Indoor bowls round-up

Acle Indoor BowlsACLE ladies played North Walsham in the Zone Final of the Yetton Trophy and were aware how difficult this game was going to be to win.

Acle Indoor Bowls

ACLE ladies played North Walsham in the Zone Final of the Yetton Trophy and were aware how difficult this game was going to be to win.

At home Joy Pearson, Betty Brown, Elaine Cole and Melanie Haylett started well and by 10 ends were 16-6 up and were in complete command. Losing on only six ends, they scored a five on the final end and won 35-10.

Also at home, Marion Himpleman's rink started by scoring a four on the first end but dropped a six on the third and it was soon clear that opposing skip Jayne Roylance was at the top of her game. At eight ends it was 8-11, but after dropping another six on the 14th the score was 8-28. With the overall score close it was essential to keep ends tight and it finished 12-33.

Away, Jennifer Hudson, Molly Auld, Marie Barker and Sue Batchelor went 13-3 up after 10 ends and by 15 ends had doubled their lead to 24-4. With all players performing well they went on to record a resounding victory of 31-11.

Geraldine Reeve's rink were 8-10 at 10 ends and 11-17 at 15. Again it was important to keep the game close and they came back to lose by only one shot 17-18.

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Result 95-72, a well deserved win, and they went on to play Colchester in the National Last 16.

The Acle Ladies' Vivienne Team played Beccles and knew the betting odds were not in their favour.

At home ladies' president Anita Nelson, Rose Yaxley, Shirley Genery and Pat Pegram went 11-2 up after eight ends, but by 12 ends it was 11-7. After scoring two fours they were 19-9 at 16, and five shots on the 18th set them up to win 26-14.

Also at home Gladys Gibbs, Brenda Cole, Lillian Barber and Margaret Shields went 2-7 down at five ends, scored a four on the 10th to take the lead 10-8, and five shots on the 14th put them 18-9 up. They went on to win 24-14.

Away, Edna Land. Debra Nicholson, Pat Dickinson and Bing Smith went 8-1 up at five ends and by 10 were 15-4 up. Their lead was cut back to 16-13 at 15 ends but Bing bounced back to win 22-15.

Anne Drury's rink were all bowling with confidence and by 10 ends were 13-5 up, 16-9 at 15. But the final few ends went against them and they lost 18-21.

Result 90-64, a praiseworthy and deserving win and a place in the national last 16 where they play local rivals North Walsham.

Acle Ladies A, at home to the Brecks, needed to win comprehensively to be in contention for the county title.

Lillian Barber, Jenny Kirby and Melanie Haylett by five ends were 11-0 up, scored a five on the ninth to go 20-0 up and looked set to deliver a whitewash before they dropped two singles to finish 23-2.

Joy Pearson, Gwyn Xuereb and Marion Himpleman went 7-2 up at five ends, 7-6 at eight ends scored a four on the next end to go on to win 13-10.

Jennifer Hudson, Ros Myhill and Geraldine Reeve scored an incredible seven on the fourth end to lead 8-3, then scored a six on the sixth, and by nine ends were 19-6 up. Honours were even from there as they went on to win 23-9.

Captain Barbara Meeks' block were 3-6 at five ends, 8-10 at nine and found that Lady Luck had taken a day off as they lost 10-13. Result 79-34 and 7-1 points.

The family of an Acle player watched the game on the internet in Canada.

The Ladies B team away to Pinewood were hoping to win a point or two.

Mollie Hayton, Janice Wilson and Shirley Genery scored a five on the fourth end to go 9-4 up and were playing with confidence as they went 15-7 up at 10 ends and finished 16-11.

Bing Smith's block were 1-7 down at five ends, 2-13 at 10 and lost 7-16. Margaret Shields block dropped a seven on the fifth to go 3-11 down, 9-15 at 11 dropped a five on the final end and lost 10-23. Anne Drury's block had some very tight heads and at six ends were 0-6 down, 4-10 at 10 ends and lost 5-14.

Result 38-64 and 1-7.

Acle Mens C home to Wymondham Dell C needed a good win to keep them in with a chance of promotion.

Roy Roofe, Dan Mills. Willie Jeffries and Brian Grint scored a five on the fifth to go 13-0 up. With 13-year-old Dan Mills drawing within inches end after end they went 19-3 up at 10, and with all four players dominant they went on to win 35-11.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham, who was celebrating his 60th birthday, were intent on getting a good win. They scored a six on the third end and by 10 ends were 16-9 up and never looked like losing as they went on to drop only three more shots and won 29-12.

Daniel Seabourne, Alan Kendall, Adrian Smith and Ashley Smith went 3-6 down at five ends but by 10 ends were 9-7 up, and 14-9 at 15. They scored a four on the 16th, another four on the 18th and ran home easy winners 26-11.

Matthew Sparrow, Russell Thurtle, Bill Downie and Pat Beales found themselves up against it and were 1-6 down at five ends, scored a five on the 10th to go 7-11, 9-17 down after 15. Then a change of fortunes, and playing the final end it was 18-19. Holding three shots the opposing skip fired twice, missed twice, and they won 21-19.

Result 111-53 and all 7 points.

Great Yarmouth Ladies BC

THE Blue team had a good game against Norfolk Bowls Club in the County League, staying in front all the way through the game and winning 51-40 for five league points.

All credit for this outstanding win must be given to the block of M Surplice, C Jesty and M Clark. They started well with a seven and five over the first five ends and a score of 19-4 at seven ends. They scored seven more shots against four over the last seven ends for a good win of 26-8.

This 18-shot surplus was sufficient to cover the small losses incurred by the other three blocks.

H Farrow, J Barber and T Lewis kept neck and neck with their opponents and were 8-5 at nine ends. But with four more shots to seven on the final four ends they were just pipped to the post and lost the game 11-12.

W Ellison, M Oram and J Saunders were 3-3 on five ends, then struggled for more points, and at 11 ends were 6-7. But with nil shots to three from their opponents on the last three ends, they lost 6-10.

J Carter, P George and J Rose also had a close game, 3-3 at four ends then with one shot to five against it was 4-8 on the tenth end. They then scored four more shots to two against over the final four ends and ended the game 8-10.