Indoor bowls teams busy

Acle Indoor Bowls ClubPLAYING Diss in the Yetton Trophy was never going to be easy. At home, Melanie Haylett's rink went into a 7-2 lead at five ends and Marion Himpleman's rink were 7-0 up.

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

PLAYING Diss in the Yetton Trophy was never going to be easy. At home, Melanie Haylett's rink went into a 7-2 lead at five ends and Marion Himpleman's rink were 7-0 up. Away, Geraldine Reeve's rink were 6-1 up but Sue Batchelor's rink were 1-9 down. By 10 ends it had all changed with Melanie 7-6 up, Marion, 11-10, Geraldine, 10-6 but Sue was now 2-16 down and Diss in front 38-33.

At 15 ends it had changed back with Melanie now 13-10 and Marion 20-12, this after being six down. A running bowl found the gap, removed the shot bowl and stopped next to the jack. Shots like this change games. At Diss Geraldine was now 16-9 up at 15 and Sue now 8-20 with the Acle girls now 57-51 up on the game.

The final six ends now went with Acle. Melanie had a couple of magical moments scoring a six on the 18th as her rink won 24-11. Marion kept up the pressure and won 25-17, away Geraldine finished 22-15 and Sue bounced back to finish 16-22.

Every player contributed to this win of 87-65 and now meet the winners of Shotford and The Dell.

In the over 60's double rinks Acle played North Walsham and away John Marshall, Brian Shorten, Ken Copeman and Denis Goodley scored a five on the ninth to go 12-4 up and by 15 ends were 22-9 up.

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Meanwhile at home Tony Dunton's rink were 12-15 down at 15 ends. The game looked to be a going Acle's way and when they finished away winning 24-13 it looked good. However back at Acle they lost 14-27 and went out of the competition by two shots.

Playing Barking in the Denny, at home Tony Dunton's rink went from 9-6 up at 10 ends to 11-16 down at 15 and finished 17-24. Robin Norman's rink were 5-16 down at 10 ends, 6-21 at 15 then had a remarkable finish losing 20-22.

Away, Tim Stone' rink were 9-15 down at 10 ends 15-26 at 18 and lost 22-31. Lewis Moores's rink were 9-4 up at 10 ends, 13-7 at 15, 17-13 at 18 and won 23-13. Result 82-90 and out of the cup.

Playing Lynn Sport at Home the Men's B team wanted a win. Maurice Shreeve, Eric George, Jeff Watson and Ken Copeman scored a five on the fourth end to go 9-2 up, by eight ends it was 10-9 and at 15 it was 16-14, four shots on the 18th made a difference and they won 22-19.

Brian Kirby, Brian Shorten, John Harris and Ivan Borrett were 10-6 up at 10 ends 13-10 at 15 and finished with a flourish to win 21-13. Ron Taylor, Jim Fruin, Barry Barker and Les Smith were 11-7 up at 10 ends, 14 each at 16, scored two shots on the final end to win 18-17. Johnstone Mackie, Sid Siely, Stan Ward and Bimbo Meeks scored a five on the second end and a six on the fourth but by 10 ends it was 14-12. A five on the 12th changed the game as they went on to win 28-17. Result 89-66 and all seven points to go second in the league.

The Ladies B team at home to Bowling Club were aware points would be hard to come by. Ada Sumpter, Brenda Cole and Margaret Shields were six each at six ends but a succession of singles won the day 11-9.

Anita Nelson, Shirley Genery and Pat Pegram were 5-10 down at seven ends scored a five on the ninth and went on to win 14-11. Bing Smith's block scored a five on the first end but by 10 ends were 13 each, stuck and were 13-18 down and finished 14-19. Anne Drury's block had a disastrous third end dropping an eight, and this was the difference as they lost 7-15. Result 46-54 and 2-6 points.

Great Yarmouth

The Great Yarmouth Ladies Yetton team drew Browston Hall ladies in the first round of the Yetton Plate and came out the winners 104-61.

On the home front the two teams skipped by P Ellis and B Wright bowled well. P Ellis's trio score 32-13 shots, B Wright's trio score 25-10 shots.

The two teams playing away at Browston also gave a good account of themselves and were skipped by H Farrow whose final score was 31-15 shots and B Payne's final score 16-23 shots. The Great Yarmouth team will now meet the Beccles ladies.

Browston Hall

The ladies A team playing at home against North Walsham B won 59-39 and seven points. June Butcher, Diane Purnell and Sheila Shaw went into the lead early on, 9-3 up at halfway and scored a further nine shots to their opponents four and won 18-7.

Joan Stringfellow, Mary Barrett and Gill Bird took the early lead 6-4 at the seventh and stayed in front to win 15-9. Barbara Cheverton, June Petts and Diane Burwood were 5-0 up over the opening ends and restricted their opposition to taking only six ends in their 13-8 win. A Kher, I Hadden and Pat Drinkall 3-6 down at the fourth, but pulled back to 13 all on the penultimate end, then dropped two shots 13-15.

The ladies B team lost 49-65 but gained two valuable points playing away against Diss B. Liz Myhill, Wendy Trigg and Ella Cooke 9-2 down at the fourth, but five shots on the next end, followed by a six on the eighth put them 13-11 up and they stayed in front to win 19-15.

Pat Smith, Ann Ingham and Sandra Allen, dropped five shots on the third end, but then picked up six shots on the sixth 8-7, the game then went to eleven all on the 13th end and one shot on the final end gave them a point and a 12-11 win.