Indoor bowls round-up

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

IN the last 16 of the Yetton Plate Acle Ladies played Whiteknights of Reading at Cambridge Chesterton.

Shirley Lettice, Gwyn Xeureb, Jenny Kirby, Geraldine Reeve were 4–8 down at five ends and 7–11 at 10, meanwhile Jill Saunders, Molly Auld, Ros Myhill, Sue Batchelor were also finding it tough and were 2–13 down at 10 ends.

Joy Pearson, Betty Brown, Elaine Cole, Melanie Haylett were doing well and were 7–8 down at 10 ends, while Margaret Arnold, Maureen Wright, Amy Barker, Marion Himpleman had their nose in front 10–9 at 10 ends.

Being 15 shots down overall at 10 ends did not inspire the busload of supporters but by 15 ends Sue Batchelor was 9–18. Geraldine Reeve, 9–14, Marion Himpleman 15–14 and Melanie Haylett 13–9 and the difference now down to 7 shots.

On the 16th end Melanie picked up a 6 and it was game on. Then Geraldine scored a 7 on the 17th followed by a 5 on the 18th, By 18 ends Sue was 11–23, Geraldine 22–14, Marion 19–14 and Melanie 19–11, 9 up on the game and from here it needed steady heads and no heroics. Sue lost 16–24, Geraldine won 23–16. Marion won 23–14 and Melanie 21–12. This was a fantastic performance by all players with a turn round of 32 shots in 11 ends. Result 83–66 and they now play Peterborough in the national quarter-final at Pentney on February 2 (12.30).

n THE Ladies B Team went to Bowling Club in midweek and Jean Ryan, Shirley Genery, Margaret Shields scored a five on the 7th end and went on to win 12–10. Peggy Budd’s block were 10–2 up at eight ends but 11 each playing the final and lost 11–12. Brenda Cole’s block also had a close encounter losing 12–13.

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On Saturday it was league leaders County Arts at home and Anita Nelson, Brenda Cole, Dawn Horne were five each at seven ends and 10–8 with two ends to play, and won both for a well-deserved 13–8 victory. Peggy Budd’s block went 1–8 after four ends fought back well to be 8 –10 at 10 ends a tight finish but lost 10–13. Margaret Shields block were 6–8 at five ends, 7–15 at 10 and in a dramatic last end dropping a 6 it finished 8–22. Ada Sumpter, Shirley Genery, Mary Smith were 4 each at 6 ends, 15–5 after 11 ends. With all blocks finished and 4 shots down on the game Mary drew her 3 bowls close to the jack to score 4 shots to win their game 21–9 and draw the match 52 each and 4 pts each.

n AT Diss the Ladies A team had Molly Auld, Gweyn Xereb, Barbara Meeks in top form, 6–2 up at 5 ends, 10–5 at 9 and then a 6 on the 10th, Bubbly Barbaras trio finishing 21–6. Shirley Lettice, Maureen Wright and the in form Marion Himpleman were 8–1 up at 5 ends dropped a 6 on the 6th, 11 each at 9 but went on to win 17–13. Sue Batchelor’s block were 7 each at 9 ends dropped three 3’s and lost 9–14. Geraldine Reeve’s block dropped three ‘4’s as they lost 8–22. Result 55 each and 4 pts each.

n AT home to new boys Lynnsport the Men’s A team of John Marshall, Roy Himpleman, Daniel Noble, Jamie Howlett scored a 5 on the 4th end and by 10 ends were 12–3 up and went on to win 41–4. John Colcombe, Mick Groome, Simon Elliott, George Tubby scored a 6 on the 4th end to go 14–0 up, at 10 it was 20–3, scored another 6 on the 16th, a 5 on the 17th and went on to win 38–10. Jim Fruin, Arthur Jolliffe, Rob Parker, Ian Wones were 8–4 at 5 ends. 19–11 at 15 and won 25–18. Tony Dunton’s rink came up against an in-form John Casson and were 10–20 down at 14 ends came back to 18–21 but lost 20–23. Result 124–55 and 6–1 pts.

n AWAY to Pinewood the Men’s B team of Ian Wilson, Brian Shorten, Eric George, Alan Rowsell were 0–8 down after three ends then scored a 5 on the 4th, by 12 ends they were 8–19 down but now their luck changed, all playing well they were 19–20 with 3 ends to play won all three to finish 24–20. Dennis Edwards, Matty Carter, Les Smith, Barney Wymer were 8 each at 10 ends, 13 each at 15, 15–18 with three ends left, won all three to finish 22–18. Ivan Borrett’s rink were 5–11 at 10 ends, 13–16 at 15 and playing the final end it was 17–18 but lost 17–20. Bimbo Meek’s rink did not enjoy their trip to the seaside, 3–10 at 10 ends, 3–23 at 15 then dropped a 6 on the final end to lose 5–36. Result 68–94 and 2–5 pts.

n ACLE Ladies Molly Auld, Gwyn Xuereb and Barbara Meeks played the area final against a triple from Beccles and won 18-14. They now play at Melton Mowbray on February 26.

