ends were 20-5 up. As the opposition found the weight it needed, full concentration was needed and they went on to win 25-14.

Daniel Seabourne, Alan Kendall, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith were 14-4 up at 10 ends but by 14 ends it was 14-11. Three threes changed the game as they led 23-11 and went on to win 25-17.

Matthew Sparrow, making his county league debut, Willie Jeffries, Pat Garrod and Brian Grint were eight each at 11 ends, 14 each at 18, and good bowling by young Matthew made the difference as they went on to win 17-14.

Away to Pinewood the Men's A team needed a good result to climb towards the top of the table.

John Marshall, Wyn Willimott, Simon Elliott and Robin Norman were 17-5 up at 10 ends, 19-10 at 15, scored their fourth four on the 18th and went on to win 29-16.

Mark Elliott, Rob Parker, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton were 11-6 at 10 ends, 17-11 at 15, and dropping shots on only seven ends they won 26-13. Rob Fulcher, Roy Himpleman, Patrick Willimott and Tim Stone stormed into a 16-3 lead at 10 ends but by 16 ends it was 16-14, but steady heads saw them win all the final ends to win 21-14.

Will Pitt, Arthur Jolliffe, George Tubby and Lewis Moore were simply phenomenal, scoring a five on the second, a five on the third and another five on the fourth and at 10 ends were 17-10. By 15 ends it was 21-18 but here also steady heads won through, winning five of the last six ends to finish 27-19. Result: 103-62 and all 7 pts.

Lovewell Blake Malta Cup League

The annual meeting was held in the Yare Tooms at Acle Recreation Centre last week with R Meeks chairman, D Webster secretary/tresurer, P Drinkall ladies' secretary, and B Grint press secretary all re-elected.

Thirty-one people attended, with all clubs represented. It was agreed that Cantley will be relegated from Division One and, because Browston's outdoor club has folded, Bradwell could enter a B team. This would give seven clubs in Division One and eight in Division Two.

The only major change was the agreement to move all games

from Friday evenings to Monday evenings. This was forced onto the league as all team county EBA competitions have been moved to Fridays for the coming seasons to accommodate county friendlies.

Browston BC

BROWSTON B team played away to top-of-the-table Dereham B and won 84-62 (six points).

Top rink of B Brown, P Chaplin, R Turner and D Chumley, 10 shots up at halfway and with five shots on the penultimate end, won 28-13. R Barrett, K Saward, B Drinkall and A Mills took an early lead and stayed in front to win 21-13. P Tyrell, J Lincoln, M Munro, and D Hancock were 0-2 down over the opening two ends, but then scored on the next three to make it 5-2 and stayed in front to win 20-14.

The men's A team, playing away at North Walsham, lost 56-108.

Playing against strong opposition, D Pratt, E MacDonald, G Obsen and P Morris took a six in the eighth end to go 11-3 up, and despite losing two fours, kept in front to win 26-18.

On Sunday the ladies v gents match took place, and although the men outplayed the ladies, a good time was enjoyed by all. The game concluded with a raffle and refreshments.