Yarmouth Ladies IBC

PLAYING North Walsham the Ladies Red had a good game and went ahead after the first two ends and stayed there winning 59-41. Three rinks won and one lost making it 7 league points to the Reds. Helen Farrow, M Nichols and Glenda Sewell shot ahead after 4 ends 9-0, and by nine ends were 12-9 up, then with 6 shots for and none against on the last five ends they won 18-9. Marie Lynes, Lily Westgate and Amy Lines were equal 7-7 on seven ends 8-8 on nine ends 11-11 on 11 ends and went on to win 15-11. R Beckett, N Pyzer and B Payne were 10-2 up on seven ends but then with no shots for on the next five ends to 11 against they were 10-13 down and finished the game 12-13.

B Wright, G Swanston and J Warnes in a low scoring game were 10-6 ahead on 10 ends, and then scored 4 more shots to 2 against winning 14 shots to 8.

n PLAYING County Arts Blue at home the Reds quickly went ahead and by the seventh end were 20 shots ahead overall, they then went on to win the game by 63-40 taking 7 league points from 8 when three blocks won and one lost. R Beckett, N Pyzer and D Edwards were trailing behind 3-6 on five ends then scored 12 shots to nil on the following six ends making it 15-6 to the Reds, and then losing 2 more shots to nil they won the game 15-8. B Wright, J Warnes and G Swanston lost the first end and then won the following six ends making it 16-3, after which with 4 more shots to 6 against they finished 20-9.

B Payne, B Phillips and H Farrow stormed ahead from the start and by the sixth end were 13-3 ahead and after 10 ends they were 16-6, and went on to win 17-9. C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were drawing 4-4 at six ends, 8-8 at ten ends, and then with 3 shots to 6 against they lost 11-14.

n AT home to Shotford A the Blues found it hard going and lost to the visitors 43-58 and gained only one league point. J Carter, C Prescott and J Rose won nine of the 14 ends played. They were up 7-3 on eight ends, 11-5 on 12 ends and won the game 14-7.

W Ellison, P George and J Saunders were ahead 5-2 on four ends, but then went down by 5 shots on the fifth making it 5-7. At nine ends they were 7-11 down, then scored 3 more shots to 1 against losing the game 10-12.

M Clark, C Jesty and M Symonds were 4-10 down on six ends 9-15 on ten ends and managed 1 more shot to 2 against ending the game 10-17. V Punchard, M Oram and J Burrage lost their game 9-22.

n AT home against Diss the Blues excelled themselves by always in the lead from the start and went on to secure a convincing overall win of 54-27 and taking all 8 league points.

W Ellison, J Barber and J Saunders soon went ahead and by seven ends were 8-5 up, at 10 ends 14-5, and ended the game 20-6.

J Rose, C Prescott and B Taylor had a close game and were always ahead, at eight ends they were 9-8 but then with 10 shots to 1 against they closed the game 19-9.

V Punchard, M Oram and T Lewis took charge of the game straight away and by six ends were 9-3 in front, and on ten ends 13-5, and then scoring 3 shots to 2 against over the next three ends they won the game 16-7. M Clark, C Jesty and M Symonds had a game of two halves with Diss ladies being 2-11 up on eight ends. The Blues then scored 11 shots to 1 against, still trailing the game by 10-12 but by taking three shots on the final end the Blues won 13 shots 12.

Browston Hall Bowls Club

THE men’s B team won 93-74 against Brecks A and took six welcome points. C Deverill, K Saward, M Howell, P King with steady scoring throughout saw them win 25-8. R Barrett, M King, P Ridler, M Munro went from three up to 3-6 down after five ends, a four on the eight and five shots on the 11th put them in front and although dropping a three on the final end won 22-17. In a close game over the opening ends B Brown, R Turner, P Smith, B Hubbard went ahead 14-8 at the 14th but dropped six shots on the 17th and another four on the next two ends, and lost three shots on the final two ends but won 19-18.